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Arcade Food Hall


Food halls are a great idea in theory. Big spaces, vast options, walk-ins welcome. But the reality tends to involve weeping into a stodgy taco whilst being elbowed off of a table by a tourist and shouting "I’M BY THE CHURRO STAND, NO THE OTHER ONE" into your phone. Not anymore, not at Arcade Food Hall. This is a big glossy space on New Oxford Street from the people behind Bao, Gymkhana, and Flor, where the food comes first.

Home to everything from saucy little Nepalese momos to hefty Margot Henderson sandwiches, it’ll work just as well for a cool Tom Yam mojito-fuelled date night as it will for an emergency round of Flor’s brown butter cakes on a dreary Thursday afternoon. You’re definitely going to want to get involved in North Indian pao buns from the Hero stall and the deeply satisfying sate marrangi from Indonesian street food spot, Bebek! Bebek!. Oh and the best part is, you can make a booking so there’s no last-minute stress if you’re rolling with a group.

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