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Bad Sports review image

LDN Review

Bad Sports

Bad Sports is a fun neighbourhood sports bar in Haggerston. They also serve the best tacos in London.

Where To Watch Football And Eat Good Food guide image

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Where To Watch Football And Eat Good Food

11 spots to eat good food and (maybe) watch good football.

The Wheatsheaf review image

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The Wheatsheaf

A cool and casual independent pub in Tooting, The Wheatsheaf does one of the best roasts south of the river.

Bank of Friendship review image

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Bank of Friendship

The Bank of Friendship is a homely old-school Highbury pub that let’s your order in Yard Sale’s excellent pizzas.

The Effra Hall Tavern review image

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The Effra Hall Tavern

The Effra Hall Tavern is no-nonsense pub with screens, live music, and Caribbean-inspired pub grub.

Bodean’s review image

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Bodean’s in Soho is the place to go when you want to watch sports and eat alright BBQ food.

Yucatan review image

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The Yucatan is no-nonsense multi-screened sports pub that lets you bring whatever food you like, if you ask nicely.

The Builder’s Arms review image

LDN Review

The Builder’s Arms

The Builder’s Arms is a great pub on a backstreet in Kensington, serving pretty good food and snacks.

The Lighthouse review image

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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a pub in Battersea that does imaginative and unexpected pub grub, and has a nice patio.

Bar Italia review image

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Bar Italia

Bar Italia is a classic Soho institution, and a perfect place to people watch, grab a cup of espresso, and just hang out.

Island Queen review image

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Island Queen

Island Queen is the sort of pub you go to if you want to settle down for an afternoon of schmoozing or watching the big match on a large-screen TV.