Where To ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ When Hawksmoor’s Fully Booked

The best London steak restaurants taking part that aren’t already booked out.

The government’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme offers diners a discount of up to £10 per person, excluding booze, when they eat out from Monday to Wednesday throughout August.

If you happen to live on this side of the equator then you’ve probably heard that Hawksmoor are taking part in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme. Ten pound steak? Fantastic. The only catch is that everyone else with a pulse thinks that steak for a tenner is fantastic too and now all the Hawksmoor branches are booked up between Monday to Wednesday, from now until the end of August. But wipe away your tears our steak-loving friends because these restaurants are taking part too. Prime cuts for all.

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The Spots

Blacklock is the obvious choice for steak in London. You know that. Your friends know that. Even your dad that refers to rump as ‘juicy hiney’ knows that. We’re totally on board with this thinking, after all Blacklock is home to a steak sandwich that ranks just behind dogs dressed as people on our list of eternal loves. But, sadly, there aren’t any more bookings available and attempting a walk in sounds like a bit of a faff. Obviously give it a go if you’re up for it, otherwise, onwards. More steak options await.

Jones Family Kitchen imageoverride image

Jones Family Kitchen

What’ve you spent £7.75 on lately? We’ll go first. A hair mask that is presumably made of the Hadid sisters’ happy tears. A ‘gin scented’ candle that smells more like exotic cat piss. And an intense McFlurry order for one. But at The Jones Family Kitchen you can now get their 12-4pm onglet, fries, and chimichurri deal for an obscene £7.75. They also do rib-eye, fillet, rump, and sirloin, but the absolute best part is that they don’t take reservations for their outdoor terrace, so as long as you’re a little organised, you should be able to get a table.

Temper is one of those easy, oh-that-place restaurants that’s perfect for a lively date, a big-old catch up, or just eating so much T-Bone that you feel like you’ve won the carnivore jackpot. This open-fire BBQ restaurant in the City usually has a good times 90s rock soundtrack blaring and a special prime cuts menu you can request upon arrival. Their 300g rump with beef-fat bearnaise will set you back £9 with the discount, but it’s also worth investing in some truffle and parmesan chips and the grilled hispi cabbage.

Pack your bags. It’s time for a trip to the Scottish Highlands. And when we say ‘the Scottish Highlands’ we mean that fancy square in the City near Spitalfields. Located in Devonshire Square, Mac and Wild serves some seriously excellent butcher’s cuts fresh from the Highlands. We recently checked out their new socially-distanced private lodges and the Macduff’s rib-eye steak was seriously excellent. Be sure to check out their signature berry-packed Red Jon side sauce too.

Flat Iron imageoverride image

Flat Iron


When you hear the word ‘chain’ you might think of Connell Waldron - we know we do - but we also think about all the restaurant chains that have served us watered-down Pepsi alongside a steak best described as ‘bleugh’. Flat Iron isn’t one of those chains. For starters, they only have seven spots across London, each branch has a cool, independent feel, and most importantly, their steak is actually really good. As part of the scheme you can get rib-eye for a tenner, or their classic Flat Iron cut for six quid. Just be sure to book ahead.

For a place with such a long name, Le Relais De Venise L’Entrecôte serves a short, simple menu that consists of steak, chips, and baguettes. You should know that there’s also a famous secret sauce and unlike your local chicken shop that claims the same, this sauce definitely isn’t ketchup mixed with mustard. Heads up, it’s walk-in only so it’s a good shout if you’re looking for a last-minute option.

Goodman in Mayfair is probably what you picture when you think of a classic, upmarket steak joint. Basically there are wooden panels on the walls, leather seating, and a butcher’s blackboard that you inevitably stare at for twenty-minutes longer than you need to. Hint: get the Angus beef sirloin. The discount won’t make a massive difference on the heavy-duty prices here, but it’s a great excuse for an extra side of mac and cheese, an order of the honeycomb parfait, or even another glass of Argentinian red.

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