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Where To Eat With Your Dog

Not every restaurant in London is welcoming to your four-legged friend. This is a guide to the restaurants that are.

You love your dog. Your dog loves your food. So it’s only natural that they want to join you when you’re going out to eat. And you want the same. But some restaurants are fussy. Others aren’t friendly to those with fur. Some simply aren’t equipped to deal with more than one insatiably hungry species. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best places in London you and your real best mate can go. Because they’d feed us a crafty sausage under the table if roles were reversed, wouldn’t they?


Trattoria Brutto

Trattoria Brutto’s mascot is a deeply dashing Frenchie called Bailey. He is very handsome and one day we will be on a first name basis, but until then we will continue to lovingly watch his Instagram stories from afar. This fuss-free Italian in Clerkenwell features regularly, and Brutto’s tagliatelle al ragu should feature on your table. It will arrive with a heaped bowl of grated parmesan and if that isn’t the ultimate hint that this place has nailed that old-school, effortless feel, we don’t know what is. Get the tiramisu too, it’s what Bailey wants for you. 

Is The Tamil Prince a pub? Is it an Indian restaurant? It doesn’t really matter, all you need to know is that it’s a buzzing place on a quiet corner off Caledonian Road, serving pints alongside huge show-stopping channa bhatura. Chickpea-covered fingers, chicken lollipop dipping, and many napkins are a must here. FYI leads are a must too, those are the rules. 

The first time we went to Carousel we took—BRB checking the photographic evidence—nine pictures of an unsuspecting spaniel. Whether this counts as an invasion of said pup’s privacy remains to be seen, but when you’re witnessing a cutie begging for a bite of an elite take on a Filet-O-Fish, it’s really hard not to become canine paparazzi. This bright and breezy wine bar in Fitzrovia serves a lunch to dinner seasonal menu of things like habanero and honey fried chicken, bavette, and orange wine. It’s kind of perfect for impressing someone while keeping things casual. Or just impressing your beloved spaniel. 

Mildreds is a restaurant that’s reliably friendly. Just like your dog, as long as there aren’t any delivery drivers, cats, swans, scooters, vans, squirrels, and/or pigeons around. This Camden Town spot is one of London’s OG vegetarian restaurants and is just as perfect for a boozy vegan brunch at the weekend, as it is for a low-key midweek catch-up over their Sri Lankan curry with roasted cashews. We’re into how bright and airy the Camden location is, but you can also find Mildreds in Soho, King’s Cross, Covent Garden, and Dalston. 

Taking your dog to a vegan restaurant might not make you their favourite parent, but it will get you some delicious house-made silken tofu in Sichuan sauce, and mock meats like Chongqing chicken, dim sum, and more plant-based dishes that may surprise you with how impressive they are. It’s a big-ish space, with tables spilling out onto the pavement, and it’s an excellent option when you’re around the Angel end of Upper Street.

Don’t be offended if your dog immediately sets up camp with the closest strangers at this excellent pub. Home to one of the best Sunday roasts in London and some all-round 10/10 meat and fish dishes, we’d probably go beg at a stranger’s feet for a bite of the lemon sole too. You should know that this place is more sophisticated Fulham restaurant than sticky boozer, so it might not be the best option if your pup is prone to a serious case of the sillies or a whole lot of barking.

Yes, your dog would appreciate the comfy interiors of this polished Chelsea pub just as much as the next human, and thankfully, they’re invited too. But whether you decide to share the excellent ham, egg, and chips, that could easily end up being one of the top 10 pub meals you ever eat, with your bestie under the table is up to you. Spoiler: you won’t want to do any sharing. Happily, this show-stopping pub keeps things simple and delightful. Think a massive golden brown chicken kiev, pie, steak, and a dining room that you’ll want to spend hours in.

We don’t care what the Dog Whisperer says, feeding £25 jamón ibérico to your dog under the table does in fact make you the world’s greatest dog parent. Maybe they’ll even forget that you had the audacity to not let them sniff every single lamppost in the two-mile surrounding area. Either way, you’ll both have a lovely time at Pizarro in Bermondsey. A classic Spanish restaurant with everything from croquetas to cuttlefish a la plancha on the menu, it’s a great little place to try a few dishes with a nice bottle of wine.

When will the good investors of London give us dog-friendly clubs? No seriously, when? Until we’re finally blessed with XOYO 4 DOGGO, there’s The Landor. This Clapham pub has a huge—we mean huge—pub garden and it’s the perfect spot for when you want to have a proper boozy laugh with your dog in tow. We’ve been here for countless birthdays over the years and even if it’s pissing it down, the pub garden always has the energy of a sunny bank holiday. But if you’d rather stay dry, dogs are also very welcome inside. Hungry? Get the buttermilk chicken burger. 

It makes sense that classic establishment Maggie Jones’s is dog-friendly. After all it’s pretty old and is near Kensington Palace—and let’s be honest, no one loves their dogs more than the elderly or the royals. The menu is full of British classics, from fresh game to apple crumble, but you don’t want to miss out on the fish pie. There are knickknacks everywhere, there’s lots of candlelight, and there’s a pretty iconic portrait of a British bulldog downstairs.

Do we love the halloumi with black seed honey at Bubala as much as your dog loves that toy it’s had since it was a pup? Trick question. No one loves anything as much as your dog loves that decrepit teddy bear. But, our feelings for the Middle Eastern small plates at this all-vegetarian spot in Spitalfields are pretty close. You’re definitely going to want to get involved in the confit potato latkes, hummus, and fried aubergine—just be aware that it’s a small space so this isn’t the place for any St Bernards. 

Sitting at Levan, comté fries on the counter, some soft 2007 indie hit playing in the background, and your best mate gazing up at you as if you very well might be a deity. Well, life doesn’t get much better than that. You might as well just lay down on the floor of this achingly cool and charming all-day Peckham wine bar next to Buddy, with a big, excellent glass of pinot noir and kiss the world goodbye. You’ve peaked. 

On paper, going for a meal in an old garage with your dog sounds bleak. Very, very bleak. Cup-a-soup for dinner bleak. Thankfully, Westerns Laundry is very much a tarted-up garage. This Highbury, European small plates restaurant is a lovely spot for those on two legs and four legs alike. It’s got massive open doors that gives everything a bit of a holiday atmosphere, and the mainly seafood-focused menu suits this feel as well.

You want wine, they want strangers to tell them they’re cute. To be honest, you also want strangers to tell you you’re cute but you’ll settle for a great bottle of bordeaux. Both of you will find what you’re looking for at aptly named wine bar, Diogenes The Dog. This cosy little spot in Elephant and Castle has a handful of high tables, as well as some romantic-looking low ones where you can enjoy the terrine of the week or some quality burrata while your four-legged friend gets plenty of compliments from the ever-friendly servers. 

Do you own a French poodle? Or just have a strong suspicion that when your pup does that twitchy run thing in their sleep that they’re dreaming of legging it through Jardin De Luxembourg while wearing a tiny beret? Perfect, it’s time for you and your chien to head for Chelsea’s Colbert. This all-day brasserie serves classic French dishes like steak tartare, soupe à l’oignon, and fresh macaroons. Plus, in true Parisian cafe style, there’s also some pretty lovely outdoor, terrace seating. 

Going on Big Jo’s tagged Instagram photos will not only please anyone who got very into sourdough during 2020 but also anyone who just really vibes watching a giant poodle eat baked goods. An all-day bakery on Holloway’s Hornsey Road, Big Jo can always be relied upon for a mid-morning danish, a lunchtime serving of pizza fritta, and delicious things covered in pancetta come evening. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you’re actually there for the dogtent. 

You know that look of pure, intoxicated glee your dog gives you when they see a fresh pile of fox turd to roll in? That’s how we look when Daddy Bao’s shiitake mushroom bao arrives at our table. This charming and casual Taiwanese spot in Tooting not only serves some of the very best fried chicken and bao in London, it also low-key has a plum wine negroni we’d go all bubble-eyed for. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever make you as happy as your dog is when you say ‘walkies’. Except maybe, eating pizza. Sodo in Clapton serves sourdough pizzas and natural wine in a space that’s perfect for a catch-up with friends (of all species), or a casual, candlelit date night. And no, we’re not judging you for bringing your dog on a date—arguably it’s one of life’s great power moves. 

A pub and a Chinese restaurant is a hybrid that’s good for humans and dogs alike. The Duck and Rice is an excellent option in Soho when you’re wandering about, wondering where to go together. It’s a casual gastropub atmosphere downstairs and there’s dim sum, bao, as well as an array of Cantonese duck options to choose from.

Kudu is the sort of restaurant that every neighbourhood in London needs. It’s a casual but classy South African restaurant in Peckham that’s good for dates, mates, and most importantly, dogs. Don’t miss out on the bread whatever you do—it comes with either melted bacon or seafood butter, and it is very good. Walkies in Peckham?

It’s been four days since you gave them a b-a-t-h and they’re still acting like you constituted a worldwide ban on tennis balls before calling the neighbour’s pug ‘a good boy’ in front of them. You traitor. It’s time for some relaxing quality time for the both of you, and at 40 Dean Street in Soho that means a cosy sit down for them, and some pasta and negronis for you. From the homely, family restaurant feel to the pistachio tiramisu, this Italian place is a proper charmer. 

If your dog is a prince or princess who is only used to the best, then Aquavit is where you want to be taking them. This Nordic-style restaurant in St. James’s is a little bit swish but a lot tasty, plus there are very affordable set menus for lunch and dinner time. Note: you won’t want to share the meatballs, no matter how much you love them.

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