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If you’re the kind of person who appreciates first editions, puts an Austin Farwell soundtrack on every video of your dog, and still thinks of your primary school boyfriend as “the one that got away”, you’ll love Andrew Edmunds. Because if you’ve got a single romantic bone in your body, this restaurant will locate it. Open since 1985, this old-school Soho restaurant with a European-inspired menu has been making people fall in love for almost four decades. But not just in love with whoever’s on the other end of the table—in love with this moody, candlelit restaurant. 

With lunch and dinner sittings every day, settling in for a meal here is a journey. You start off in a world where you know Kim Kardashian’s salad order, and then once those black doors are shut behind you, you’re in an 18th-century townhouse, with snug table arrangements and a private dining club upstairs that’s very if you know you know. It all feels very ‘old Soho’. From the cramped white-cloth tables and the menu scrawled on a chalkboard, to wax candles poking out of wine bottles, this is a spot that knows exactly what it's doing.

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The ground floor dining room—with its hushed mood and intimate booths—is more than ideal for a date, while the downstairs space, which is relatively more roomy, is where you want to be when there’s a group of you. It’s the perfect place to share stories, a burrata and blood orange starter, and a bread basket, because you’ll want to save that stomach space for the mains.

The menu changes daily and dishes range from things like a cauliflower soup that will make you consider cracking out your nutribullet for something other than peanut butter milkshakes, to a rigatoni with borlotti beans so wholesome it’ll remind you to give your grandma a call. And even though the food is pretty great, you’re not solely here for that. You’re here to have your main character moment—whether that’s a date night on the weekend, or a quiet lunch on a random Tuesday—and inevitably fall in love with anything and everything you make eye contact with.

The menu changes daily, but these are the kind of things you’ll find here.

Food Rundown

Cauliflower Soup

A creamy, wholesome soup that has the restorative power of a four-hour nap. We don’t usually order soup at restaurants, but then again soup isn’t usually as good as this one. The roasted pine nuts on top are a welcome addition.

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This restaurant is good at elevating quality ingredients, so if there's burrata on the menu, chances are it’ll come with blood orange or a balsamic dressing. The point is it’s great and you should get it.

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Whether it’s roast hake or grilled Dover sole, the fish here is pretty spot on. So order with confidence.


You won’t get a pomodoro or aglio e olio here, instead you’ll find things like rigatoni in a thick, creamy borlotti bean stew that’s equal parts comforting and exciting.

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