Blanchette East is permanently closed

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Blanchette East

Here at The Infatuation, we like to take the time to appreciate a good thing, whether it’s a properly made cup of coffee or taking the time to take in the majesty of James Blunt’s Twitter account. It stands to reason then, that we’d be suckers for a good French restaurant, and Blanchette East takes everything we like about a nice bistro - the informality and straightforward but slightly classy comfort food - and takes it all up a notch.

We like it because it mixes the old (pretty Belle Epoque decor and classic bistro dishes) with the new and in this case, ‘new’ means North African-style influences on the food, with dishes like Moroccan eggs and lamb tagine sitting alongside the old-school menu. It feels like a proper neighbourhood spot that you’d be happy to travel to Brick Lane for, and we like it for low-key group dinners that still feel a little trendy, and it’s a shoo-in for date night. Their music game is strong, and don’t miss their cocktails - they’re even stronger.

Blanchette East review image

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