London Delivery & Collection Options For Every Situation

Eating in is the new eating out. So here are some restaurant answers to some indoor questions.
London Delivery & Collection Options For Every Situation

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It’s official: eating in is the new eating out, and it’s probably going to be that way for a while. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself at home, staring into the middle distance, wondering what to stuff your face with today. In fact you’ll be doing that a lot more often. We’ve got spots for just about every scenario - like When You Want Leftovers For Tomorrow and When You Want Something The Kids Will Eat Too - and you can jump to specific sections of the guide, or just scroll through for some ideas. We’ll keep updating this list, so stay tuned and stay safe.

For restaurants offering delivery and takeout for the first time - or serving new specials - read our guide to London Restaurants With New Delivery & Collection Options.

When You Just Want Something Sweet


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You and your bed are taking your relationship to the next stage. Specifically, the stage where you eat a tub of Amorino gelato in it on a Wednesday night and wake up to the smell of pistachio and stracciatella - the real loves of your life. Tubs aside, you can also order gelato macarons or get a £20 family bundle.

Every household should have a pastry supply. It’s like a toolbox, but for your stomach and sugar-cravings. Little Bread Pedlar in Bermondsey gets this. They’re delivering their freshly baked butter bread, croissants, cinnamon buns, and more all over London.

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$$$$Perfect For:Takeaway

Rinkoff’s is an old-school Whitechapel bakery that makes it their duty to get you your sugar-fix. The menu is pretty extensive - from red velvet to carrot cake, to lemon and polenta cakes and ‘crodoughs’. It’s a daytime only thing though. So order before 5pm.

Badiani 1932 Notting Hill


Ordering gelato to your house is a bit like having a nap on holiday. It’s luxurious, completely nonessential but, at the same time, absolutely fundamental to your happiness. With that in mind you should order a large box of gelato from Badiani and some gelato cookies as well.

Kova Patisserie Chinatown


There are many layers to Kova Patisserie, and most of them come from the mille crêpes cakes that this Japanese bakery makes. There’s chocolate, vanilla, matcha, or coconut to choose from. But, if cakes made of, well, thin pancakes, aren’t your thing, then there’s soufflé cheesecakes and tarts as well. And, the menu (which you can also find here) extends to bubble tea as well.

When You Still Want to Do Brunch

A prosciutto and cheese-filled croissant is a spectacular way to start the day. Especially when you’re starting the day indoors, at around 3pm, without the judgment of other adult people. Latteria, an all-day Italian café in Islington, can make this happen for you. It’s got pastries, it’s got eggs, it’s got avo-toast. And if brunch is more lunch, there are lots of Italians options to choose from too.

Lucky, lucky you. That’s what we’d say to anyone around the Tooting and Clapham area, because that’s where you can get delivery from Juliet’s. It’s one of London’s best brunch spots and they’ve made their sweetcorn fritters and bacon, buckwheat pancakes, homemade cornbread, and more available for delivery or collection via Slerp.

$$$$Perfect For:BrunchDelivery

On a regular weekend the queue for Hash spills out of the door, with countless pairs of Converse, Vejas, and Doc Martens waiting patiently down Dalston Lane. The good news is that you can skip that queue and get their chorizo and sweet potato hash, or pork belly benedict, straight to your door. The bad news? Now there’s no pressure to change out of your underwear.

Eggslut and your housemate who ate the last Burford Brown may share the same name, but only one of them delivers egg-filled sandwiches from Notting Hill. There are a few to choose from - like scrambled with caramelized onions, or egg salad - but the BEC (bacon, egg, cheese) is the essential order.


Hey, remember when you used to eat chicken that didn’t come in the shape of dinosaur and something exotic you believe was called ‘a salad’? Hit up Kin And Deum to get reacquainted with dishes like green curry chicken, sweetcorn cakes, tofu tom yum soup, and some classic pad see ew. Do the spicy prawn crackers count as a vegetable? No, but order them anyway.

Panzer’s is a legendary Jewish deli in St John’s Wood that delivers things like huge fruit baskets, fresh orange marmalade, and luxury provision hampers that you’ll ghost your four-pack of baked beans for. If that wasn’t enough, they also deliver Sushi Atelier’s excellent sushi platters including a 36-piece set with rainbow rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and lots of nigiri.

The vegetable tempura at Pham Sushi checks all the right boxes. Excellent crunch, check. Lightly fried, check. Fresh enough to know which vegetable is hiding under the batter - absolutely. This place also serves some really great affordable sushi and you can’t go wrong with their Alaska roll or the deluxe 16-piece set.

Maroush II



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Let’s play our new favourite game. It’s called How Much Mezze Can We Fit On Our Coffee Table - trust us, you’ll like it. Classic Lebanese restaurant Maroush delivers exactly the kind of family-style portions of hot mezze, shawarma, and charcoal-grilled meats that’ll fill your whole table and your stomach. There’s even a cucumber and yoghurt salad that will make you feel borderline like the kind of person who might take up yoga.

When You're Having a Romantic Night In

Namaaste Kitchen is an upmarket Indian in Camden that has a cool 90s feel. And so will your date night if you watch Pulp Fiction and order in their butter chicken and zardaloo kofte. As well as plenty of house specialities, you’ll also find things like their stupidly moreish toki chatat, big biryanis, and grilled tandoori dishes, and plenty of dips worth stocking up on.

The two of you have probably started to refer to every spider that appears as Count Octo and asking if it would like to join your game of Uno. Time for Pidgin - not a formal name for that bird that just flew past your window - but a Hackney fine dining restaurant you can now collect a three-course meal from or arrange a cab to deliver. Expect things like crispy fried pork pavé, burrata with smoked butternut squash, and fermented black bean sticky toffee pudding.

Repeat after us: Sorry that I accused you of eating the last Jaffa Cake, that I in fact ate last night, here is a cute video of a sloth and I’ve ordered dinner from Hide. Household peace, sorted. For the first time ever this Mayfair fine dining spot is delivering some of their exceptional menu headliners to your home, including their soft shell crab tempura, 50-day-aged short horn beef rib, and truffled eggs.

When You Want Leftovers for Tomorrow

Santafereno is a homely Columbian restaurant in Brixton Village where portions are doled out like rice is going out of fashion. All the mains, like fried tilapia, or crispy pork with chorizo and (yes, and) steak, are served alongside rice, plantain, salad, and chips. We’re stuffed just thinking about it, and that’s before we get to the £1.50 empanadas too.

Everything. The lot. That’s exactly what you should be ordering from Lucky & Joy’s new delivery menu. Split between a few of you, stick £20 in each, and before you know it you’ll be snacking on cold sesame noodles, grilled aubergine with silken tofu, and big plate chicken for at least one more meal/your midnight snack.

Japanese and Italian hybrid? Don’t mind if we do. Maida Vale’s Tokyo Pizza is serving up just that with its wagyu beef-topped pizzas, yuzu and enoki mushroom-dressed salads, and mochi garlic bread with ponzu dip. The more you read the more you want to try, and that should guide your approach to ordering.

If you told us last year that we’d someday eat Yauatcha’s high-end dim sum while wearing our Pokémon slippers, we would have either laughed in your face or backed away very slowly. But that’s exactly what you can do now that this glam Chinese spot in Soho are delivering. You can find them on the Supper app, and their ‘Taste Of Yauatcha’ menu will keep you going for a whole day, if not two.


Zia Lucia is probably Islington’s best known pizzeria, and for good reason. Your classic margherita is under a tenner, and a marinara is a bit less. The dough is both soft and crunchy, and there are funky charcoal dough options too.

Camberwell is full of delicious food for excellent prices, but Falafel and Shawarma is your best bet when you’re trying to save a few quid. Walk-in is still the move, as both their falafel and shawarma wraps are still around the £3.50 mark, and their excellent salad-filled mezze plates are just £1 more. They’re available for delivery too but it’ll cost you a little more.

You can get 10 steamed chicken momos for £9 from this cosy Nepalese spot in Dalston, and you could definitely stop there. Only, those fried cheese and vegetable ones sound quite good too, don’t they? Oh, and you can get curry sauce instead if you’re fancy. There’s a dal and thali bowl as well, and you should really split a load between you.

Whether you really love a good deal, or you just really love halloumi, Mr Falafel is always a good call. This lowkey Shepherd’s Bush spot serves a pretty legendary falafel wrap that’s packed full of halloumi and hummus, plus it’s only £5.90. Their veggie mezze platter is a winner too.

L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele


The Baker Street branch of this famous Neapolitan pizzeria serves exactly what you’re after - sweet marinara-topped pies with a chewy crust - for under £15 a go. There’s arancini, tiramisu, and babas too, if you get carried away again.

When You Want Something Spicy

Au Lac is Highbury’s go-to Vietnamese, and it should be yours too if you’re in an N postcode. Crispy chilli squid and punchy papaya salad are go-tos here, but if you’re looking for something without so much kick then the mince pork, dry fish, and aubergine hot pot is an excellent choice. As is the chilli caramel pork or salmon.

The bamboo shoot salad at Esarn Kheaw is no joke. It’s got a big kick of chilli, a whack of fish sauce, and it’s the (metaphorical) slap in the face you want right now. But if that’s not your thing, then this homely neighbourhood Thai spot in Hammersmith has plenty of other options too. There’s no less than 69 different dishes - ranging from spicy soups, to laab, to fried catfish.

The best part about ordering in from Chinese spot Murger Hanhan in Mayfair is that if you start to get a little sweat on whilst eating their biang biang noodles, you can take your shirt off without having anyone but your pet cat judge you. Get the pork murger, get the steamed rice noodles, and play The Heat Is On for maximum effect. Why not.

When You Want Something Vegetarian or Vegan

Rasa is a south Indian spot in Stoke Newington that’s been making excellent all-vegetarian Keralan food since the mid ’90s. Famous for their pink interior and exterior, and also their delicious and good value food, nothing here goes over £8 - from beetroot curries, to potato and chutney filled dosas - and a lot of the menu is vegan and gluten free.

Maroush is one of London’s most legendary Lebanese restaurants, and Ranoush is its little casual offspring next door. Think Will and Jaden Smith, but with more tabbouleh and mezze. The Kensington branch delivers all kinds of hot and cold dips, salads and stews, as well as pastries and wraps.

Saravanaa Bhavan is a small chain of south Indian vegetarian restaurants across London, including one by Leicester Square. There are plenty of biryani and dosas to choose from, and their deep fried paneer is seasoned with no less than 65 spices. Order via app.

When You Want Something the Kids Will Eat Too

Burger, for them. Beer, for you. Fries, for them. Beer, for you. Mac balls, for them. Beer, for you. See how nice this order is working out? Beer and Burger is a casual spot in King’s Cross that serves uncomplicated comfort food like rocky road bites, chips and gravy, and some of the best burgers in the city.

The most straightforward way of describing Casa Do Frango is by saying it’s “like Nando’s, but better”. And though that doesn’t do justice to everything this Southwark spot does aside from charcoal grilled chicken, like bacalhau fritters or sweet potato feijoada (a Portuguese stew), it’s the only thing your kids will be interested in.

Seeing as we aren’t X Factor judges or selling insurance, we rarely use the word superb, but we’ll always make an exception for Pophams’ pastries. This café, bakery, and restaurant is now offering everything - from those superb pastries, fresh loaves of bread, breakfast dishes, to their great pasta - for delivery from their Hackney spot. The best part is they’re also dropping off pre-made ready meals which are perfect if the kids need to eat at six but you want to eat at eight.

Quartieri is an excellent Napoli-style pizzeria with a huge, fancy oven. Seriously, we’d rather do a meet and greet with Peppa Pig than even think of having to clean it. But said oven is turning out some seriously good pizza that you can either collect or have delivered. We’d recommend getting a round of the stracetti, and a deep fried pizza crust with homemade hazelnut chocolate sauce for dessert too. Hello sugar high.

You’ve spent four days playing an elaborate new game with your child called Pass The Hand Sanitizer, you deserve to sit down and eat some great hummus and a must-order halloumi wrap. This Lebanese spot in Fitzrovia has a long menu of classics like falafel, moussaka, and tahini. Their mezze platter is also a great shout if you want something sorted for lunch tomorrow too.


The cheeseburger made by Four Legs at the Compton Arms is something we first described as ‘an outstanding piece of beefy, buttery, craftsmanship’. And the only way to get one is by sliding into Four Legs’ DMs. Which sounds dirty because it is.

There is no greater Big Night In food than a Bloody Great Big Pizza, and Yard Sale very much has that category covered across east London. No single human can take on one of their 18-inch monsters alone in one sitting, though many have tried (us, multiple times). Their TSB (a white pie with Tender Stem Broccoli) is a classic, though the salsiccia e friarielli (with fennel sausage) is a favourite too. There are also vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Just don’t forget to throw in a brownie as well.

A shower, series binging, your somewhat showered flatmates, and sushi. Throw in some wine and you’ve got yourself a party. Kensington’s Dozo Sushi can take care of the food - with sashimi, nigiri, tempura, and their signature maki rolls delivered straight to your front door.

It’s time to get your best clothes on and have a flirt. And when we say, ‘have a flirt’ we mean, ‘find a mirror’. Whilst you’re at it order in a bottle or two from La Fromagerie and what we professionals refer to as ‘a shit tonne of cheese’. They have everything from soft French classics to four-year-aged goudas. Hit them up on their website for local delivery around Marylebone and Highbury.

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