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5 Pizza Spots Where You Can Eat Out To Help Out

Our pick of the best places to get discounted pizza this August.

The government’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme offers diners a discount of up to £10 per person, excluding booze, when they eat out from Monday to Wednesday throughout August.

Before we go any further, we’d like to remind you that it is perfectly acceptable to have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now that’s out of the way, we’re going to let you know that with the discount you’ll get from the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme, you can basically get a whole pizza at some of the best spots in London for around a fiver. What you do with that information is up to you.

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The Spots

True Craft

This converted pub in Tottenham isn’t only serving some seriously good sourdough pizza and draught beers. But nothing on the pizza menu, not even the meaty nduja, is over a tenner. Which means getting 50% off here is a major steal. And whilst none of their pizzas will disappoint, the Bang! Pepper has our hearts.

This rustic spot on King’s Road is serving some solid sourdough pizzas topped with things like wild fennel sausages, mushrooms and truffle oil, and burrata. Their specials can go up to £18.50 for a pizza so that £10 off will definitely come in handy. P.S. they have a Nutella calzone that tastes like the classic Nutella on toast’s rich aunty.

We’ve said it before, and here we are saying it again; you can’t talk about pizza in London without mentioning Theo’s Pizzeria. Why? Because the chewy Neapolitan pizzas at this spot in Camberwell are delicious, and mostly in-and-around the £10 mark. So you can come in on a Wednesday, get a whole margherita that you should definitely smother in their chilli sauce, and leave £4.25 lighter. No, we haven’t calculated wrong. When pizza is involved we take maths very seriously.


If you’ve ever been to Homeslice, you’ve probably sat there wondering whether a 20” pizza is too much for you. And you might’ve settled for a few single slices. But no more settling. Now that you can get their 20” margherita for a tenner you’ve got no excuses. Unless it’s not an excuse and you’re absolutely sure you’re not up to eating a whole pizza, in which case you should know that you can get a big slice for just £2.

Zia Lucia

Probably Islington’s best known pizzeria, this neighbourhood spot now has four locations dotted around London, and a menu of pizza with dough that is both soft, and crunchy. After discount, you can get the margherita for less than five pounds. It’s basically daylight robbery, and we love it.

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5 Pizza Spots Where You Can Eat Out To Help Out guide image