The Last-Minute Mother’s Day Guide

Food, drink, and gift ideas from London restaurants that will get to her in time for Sunday.
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Whether you’re a mum, you have a mum, or there’s someone in your life who you pretend is your mum, right about now you’re probably either thinking, “I should send something” or “someone better send me something.” And if there was ever a time to get the Mother’s Day delivery right, it’s now - when you can give your mum the gift of excellent food and drinks at home, and support local businesses while you’re at it.

Below, you’ll find some of our favourite food and drink gift ideas in London. From afternoon tea hampers, and impressive brunch spreads, to too-pretty-to-use tableware and picnic baskets, here are the best delivery options that will arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Be sure to check delivery deadlines, and get your orders in soon.

Breakfast in Bed



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Available for nationwide delivery.

The Riding House cafe’s Breakfast In Bed box has everything you need to show your mum that you aren’t actually useless. Despite the name, we picture this as more of a dining table spread, than a balancing act that ends with berry compote-stained bedsheets. Each box has two spiced cacao nib lattes, a sourdough loaf, complete with butter, eggs, triple smoked streaky bacon, and sashimi-grade smoked salmon. But that’s not all, it also comes with Riding House malted pancake batter, berry compote, whipped clotted cream, and maple syrup. And it doesn’t even stop there. You get a Mother’s Day card, playlist, crossword puzzle, champagne punch, and the option of a custom bouquet of flowers. Now if that doesn’t get you favourite child status, we’re not sure anything will.

Uncle John's Bakery


Available for delivery across London.

We’ve never heard anyone say ‘why did you get me three loaves of delicious bread, carrot cake, and cinnamon rolls?’, and that just goes to show that your mum, like anyone, would appreciate a custom box filled with things like sweet bread, twister bread, bofrot, and coconut cinnabon. And this Ghanaian bakery is delivering boxes of baked goods. You can either pick Uncle John’s Bakery Signature Box or add whatever you want to a custom box. Just make sure you’re around for when it arrives, because you’re going to want some too.

Available for nationwide delivery.

We always like to start the day off as we mean to end, and what better way to begin Mother’s Day than with a breakfast hamper that includes everything from Moroccan mint green tea, and salt caramel and chocolate brittle, to Ottolenghi’s granola, and brunsli in the shape of a flower. This breakfast situation will inevitably become a snacking station throughout the day. A litte nibble on a lavosh here, a hurried brunsli there, and you’ve got breakfast that lasts the whole day.



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Available for nationwide delivery.

We have a question for mothers everywhere: why do you insist on waking up before 10am on a weekend? You know what, it doesn’t matter. It just means that you’re going to have to skip the lie in so you can prep this impressive breakfast spread from Luca. The box includes Lambton and Jackson smoked salmon, free range eggs, a loaf of organic potato and poppy seed sourdough, homemade butter with truffle, cream for scrambled eggs, Italian winter truffle, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a bottle of prosecco. Oh, and it comes with a truffle slicer, you know, in case your mum didn’t already have one of those knocking about.

Available for delivery across London.

We love this Borough spot for it’s baked goods, and if your mum’s into baking, they’re hosting a Mother’s Day special workshop via their online baking school on Sunday 14th where you can learn how to make scones and homemade jam. As well as that, they have tremendous sourdough, demi-brioche buns, and croissants ready to order on their online shop. Add in some babka buns or bake-at-home cookies, and your mum will be set with a full spread. They deliver Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays across London postcodes.

Afternoon Tea at Home

Available for nationwide delivery.

99% of people over the age of 20 appreciate any excuse to sit down for three hours, and do nothing other than eat mini cakes, and fluffy scones, right? While this Soho cafe would usually be hosting afternoon tea IRL, they’re delivering adorable looking kits for you to recreate the experience at home this Mother’s Day. Expect mini lemon drizzle cakes, buttery scones, clotted cream, jam, and of course loose leaf tea.

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason


Available for nationwide delivery.

We imagine presenting a mother with the Fortnum & Mason ‘Fit For Your Queen’ hamper would induce similar feelings to someone catching a glimpse of a Tiffany box in their partner’s pocket. The only difference is one is filled with edible treats. The afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason is pretty special, and their hampers are no different. What these hampers lack in table service and scones, they make up for in rose champagne and jars of passionfruit curd. Not to mention the huntsman basket they arrive in.

Mother's Day Meal Kits

Available for delivery across London.

We love anything that requires the least amount of effort, because no matter how many shopping lists we write on our notes app, we will almost always get distracted and forget the eggs. Gladwin Brothers understand this, and their Mothering Sunday Meal Kit is a celebration of doing the most, while exerting the very least amount of effort. It’s a whole day situation, starting with a brunch spread that includes fresh pastry for you to bake in the oven, trout gravadlax, duck eggs, and seeded rye loaf. Moving onto a ‘light lunch’ of cauliflower soup and cheddar cheese scones, and ending on a pork roast with all the trimmings. They’ve even sorted out the flowers for you, with a bunch of dried wildflowers included.

Available for nationwide delivery.

The steady winners of cute and funny looking baked goods, Bao, have made a Mother’s Day bundle appropriately named ‘Call Your Mother’ with a mix of savoury and sweet treats. Each one includes a mapo rice meal kit, six prawn shia song bao kit which we want to hug and eat at the same time, and six peach red bean and white chocolate bao bakery goods. Order these to say thank you, and remind your mum just how cute you are. Plus, it serves three so if you live together you can reap the benefits.

Available for nationwide delivery.

We will make literally any excuse to order Hopper’s lamb kothu roti. And what better excuse than Mother’s Day? Cash and Kari, Hopper’s online store, has some of their best dishes available in meal kit form. Treat your mum to an evening of lamb kothu roti, bone marrow varuval, and homemade egg hoppers. A happy Mother’s Day for everyone involved.

Available for nationwide delivery.

Nothing says ‘thank you for washing my clothes for the past twelve months,’ like a lamb biryani with a golden pastry lid. And luckily, Gunpowder’s new delivery service is delivering a feast which includes beef boti kebab, baby aubergine salan, a lamb biryani, raita, and a chocolate brownie with cardamom custard. Order this feast, and promise to start washing your clothes, even if you know it’s not true.

Hampers & Picnic Ideas

Available for nationwide delivery.

If your mother is more nibbles and drinks inclined, then it may be best to miss the meal kits and head in the cheese and wine direction. Order Provisions’ Mother’s Day hamper which comes with everything you need for a wholesome picnic. Think camembert, duck terrine, organic houmous, chocolate, a jar of Burgundy jam, and a bottle of prosecco frizzante from Durante. It’s enough to turn that green patch by your mother’s house into the south of France.

Available for delivery.

Forget a bouquet of flowers, this year you should step it up with a bouquet of iberico ham. We know which one we’d prefer. Order the charcuterie box from Brindisa, get a glass, and make your own ham flowers. The hamper comes with four different types of iberico ham, as well as wild boar pate, perello caperberries, breadsticks, and salchichon de vic. Head to the park and set up camp for a few hours to work your way through this great selection.

Available for same day delivery across London.

Never been that good at making sandwiches? Or cakes? Or anything? That’s okay, this Japanese patisserie is delivering its delightful mille crepes across London. And that’s not all, you can order anything from chicken teriyaki sandos, strawberry and vanilla cream filled sandos, boba tea, and their excellent sea salt cheese lava cake. Order by the slice, or get a bundle of their mille crepes to try every flavour. And the best thing? They do same day delivery, so order it in the morning and enjoy it in the park later on that day.

Wine & Cocktail Delivery

Available for nationwide delivery.

So your mum says she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. It’s a trap. Do not, under any circumstance, listen to her. Send her Diogenes The Dog’s gift pack. It’s easy, includes four bottles of wine, a bottle of exclusive extra virgin olive oil, and a cute tote bag which will live as proof that you did in fact get her a Mother’s Day present.

Available for nationwide delivery.

Your mum emailed us, and she definitely doesn’t want a poem this year. Wine and a three-course meal though? She’s into it. And by pure coincidence, Passione Vino have teamed up with ‘Low and Slow’ for a Mother’s Day special. You can get a three course meal from this Texas inspired BBQ, delivered straight to your door. Where does Passione Vino come in? With a choice of two wine bundles to pair with the smoked pork belly roast dinner. But keep in mind, they both have to be ordered separately.

Available for nationwide delivery.

For the mum that’s not a regular mum (she’s a cool mum): The Sun Tavern is offering a Strawberry Kir Kit. It’s got everything needed to make five cocktails at home. Including premixed Chamberyzette, Cocchi Rosa and vodka, and a bottle of prosecco. Pair it with some glasses from their online shop, and some coasters if you’re feeling fancy.

Gifts That Can't Be Eaten

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Available for nationwide delivery.

This small Middle Eastern restaurant in Fitzrovia is big on flavours and feelgood factor. And if you want to get a gift that won’t be eaten, then check out their online shop. It’s packed full of condiments, herbs, cookbooks, and homeware. As well as enamel Turkish coffee pots, we’re very into their glazed ceramic tiles that can be used as coasters or very pretty trivets. Plus, they’re only £7.50.

photo credit: Pophams

££££Perfect For:Coffee & A Light Bite

Nationwide delivery in 3-5 business days.

If you, or your mum, have ever been to Pophams, you’ll have probably commented on how tasty the bacon and maple swirl is and how nice their ceramic mugs are. Well, we have good news. Because during the pandemic, Pophams launched a huge range of homeware available to buy online. And it’s all pretty gift-worthy. Choose from their rustic raw linens, stoneware jugs, bright Japanese glassware, and so much more.

Available for nationwide delivery.

The Wolseley is one of London’s most recognised and sophisticated restaurants. So it should come as no surprise that a whole section of their online shop is purely dedicated to silverware. We’re talking silver-plated tea caddies, vintage coffee pots, and their huge afternoon tea stands. If that’s not really your mum’s thing, they’ve also got crystal champagne flutes, tea strainers, and The Wolseley printed tea towels it would be oh-so-chic to just have lying around.

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