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8 Last-Minute Plans For Father’s Day In London

Introducing the restaurants your old man will love so much more than that novelty ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. Minimal faff necessary.

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8 Spots
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Your siblings, your mum, your mates - all of them are absolute traitors for not reminding you that Father’s Day is almost upon us. Okay, yes, technically all of the above reminded you about Father’s Day at the beginning of June, but you had ages then and more important things to organise, like your sixth sesh of the week. Before you panic and leg it to the closest big Tesco to invest in a ‘LOVE YOU DADDY’ teddy bear, read this guide instead and find something that your old man will actually like. Pints, affordable bao, and doughnuts included.



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For The Dad Who Wants To Watch The Football

Giulia Verdinelli

Bank of Friendship

Pizza  in  Highbury
££££ 224 Blackstock Road

Nothing says ‘Happy Father’s Day’ like witnessing old pops implode as grown adults kick a ball around. All of this feelgood football fun (screaming, sweating, swearing) should happen at aptly-named Bank Of Friendship in Highbury. A pub with one of the finest gardens in London, there are multiple screens on both sides of the pub and they’re friends with top pizza spot Yard Sale (who are ten minutes down the road). Pizza, pints, and a perfect safe space for a tantrum over the referee’s decision, all covered. Plus, it’s walk-in only so as long as you get there early, your lack of booking won’t be an issue.

For The Dad Who Loves A Bit Of History

Giulia Verdinelli

The French House

FrenchBritish  in  Soho
££££ 49 Dean St

The French House is a Soho institution that has been serving royals, bohemians, writers, and legends like your dad since 1891. Just think, that’s longer than your dad has been alive, and arguably a truly glorious length of time to continually get people rat-arsed. On Dean Street, their upstairs dining room takes bookings, but downstairs is strictly a walk-in affair. That means you can turn up at 11.55 on Sunday and snag a table at one of London’s most legendary drinking spots. Hello, favourite child. They also have a ‘no-tech’ rule here so your dad can have a day-off from saying ‘in my day, we had this thing called conversation’. Perfect.

For The Dad Who Loves A Stroll

Poor Boys

££££ 5 Griffin Centre

Unsure if your dad enjoys a nice long walk? Just ask yourself whether your most prominent childhood memory is your father saying the phrase ‘let’s get some fresh air kids!’. If the answer is yes, then we can pretty much guarantee your dad will appreciate a walk on Sunday. Yes, even if it’s raining. Head for one of the biggest green spaces in London, Richmond Park. Amidst all that walking, talking, and deer spotting, grab a winning fried prawn sub from Poor Boys. This great little sandwich shop is just across the river from the King’s Field entrance and we can confirm that their New Orleans-inspired street food tastes even better when consumed at the Richmond Hill Viewing Point.

For The Dad Who Can’t Believe He Has To Leave The Bloody House

La Mia Mamma

££££ 190 Kensington Park Road

Society? Terrible. Jeremy Clarkson? A certified knob. People in general? Never liked them. If any of this is reminding you of your old man then we have the perfect Father’s Day plan for you. Rather than forcing your beloved grump to leave the house, bring dinner to the house instead. Our favourite Italian mammas - the chefs at La Mia Mamma - opened a deli in Notting Hill a while back, and you can swing by from 9.30am to pick up cold cuts, cheese, and freshly made sauces with pasta that you can just heat up at home. They also sell wine, biscuits, and chocolate, which is great because, according to your dad, they happen to be the three things on the planet that ‘Boris Johnson hasn’t bloody ruined’.

For The Dad Who Loves A Sweet Treat

Rob Greig

St. John Bread and Wine

££££ 94-96 Commercial St

St. John do the best doughnuts in the game. We’re talking fluffy, dough pillows packed full of creamy vanilla custard, perfectly-sharp raspberry jus, and a rich chocolate that will put your dad’s Nutella addiction to shame. You can find them at their Bakery in Borough Market from 10am - 5pm on Sunday, before going for a picturesque stroll along the river. If that all sounds a little too casual for you or you rightfully have zero trust in the British weather, then you can also head to St. John Bread and Wine in Shoreditch - they still have bookings - for a full meal situation alongside a doughnut or two. Forgot to get a gift? Treat your dad to a bottle of great wine from the bakery or one of the signature St. John cookbooks from the restaurant.

For The Boujie Dad

Giulia Verdinelli

Launceston Place

££££ 1A Launceston Pl

We also like to lovingly think of this dad as ‘fucking impossible to buy for’. Before you contemplate a loan to stretch for a pocket-square from Hermes, hit up Launceston Place instead. Lovely, lovely Launceston Place. We challenge anyone to come here and not consider hiding under your white cloth table in the hopes that they won’t notice you and you can just live in this quiet corner of Kensington forever. Our favourite thing about this place is that despite serving things like pigeon with blackberry jus and duck liver parfait, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Case in point: the miniature Henry hoovers the suited servers use to clear the crumbs from your table between courses, and the confit potatoes that arrive in mini shopping trolleys. Basically, it’ll make even the most high-end of fathers smile whilst still feeling special. They still have several bookings available for Sunday, but you can also opt for a gift card if you want to head here with your chic dad in the future.

For The Dad Who Genuinely Loves The Dog More Than You


French  in  Islington
££££ 9 Islington Green

Your dad still claims the best day of his life was the day you were born. That’s not true though, is it? No, if you’re being honest with yourself you’re pretty sure it’s actually the day the dog learned how to roll over. Introducing Bellanger, a relaxed but classy all-day café that’s perfect for your dad and his favourite child, the dog. We’re sure you could probably come along too. This Islington brasserie is totally dog-friendly - they even serve homemade dog biscuits - and there is schnitzel, wine, and plenty of fromage for the humans. They still have several bookings left for Sunday, but if they all get snapped up, rest assured that you can always walk-in for a spot on their charming terrace.

For The Dad Who Doesn’t Want You To Spend Too Much Money

Cafe Bao

££££ 4 Pancras Square

If you have the kind of father who starts hyperventilating every time they see that you bought Sensodyne (“SENSODYNE! HOW CAN YOU SAVE FOR A PENSION WHEN YOU’RE OUT BUYING THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE TOOTHPASTE?”) then you should know about Café Bao. A little King’s Cross spot from achingly cool London mini-chain, Bao, the price of their iconic fluffy buns start around the £5 mark and they also have a £10 meal deal at lunchtime. You can either eat in or pick it up to eat down on the canal if the weather is cooperating. Invest in the oh-so tasty peanut ice cream if you’re looking for something sweet, just don’t tell your dad it cost £4.50 or he might enter a panic spiral over whether you still have an overdraft.

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