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Where To Drink Coffee Near These 43 London Parks

82 places to drink coffee when visiting London’s parks, commons, and green spaces.

Lockdown has made us all appreciate the little things in life. Like looking out of the window, binge-watching trash TV, and finding new ways to lie down on a sofa. But most of all, it’s made us appreciate walks. Long, long walks. And what do long walks need? Sustenance. Usually in the form of coffee and a snack. Our guide has 43 green spaces, and 82 coffee spots for you to head to on the way.

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Central London:

Hyde Park

Bayswater Gate:

Urban Baristas - This warm and welcoming Queensway spot is serving great coffee as well as banana bread and other walk-in-the-park-type treats. And if you realise you should’ve got two slices of banana bread, don’t worry, it’s only a nine-minute walk away from the park.

Arro Coffee - This coffee shop refers to itself as ‘The Temple Of Coffee’, so it’s safe to say they take beans seriously. Come here for a great cup of coffee that’s under a 10-minute walk from Hyde Park.

Knightsbridge/Hyde Park Corner Gate:

Carpo - Just off of Brompton Road, you’ll see a queue of people standing in a line, and you’ll think “what are they queuing for?”. The answer is Carpo. This nut, chocolate, and coffee specialist is serving everything from espressos to Arabic coffee, and is under a 10-minute walk to Hyde Park.

39 Steps Coffee - Espresso, filter coffee, and cold brews are some of the options that can be found at this Knightsbridge cafe. Choose one (if you’re able to), get something from their brunch menu if you’re feeling peckish, and head to the park which is under 10-minutes away.

Lancaster Gate:

Harrison’s Coffee - This Spring Street spot is serving specialty coffee and teas just a 10-minute walk from Hyde Park’s Lancaster Gate entrance. We’d get a slice of their madeira cake for the road.

Marble Arch Gate:

The Borough Barista - If you’re entering Hyde Park from Marble Arch, it can be tempting to get a quick coffee from any of the chains in the area. But you won’t regret heading to this delightful Seymour Street cafe where you can get some great coffee, and freshly baked treats. Plus, it’s less than a five-minute walk from the park.

St James's Park

Formative Coffee - Quality coffee spot, Formative Coffee, is our favourite place to get coffee from when we’re near St. James’s Park. And it’ll be yours too if you like good coffee that’s only an short walk away.

Green Park

Le Deli Robuchon - This cute little deli on Piccadilly is the perfect place to stop off before heading to the park. There’s cheese, pastries, salads, and of course coffee. And it’s right opposite the park, so you won’t even have to go out of your way.

Victoria Embankment Gardens

Crown Cafe - When you’re looking for somewhere on the Strand, The Crown is a safe bet. It’s got coffee, sandwiches, and a whole menu of other bits for you to peruse in case you want to chew on something in the park.

Regent's Park

Saint Espresso - Takeaway specialty coffee, toasties, and cinnamon buns are a few of the things coming out of this Baker Street cafe. Pick some up, and head to Regent’s Park, which is conveniently less than a five-minute walk away.

Russell Square Gardens

49 Cafe - If you walk past this spot, you’re likely to see loaves upon loaves of freshly baked bread, as well as pastries, and salads. Head inside for a coffee, a snack, and be on your way to the bench-filled calm of Russell Square Gardens, which is less than a 10-minute walk away.

North London:

Alexandra Park

North & Ten - This nicely placed little coffee shop next to the Muswell Hill Everyman keeps things moving from 8am to 4.30pm, seven days a week. It’s a short walk from here down St James’s Lane to get to the Parkland Walk which then plugs you right in to Alexandra Park.

Kiss The Koala - Down near the bottom end of Muswell Hill, at the lower entrance to the park, Kiss The Koala has been serving flat whites and knockout brunches since Summer 2020.

Clissold Park

Jolene - This stylish spot on Newington Green is just five/ten-minutes away from Clissold Park but it’s worth the slight detour for their excellent coffee, and their freshly-baked breads and pastries.

Esters - Midway between Clissold Park and Abney Park, Esters is not only an excellent coffee stop, but one of the best spots in town for breads and pastries from the Little Bread Pedlar, not to mention breakfast sandwiches and toasties loaded with things like pumpkin pistou, apricot ketchup, and pickled kohlrabi.

The Good Egg - This Middle Eastern-inspired brunch spot on Church Street is as good a destination for your favourite coffee order as it is for bagels and babka.

Downhills Park

Perkyn’s - This popular bottle shop and café on West Green Road also does a line of chunky rolls that change every day. If you want one to take to the park with you along with your coffee you’d better get here before 2pm though because they sell out fast.

Finsbury Park

Common Ground - In the beforetimes, Common Ground was a good spot for meeting friends in their pretty and kind-of secret garden, or for getting your laptop out and getting some word done on a weekday. Now it’s worthy of note as an excellent coffee spot just a couple of minutes walk from the station entrance to Finsbury Park.

Hampstead Heath

The Nook - When the sun comes out there are very few quiet spots on any side of the Heath, so don’t blame us if there’s a queue at this coffee spot at the bottom of South End Road. The good news is that once you’ve got your Origin Coffee Roasters cuppa and a pastry, you’re just a minute or two away from the ponds.

Roni’s - This bagel bakery has a handful of branches scattered around north and north west London. The newest is at the corner of Swains Lane and Highgate West Hill and is perfectly located for grabbing a coffee before strolling over the Heath towards the viewpoint at Parliament Hill. Don’t forget to get some babka too.

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Highbury Fields

St. Paul Islington - In less pandemic-y times, this double-fronted all-day coffee spot and night-time wine bar is a great spot for doing a bit of work, having a quick lunch, or meeting friends over a glass of something red. It’s equally good for a takeaway on your way for a stroll around Highbury Fields.

Highgate Wood & Queenswood

Queens Wood Cafe - You could walk down from Archway Road or up from Crouch End with your coffee before a walk in the woods, but this café and community garden in the middle of the two is open from 10am till 3pm Wednesday to Sunday. It not only serves up the caffeine hit you’ll need, but also brings a vague sense of US National Park aesthetic to this tranquil corner of north London.

Primrose Hill

Greenberry - This Regent’s Park Road café and all-day restaurant captures the effortless ease of this strikingly pretty, bohemian, and expensive-looking part of London better than any other coffee spot round here. That makes it the perfect place to stop off before heading up the hill.

Queen's Park

Dark Habit - If you’re heading to Queen’s Park, you have lots of options for coffee, but if you ask us, there really is no choice. Dark Habit is the one.

Waterlow Park

Cricks Corner - A cheerful and friendly spot halfway up Dartmouth Park is just what you need when you’re headed for a stroll around Waterlow Park. As well as serving a solid coffee, they’ve also got a good line in bacon and egg filled baps, toasties, and sandwiches.

Chango - If you’re coming at Waterlow Park from the village end of Highgate Hill then Chango is probably your best bet. Not only is the coffee from this small, independent spot reliably good, but they have an array of empanadas that you can take to the park with you.

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East London:

Bethnal Green Gardens

Second Shot Coffee - Less than five-minutes away, this Bethnal Green spot is serving specialty coffee with a ‘pay it forward’ initiative, where you can pay for a homeless person’s coffee or hot meal.

Sazzy & Fran Cafe - Four-minutes away from Bethnal Green Gardens, this vegan cafe is serving coffee and plant-based treats.

Hackney Downs

Bake Street - This brunch spot in Hackney Downs is well worth the 12-minute walk from the park. As well as coffee, their weekend brunch menu offers things like hot fried chicken and birria tacos.

Hash E8 - Less than a ten-minute walk away is one of our favourite breakfast spots. Find filter coffee and sweet potato hash brunches here.

Pophams - So 18-minutes might be further than you had been planning to venture for a cup of coffee, but hear us out. This Hackney spot has some of the best pastries you can get in London. Grab a cup of their Ozone coffee, a bacon and maple pastry, and watch your park experience reach new levels.

Haggerston Park

Lanark Coffee - Less than five-minutes away, you’d be seriously playing yourself if you don’t drop by this coffee shop on your way to the park. They’re making great coffee, and some of the best sandwiches you can get in London.

Long White Cloud - 8 minutes away, on Hackney Road, this cafe is serving coffee and a long brunch menu.

Vata E2 - This independent coffee shop/yoga studio is only a 6 minute walk away from the park.

Ozone (Emma Street) - One of London’s best coffee shops, is less than a 10 minute walk from Haggerston Park. Come here for specialty coffee, and a lovely brunch menu which includes eggs benedict on bubble and squeak.

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London Fields

Climpson and Sons - Mere seconds from the park, this spot on Broadway Market is serving some of the best coffee in town. Stop by for an excellent espresso and seasonal single origin filter coffee.

E5 Bakehouse - Also mere seconds from the park, this spot is a great place to get coffee, cinnamon rolls, and vegan banh mi.

%Arabica - At a two-minute walk away, this Kyoto-import on Broadway Market is a bit further from London Fields than the others, but you’re going to get some excellent espresso-based drinks here.

Mile End Park

The Coffee Room - Less than a 10-minute walk away from the park, this independent Italian café is serving coffee and freshly baked brownies.

Millfields Park

Millfields Coffee - A mere 60-second walk away, this independent spot is serving coffee from Dark Arts, as well as baked goods from Charles Bakery.

Mudchute Park & Farm

Cafe No. 92 - Local coffee shop and brunch spot Cafe No.92 is serving coffee, pastries, and halal brunches, and is just a 10-minute walk away.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Hand Cafe - Eight-minutes walking is all it will take you to get to this spot serving up specialty coffee and some excellent looking Greek pies.

Signorelli Bakery-Cafe - A seven-minute stroll from the park, in Stratford East Village, you can get Italian coffee, focaccia toasties, and chocolate stuffed croissants.

The Last Drop - Located right inside the park, go to this spot for coffee and cakes.

Shoreditch Park

Towpath Cafe - This well-known spot along the Regent’s Canal is probably one of London’s most dopamine inducing cafes. Stop by for a coffee and Spanish sausage sandwich.

Ozone Coffee - It might be a bit of a trek from the park, but it’s one of London’s best coffee shops and so it’s never not worth it. Come here for specialty coffee, and a lovely brunch menu which includes eggs benedict on bubble and squeak.

Victoria Park

Balcone London - Just three minutes from the park entrance, this is the spot to go when you want some proper coffee, and great pastries.

Pavilion Cafe - Located inside the park, this is the perfect place to get a coffee and brunch by the lake.

South London:

Battersea Park

Kapihan - This Battersea sun trap is a mere six-minute walk from the park and serves the kind of coffee that you’ll happily queue for. Come here for the usual espressos, as well as barako coffee, and excellent pastries.

Sendero Speciality Coffee - Ten minutes from the park, this little coffee shop makes a pretty great dirty chai latte. Come here for quality coffee and light bites.

Burgess Park

Fowlds Cafe - This little cafe in Camberwell is serving coffee and sweet treats, and is less than 10-minutes from Burgess Park.

Crol and Co - It’ll take you about a quarter of an hour to get to the park from here, but their specialty coffee and handmade cakes will probably make up for that.

Brockwell Park

The Parlour - A seven-minute walk from Brockwell Park, this spot is serving coffee, tea, smoothies, pastries, and slices of cake.

Clapham Common

Brickwood - This cosy coffee shop has some pretty great coffee, as well as a load of freshly baked bread and pastries. It also helps that it’s right opposite Clapham Common.

Black Lab Coffee House - This is the kind of coffee shop where you can get some great coffee, pretty decent brunch, and a view of the common while you order your coffee.

Crystal Palace Park

Brown and Green Life - This coffee shop and community space can be found inside Crystal Palace Park. FYI: they have a whole section on their menu dedicated to butties.

Crespidia - This independent coffee shop is an eight-minute walk from Crystal Palace Park. Get a cup of coffee and a sweet treat to go.

Dulwich Park

Dulwich Picture Gallery Cafe - This cafe and terrace is a lovely place to get a cup of coffee, and it’s a brief walk to Dulwich Park.

Romeo Jones - If you’re heading down from North Dulwich, stop by this spot for some fresh coffee on your way, and then walk 15 minutes to Dulwich Park.

Peckham Rye & Common

Old Spike Roastery - We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Old Spike Roastery is the best place to drink coffee in Peckham. And guess what? It’s only a four-minute walk from Peckham Rye Park and Common.

Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge - don’t worry if you forgot to get a drink, Pembroke Lodge’s little cafe has everything from coffee and scones, to sandwiches. And it’s inside the park.

Ham Gate Lodge:

Petersham Nurseries - This café/greenhouse is so pretty you’ll probably end up drinking your coffee while admiring the private garden. But if you can pull yourself away, it’s a 15-minute walk to Richmond Park’s Ham Gate Lodge entrance

Richmond Hill Gate:

Richmond Hill Bakery - Coffee, freshly baked pain au chocolat, and more pastries are just some of the things you can pick up from this spot on your way to Richmond Park.

Kingston Gate Lodge:

Lizzie’s Cafe - You can find coffee, and an extensive food menu at this spot which is just a seven-minute walk from Richmond Park’s Kingston Gate.

Tooting Bec Common

Milk - if you’re not willing to walk 17-minutes from this Balham spot to Tooting Bec Common for the sake of some excellent coffee and some of our favourite brunch in South London, then what are you doing?

Wimbledon Park

Saucer and Cup - This Wimbledon spot is serving single origin coffee and sweet treats to go. We then suggest you stroll to Wimbledon Park which is just an eight-minute walk away.

Whisk - Less than a 10-minute walk from the park, this bakery and delicatessen is here for all your coffee and sourdough needs.

Wimbledon & Putney Commons

Hemingways - This spot is more of a bar that sells freshly ground coffee than a coffee shop. Tom-ay-toes, tom-ah-toes. This spot in Wimbledon Village is a pleasant 15-minute walk away from the common.

Rose’s Bakery - A mere 10-minute walk from Wimbledon and Putney Commons, stop by here for your coffee fix, and a brownie while you’re at it.

West London:

Bishops Park

Chalet Ciro 1952 - This café on Fulham High Street is selling Neapolitan delicacies in the form of ice creams, graffa, and coffee. Grab a cup, a pastry, and walk over the bridge to Bishops Park.

Chiswick House & Gardens

Tamp Coffee - This rustic spot less than a 10-minute walk away from Chiswick Gardens, is serving espresso drinks with a range of pastries that will probably lure you in. Think empanadas, sausage and spinach rolls, and fresh natas.

Ealing Common

Electric Coffee Co. - Exposed brick, light bites, and some pretty cute latte art is what you can expect from this Ealing coffee spot. Come for the quality coffee, and inevitable get a pastry to go.

Kanenas Coffee - This light and airy Greek-inspired spot on The Grove is serving specialty coffee, as well as cinnamon buns, brunch style pitas, and more tasty sounding treats. Grab a roasted aubergine pitta, a coffee, and head down to the Common which is less than 10 minutes away.

WA Cafe - If you like your lattes purple with a kurogoma croissant on the side, then the eight-minute walk to this Japanese patisserie is what you should be doing. They’re serving all the classic hot drinks, as well as matcha lattes, hojicha lattes, and some souffle cheesecake.

Gunnersbury Park

Italian Corner Cafe & Pizzeria - this spot claims to have the best pizza in west London, and you know what, if we go to Gunnersbury park we’re going to test that out.

The Coffee Traveller - This coffee shop is named after a one-person movie about you. Walking 16-minutes from this Chiswick spot to Gunnersbury Park, in the name of great coffee.

Holland Park

Grounds of Arabica - This independent cafe has two locations, and one just happens to be less than a five-minute walk to Holland Park. Expect Allpress coffee, fresh juices, salads, and falafel made to order.

Kensington Palace Gardens

Hjem - this Danish cafe at Launceston Place is where you should be in you’re after a seriously good cup of coffee that’s within a 10-minute walk of Kensington Palace Gardens.

Montparnasse Cafe - this French cafe in Kensington is serving up coffees and croissants, and it’s only a seven-minute walk from the park.

Ravenscourt Park

Rafaello - This Hammersmith cafe is serving quality Italian coffee right opposite Ravenscourt Park.

Coffeeology - We were never very good at science, but we do know that the coffee from Coffeeology is only a two-minute walk away from where you want to be.

Patisserie Sainte Anne - A stone’s throw away from Ravenscourt Park is this delightful French bakery. Grab a coffee and a buttery pastry and you’ll be in the park in no time.

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