8 Restaurants With Private-ish Spaces For You And Exactly Five Friends

A cave on Hackney Road, an intimate dining room near Spitalfields, and a canal boat, plus more unique private dining options for you and five friends.

‘The Rule Of Six’ sounds distinctly like something Nicolas Cage would whisper in the eighth installment of National Treasure. Or something that was invented on an episode of The Thick Of It. Either way, it means that you’re now limited to dining out with six people to help prevent the uptick in Coronavirus cases. Luckily, these London restaurants have got private - or kind-of-private - bubble booking situations where you can stick to the new guidelines, feel safe, and importantly, have a little fun whilst you’re at it. Zero grouse hunting involved.

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The Spots

Mac And Wild review image

Mac And Wild

Mac and Wild’s new private lodges for four basically feel like the Scottish highlands but without having to freeze your ass off or fear any stray red deer. Plus, we’re still not 100% sure that the Loch Ness monster isn’t legit. Anyway, we checked out Mac and Wild’s glammed-up sheds and you should know that this place is home to one of London’s best burgers, deep-fried Mars bars, a whisky dispenser in each lodge, and there’s no minimum spend or booking fee. Honestly, we had such a good time, and there’s also a private converted Land Rover out front that you can book for bigger groups.

You need your privacy. Not because you’re a celebrity or plan on discussing state secrets over your G&T, but because right now it’s kind of nice to get together with people without wondering if you should be wearing a full hazmat suit. Enter the Laughing Heart’s private space, The Cave. It’s available for private discos that are less secondary school, mini-pizza vibes, and more grown-up fun. Expect a cool, slightly moody space, great snacks, and your own private bar. Head to their website for the details.

Whilst writing this, we very almost booked London Shell Co for the entirety of next summer. This is why overdrafts and loans exist, right? But the point is, after months of isolation, we can’t think of anything better than cruising Regent Canal in the sunshine whilst tucking into some fresh crab and a big bottle of rosé. An exclusive hire fee does apply but it’s a great shout for a special occasion or a memorable reunion meal where you inevitably end up posting a lot of pictures captioned with ‘HELLO SAILOR!’. Drop them an email to enquire.

Bar Elba is your classic London rooftop bar. There are cocktails, fancy fries, and some entirely swoon-worthy views of the skyline. Opposite Waterloo station, they’ve just installed a bunch of those globe party pods that you tend to see on the ’Gram and think ‘oh, well that looks bloody lovely’. Each pod has its own table service and you can head to their website to book one for you and five friends. Options start at £30 per person.

Private room for you and your hummus? Yes please. For the first time, this Middle Eastern spot in Spitalfields is offering bookings of their entire upstairs dining room for you and some friends. This place has quickly become one of our favourite restaurants for multiple reasons, only one of which is their huge slabs of halloumi covered in black seed honey.

Coal Rooms make one of the best Sunday roasts in the whole of London. There, we said it. But this Peckham spot also happens to have a seriously charming little private dining room. A converted old public toilet - please bear with us - they’ve updated it to create a moody, candlelit space that’s perfect for six people. There’s no private hire fee or minimum spend but you’ll need to order their tasting menu or full Sunday roast.

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Kebab Queen


You’re the same kind of weird as us if your first mental image when reading Kebab Queen is Old Lizzy telling Phillip to go and grab more chilli for her midnight doner. If only. Sadly, you won’t find any hungry royals at this 8-seater spot in the basement of Maison Bab, but you will find a unique chef’s table experience. It’s £70 per person and you’ll get dishes like foie gras kebabitos, monkfish shish kebabs with crispy chicken skin, and a tarted up spit-roat duck situation. Kicking off at 7.30 from Wednesday to Saturday, you can book for six people on their website.

If you’ve ever been dragged on a coastal holiday with your parents, then the words ‘beach hut’ might be quite a trigger for you. But before you panic and start shouting, “I don’t want another Cornetto mum!”, you should know that the beach huts at Neverland actually look pretty fun. This rooftop bar in Fulham has brought the staycation-feels to new heights with £20 beach cabins for four and £30 beach huts that comfortably fit six. You’re mostly here for the cocktails, but pizza and tacos are available too.

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