33 Gift Ideas To Order From London Restaurants

Hampers, cookbooks, ceramics, and more. Because socks just aren’t going to cut it this year.
33 Gift Ideas To Order From London Restaurants image

Twas the time before Christmas, when all through the land people scrolled through Debenhams’ website debating whether their brother / colleague / weirdly chatty neighbour would appreciate a pair of reindeer-print socks. The answer is, they absolutely won’t. Never fear though, because our guide is full of gift ideas that you can order from London restaurants. So whether you’re looking for the perfect cookbook for someone special, a hamper for that company executive, or a pizza-themed babygrow for your mate’s mini-me, we’ve got you covered. And the best part is that you’ll be helping to support your favourite restaurants too.

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What they’ve got:A truly majestic range of ceramics, glassware, linens, and candles.

If you’re reading this and just really, really fancy sending us a present then we would like to request the mustard linen face masks, terracotta wine cooler, and ceramic tea cup from Popham’s home range. Oh, and maybe the blue bubble glass tumblers. And the Mahala anti-stress candle too, just for our health. Seriously, this go-to lovely London bakery has an online shop that is basically one big wish list for homeware obsessed Londoners. And the best part is that they’re delivering nationwide.



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What they’ve got:Big-deal hampers, glassware, an aww-inducing teddy bear.

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas etc. Now what the fuck do you get for your family who inspect gifts like they’re a bomb detonation team before announcing ‘oh, another scarf, I see’. Thankfully, classic London restaurant The Wolseley has options for everyone in the family. Gold crystal tumblers for the monster-in-law. A festive hamper for that uncle you see once a year. A branded apron for the ‘head chef’ A.K.A. your dad. A dirty martini cocktail set to keep your siblings schtum. And a cute teddy bear for those nephews and nieces who probably already know more about Tiktok than you. Christmas, sorted.

What they’ve got:A wine gift pack.

So you pulled the short straw and you now need to find a gift for that executive. This gift needs to display just the right amount of sentimentality and desperate ass-licking, with a delicate hint of ‘I didn’t order this from Amazon’. Perfect. We bring you Diogenes The Dog’s wine gift pack, that includes a natural white, an orange number, and even a sparkling red from Wales. Far beyond your average gift set of cheap chardonnay, it also comes with a nice tote bag and some coratina olives. London-wide and national delivery available.

What they’ve got:The Star Wars x noodles t-shirt we never knew we needed.

Two words. Baby Yoda. Although it might feel like eighteen centuries back, Baby Yoda actually broke into our lives and hearts at the end of last year. Undeniably cute and from a simpler time when you’d never so much as uttered the words ‘Zoom Party’, Baby Yoda is the energy we all need in our lives this festive season. Especially when he’s depicted with a bowl of steaming ramen on one of Mei Mei’s t-shirts. They’ve also got a design featuring a couple of jolly cats, and you can always add a jar of kaya coconut jam into their stocking too.

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What they’ve got:All the merch a cheese lover could need.

Wine N Rind is home to a cacio e pepe toastie that is to our stomachs what Paul Mescal is to our hearts. Irresistible. Not only is this Tottenham cheese shop producing soulmates in sandwich form, they’re also selling pecorino, parmigiano, and beaujolais t-shirts via their online shop. If you don’t think your friends will be into that, well then, you kind of need better friends - or get them a no-brainer book about British cheese. Plus, they do pecorino hoodies for little ones too.

What they’ve got:A pie subscription, we kid you not.

What do you get for the person that has everything? A pie subscription, that’s what. Willy’s Pies is a one-person pie mission that was born during lockdown and you can now gift someone a pie a week with their £50 subscription. Your lucky recipient can expect fillings like onglet, oxtail, and roast celeriac, and all they’ll need to do is pick the pie they fancy for delivery to their home each week.

look mum no hands!

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What they’ve got:A wine bottle holder for bikes, cycling apparel, and coffee beans.

Part bike shop and part café, Look Mum No Hands! have countless options for the people in your life that love cycling, coffee, or both. Whether you go big with a Tour de France cycling cap or keep it casual with some whole beans is up to you, but we’ve got our eye on the leather wine bottle holders, their bike frame stickers, and their branded keep-cups. In the best way possible, prepare to spend an hour or so on their website debating between art prints and socks.

What they’ve got:Italian festive hampers, pastel homeware, and importantly, cannoli.

Oh Lina Stores, you mint green, retro, Wes Anderson wet dream. Pretty much everyone wants their kitchen to look like this seriously charming, pastel Italian restaurant. And now, thanks to their online shop, they can. We’re talking mint green tea towels, candy-stripe tote bags, deli essentials, and several festive hampers with real-deal Italian produce. And yes, there’s cannoli too.

What they’ve got:A tote, a keep-cup, and the ultimate crowd pleaser, jam.

Jam is wholesome. Jam is charming. Jam is what you buy for someone who you have no idea about, but guess they’re probably into toast. Because everyone likes toast, right? Get some blueberry and lemon or pear and ginger jam from Scandi café Söderberg, or one of their handy keep-cups. Sidenote: They have a cinnamon bun tutorial on their website. Not a gift idea, but hey, you need a break from that Christmas shopping, don’t you?

What they’ve got:British cheese boxes, a book about must-visit food trucks, and t-shirts perfect for all the dog lovers out there.

We might have finally answered the eternal riddle, ‘What the fuck do you get someone if you’re their secret santa?’. The answer is, this t-shirt from The Cheese Bar. Printed with a pooch sat on top of some cheese whilst wearing a beret - hello, adorable - we can’t name anyone we know that wouldn’t like it. But if you can, then you should know that The Cheese Bar are also delivering British cheese selection boxes, condiments, and this Around the Globe in 80 Food Trucks book.

What they’ve got:A natural wine subscription, cocktails, t-shirts, a boozy Christmas hamper. Basically, everything they could possibly want and more.**

We’re pretty sure the only thing you won’t find available on Top Cuvée’s online shop is the secret to eternal youth. Seriously, they’ve got wine survival packs, batched cocktails from excellent bar Three Sheets, an orange wine t-shirt, mini kegs, a two-litre bag of negroni, and even a Shop Cuvée wine sling. Special shoutout to their Christmas hamper that includes wine, more wine, chocolate, salami, comte, bottled negroni, and even an exclusive bottle of hot sauce.

What they’ve got:The ultimate book for coffee enthusiasts and chic travel tumblers.

We all know someone who is pretty serious about their coffee. They know about beans, slow drip, and look at you like you gave Mary Berry a wedgie every time you order a coffee from McDonald’s. This is exactly the kind of coffee enthusiast you buy an Allpress barista guide for. Packed full of tips on espresso extraction, the perfect grind, and coffee machines, it’s £12 and you can pair it with Allpress beans. Or just go for one of their keep-cups, that’ll work too.

What they’ve got:Hot sauce that will offend your grandparents.

When we say ‘hot sauce’ one person’s face will instantly appear in your mind. Friend, sibling, cousin, partner, or flatmate, we all know someone that glugs through the stuff every single day like a merry jalapeno-breathing dragon. And what better to get that person than a litre of hot sauce or a bucket of spicy rib rub. With nationwide delivery and packed full of the world’s hottest chillies, The Rib Man’s sauces are named things like ‘Christ on a Bike’ and ‘The Holy Trinity Hot Sauce Travel Pack’ - which is kind of, almost, festive, right?

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What they’ve got:A pizza slice cap, a pizza slice baby grow, and more pizza themed things.

A lot of our go-to last-minute gift options aren’t appropriate for babies. Bottles of Baileys, gig tickets, and a round at your local on Christmas Eve are all big no-nos for little humans. Enter Voodoo Rays’ ‘Baby Slice’ babygrow that’ll make your parent friends say a big, fat ‘awww’. Outside of the baby grow, their online shop has a cool hat, plenty of tees, and vouchers for their restaurant.

What they’ve got:Tea, tea, tea pots, more tea.

We’ve found the perfect gift for the tea fanatic in your life. Depending on which kind of circles you run in you’ll either be picturing your great-aunt or your best mate, but whoever it is, if they’re into a hot cuppa they’ll be into Mariage Frères. With everything from jasmine to darjeeling, this French emporium is basically the nirvana of tea. Don’t believe us? Head to their website, where you’ll quickly notice there’s a section purely dedicated to ‘tea paraphernalia’. We’re very into the oh-so-classy tea cosies, and we never thought we’d say this about some teapots, but their gold collection is très sexy.

What they’ve got:Mulled wine, cocktail kits, and a keg with matching tankards.

Some people write love letters. Some people hand-make gifts for their loved ones. And some people shout ‘let me get you another drink!’. Yes, if your love language is basically booze, look no further than The Sun Tavern. Their online shop has £30 quarantini cocktail kits, bottles of mulled wine, and even mini kegs complete with tankards. Plus, they’re shipping internationally.

What they’ve got:Huge festive hampers, homeware, books, unicorn-rare spices.

Yotam Ottolenghi is the man who has made many hyperventilate in the spice aisle of a supermarket hours before a dinner party. Newsflash people: you can find dried rose petals on the Ottolenghi online shop. Jokes aside, there’s lots of tasteful (and delicious) stuff to choose from here, including their big-deal festive hampers.

What they’ve got:Christmas treat boxes, wine, cookbooks, and some very aesthetically pleasing homeware.

Honestly, if we owned Honey & Co’s linen apron we’d cook a whole lot more. We might even turn into the kind of people that make marmalade at home. Until then, you can order everything from their homemade jams to their popular Food From The Middle East cookbook for nationwide delivery, as well as everyone’s classic Christmas go-to gift, chocolate.

What they’ve got:Festive hampers, wine, world famous potatoes.

The QCH hampers are the stuff of legend. We’ve known people (us) to eat their jars of jam by the teaspoon. You can opt for one of their Christmas hampers that includes everything from mince pies to homemade chutney, or go for their year-round hamper that includes (dun, dun, dun) their confit potatoes.

What they’ve got:Cookbooks, homeware, gift bags that will make your recipient cry beautiful, tasteful tears.

Like kitchen roll and three types of hot sauce, The River Café Cook Book should be a universal kitchen staple. The 30th anniversary book will also improve any shelf, anywhere, such is its good looks. Or if you don’t have the time, patience, or will to scroll through their website looking for something else, then go ahead and order one of their big-deal gift sets. We’re not going to lie to you, they’re pricey, but it’s The River Café - you can’t go wrong.

What they’ve got:Their signature cookbook and a 60s compilation vinyl.

Dishoom’s bacon naan roll has a bigger celebrity profile than 99% of the UK’s soap stars. Don’t believe us? Ask someone if they’ve ever queued for Dishoom or if they know the name of the person that plays Cat Slater, and you’ll find that most people answer ‘yes’ to the former and ‘erm, Catherine?’ to the latter. That’s why it’s always a safe-bet to gift someone with this ever-popular Indian restaurant’s cookbook. Or if they’ve already got it, there’s also a fun 60s Bombay-meets-London vinyl compilation available too. Nothing like a bit of The Bombay Royale after your Christmas pud.

What they’ve got:Ceramics, homeware, t-shirts, and our personal favourite, their posters.

We’ll let you in on a couple Infatuation London secrets. Yes, we do consume an alarming quantity of antacids, and also we’re very partial to giving each other gifts from Bao. Why? Because their merch is just so fucking nice. As well as seriously good looking homeware, quality ceramics, and oolong gin, their graphic posters will look good in pretty much any flat. Be sure to check out their signature Bao t-shirts and tote too.

What they’ve got: _ London’s bougiest Christmas hamper._

Santa, avert your eyes. Because Wild Honey has made the Christmas hamper that might just put Rudolph out of a job. We’re talking batched negroni, goose rillettes, Mont d’Or, onion marmalade, chocolate truffles, a signed copy of Anthony Demetre’s cookbook, Christmas pud, biscuits, saucisson, confit duck legs, a jar of the restaurant’s signature honey, and more. Oh, and that’s just their classic hamper. The premium version includes champagne, a cocktail shaker, and foie gras. They start at - deep breath - £175 and can be ordered by calling 020 7747 2200.

What they’ve got:Saffron, skewers, and job opportunities.

Just like the interior of this Persian-inspired deli and restaurant, there are all sorts of bits and bobs on Persepolis’ website. Multiple vegetarian cookbooks with recipes from Peckham, Persia and elsewhere, hampers full of spices, and best of all, a voucher to be kitchen porter at the restaurant for the day.

What they’ve got:Magazines, prints, totes.

A subscription to Noble Rot magazine is truly one of the best things you can get for someone who enjoys eating, drinking, and admiring excellently designed covers. That and back issues aside, the shop also has their classic “Sex, Drugs, And Pinot Noir” tote, and their brand new book all about - you guessed it - wine.

What they’ve got:Coffee and caviar.

The West African-influenced fine dining spot has a short but sweet selection of things to buy, vouchers withstanding. Including hand picked caviar specially aged and selected for the restaurant.

What they’ve got:T-shirts, tea towels, totes, and tasty Christmas treats.

How much St. John merch do we own? Enough to make us look like we’re in some sort of pork cult, that’s for sure. Classic t-shirts and 10l boxes of wine aside, there are a couple of essential cookbooks, and their unique negroni mix too. For the festive season, there’s also Christmas pudding in a St. John ceramic bowl and potentially the most gloriously OTT hampers London has ever seen.

What they’ve got: _ Some very cool and casual t-shirts, coffee subscriptions, and all things coffee nerd, in the best way possible._

If you’re not really into coffee then you might think that Climpson and Sons’ website is full of bongs for giants - they’re coffee makers, don’t panic. These coffee pros have got countless gift options from coffee beans to branded mugs and t-shirts. Their Climpson’s cupping box gift set and their explorer monthly bean subscription are great shouts if you’re buying for someone who’s just getting into home brewing. Also, their espresso martini kit is perfect for pretty much everyone.

What they’ve got:Mince pies, cookies decorated to look like celebrities, and DIY cookie decoration kits.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, says ‘I love you’ like sending someone a corgi cookie. Except maybe, actually saying ‘I love you’ but who has the emotional capacity for that. Instead, send sugar in the form of Jack and Beyond’s celebrity cookies. You’ll find everyone from the Queen and her corgi to Frida Kahlo and Barack Obama treats on their website, as well as old faithful, mince pies. Heads up, there are DIY decoration kits too.

What they’ve got:Hampers, festive cheese, chorizo so big you could have sword fights with it.

The Brindisa website is a treasure trove of stuff you want to eat with family, friends, and almost entirely with your hands. There are festive cheese boxes, a Spanish Christmas hamper, a New Year’s party selection, and - if you really want to treat someone - £500 legs of ibérico ham.

What they’ve got:Hoodies that look very snuggle worthy, sweets, gingerbread doughmen, and doughnut-themed masks.

At the moment we’re always one of three things. Bored. Hungry. Or bored and hungry. Sending someone Doughnut Time’s DIY kit or a round of gingerbread doughmen over the festive period will help with all of the above. Or you can go straight for their pick ‘n’ mix sweet bags. Plus, they have some cheerful, cosy merch on their online shop too. Think Fashion Week but you know, in celebration of carbohydrates and being comfy af.

What they’ve got:Gelato, gelato, and more gelato.

This one goes out to all the Christmas pud haters out there. Please believe us when we say that Gelupo’s gelato is the kind of gift that will see you level up in the social hierarchy. Sudden invites to previously secret Tuscan holidays. Weekend FaceTime calls. Becoming an unexpected will beneficiary. Seriously, it just takes a few tubs of pistachio and some fresh mint stracciatella.

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