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10 Meal Kits Perfect For One Person

Because a two person serving suggestion is just that. A suggestion.

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10 Spots
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10 Spots
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Updated February 10th, 2021

Alone-time is either an all-too familiar, or an all-too unfamiliar, feeling for everyone right now. Either way you want to be making the best of it. There are a few ways to do this, but let us tell you our go-tos. 1) A séance amount of candles. 2) A conversational-but-not-too-serious podcast in the background. 3) Flowers and plants. They’re colourful, alive, and you can talk to them if you want to. 4) An absolutely brilliant and preferably OTT dinner plan. Now, we can’t necessarily help with the first three points but with that last one, we can. So here are some excellent meal kits for the solo diner:

Featured In




The Tel Aviv-inspired spot has a few tasty meal kits on their website, but it’s the sweet stuff that catches our eye. You might be thinking, really? An entire chocolate, hazelnut, and cookie crumb babka to yourself? That dear reader, is not a problem. That is a solution. To boredom (it’s a whole DIY bake off activity), to hunger (you get to eat it), and to sadness (chocolate).


££££ 1 Westgate Street

Another day, another cosy night in with a true crime documentary. It’s just you, yourself, and a psychopath. Lovely. Bring a bit of light into your life with a warm-at-home meal from Bright. The brilliant restaurant in London Fields has been doing truly delicious changing dishes, from a silky coq au vin au jaune, to cochinita pibil, to a Ligurian rabbit stew. You can order them online, but FYI it’s local delivery or collection only.

Giulia Verdinelli


££££ 65 Commercial Street

The thing with eating on your own, even if it’s just for a night or two, is that it’s all on you. Nobody else is gonna fill you or the fridge up. So if you’re going to order something, you want to strategise. Think long-term. Get a cork board and put some post its on it. And then, eventually, it will lead you to mushroom skewers, labneh, and potato latkes for now. Halloumi, hummus, hipsi cabbage and pickles for later. Lunch and dinner. Or dinner and second dinner. And that’s why Bubala’s vegetarian mixed meze is perfect for you.

Rasa Sayang

££££ 15 Frith Street

Rasa Sayang is a genuine anomaly. It makes DIY meal kits for one person. Not two-person jobs that are more like one and half. Nor enormous portions that you find yourself (somewhat regrettably) shovelling into your mouth at 11pm, because what was left ‘wasn’t enough for lunch anyway’. No, their beef rendang or curry chicken with rice, are actually for one person. Which is nice, isn’t it?

Giulia Verdinelli

La Mia Mamma

Italian  in  Chelsea
££££ 257 King’s Road

Maybe you’re fine. Maybe you’re much more of a me-time person. Maybe you just want to have a candlelit bath and imagine the world isn’t out there. That all may be true, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want a big, carb-heavy, care package from mamma. La Mia Mamma’s pacco di mamma (mamma’s package) is full of DIY and ready-to-eat bits, from pizza dough to arancini, to homemade sauces, and a kilo of pasta dough if you’re feeling confident. It’s made for two, but you can also order it for one if you prefer.

Passyunk Avenue

££££ 80 Cleveland St

Nothing says home alone like cheese whiz sauce and buffalo sauce going all Pollock on your hoodie. That’s more than likely the outcome after an order from Passyunk Avenue. These cheesesteak specialists are delivering cheesesteaks, Buffalo wings, and combo bundles all over London. Best of all is that they’re delivered frozen, so you can stock up for future nights when you’re feeling feral.

Giulia Verdinelli

St. John

££££ 26 St John St

St. John’s whitewashed, phone-signal resistant, always-moving bar area is undoubtedly one of the dreamiest places for a solo meal in London. Though you can’t do that at the moment, a finish-at-home meal from the legendary British restaurant is the next best thing. Collection-only dishes from their Spitalfields restaurant like pies or braised duck leg are available via their website, or head to Dishpatch to see when their nose-to-tail menu is getting restocked.

Monty's Deli

££££ 35 Earlham St

If, like us, you’re currently living for the blooming of your flowers and the ever-decreasing dopamine hit of deliveries, then let us give you a new lease of life. It comes in the shape of a wedge of salt beef or reuben from Monty’s Deli. The beauty of a great big hunk of meat (you would almost definitely never be arsed to cook yourself) is that there’s just so much to be done with it. Namely, eat it. In bagels, sandwiches, and ~top tip~ in fried rice.

Bleecker Burger

Burgers  in  Victoria
££££ 205 Victoria St

A single patty. Scratch that, two patties. Two slices of American cheese. One soft white bun. And you, wearing nothing but a chef’s hat. Welcome to a night in with the Bleecker Double Cheeseburger Burger kit (hat and emergency burn kit not included). You can choose between regular cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, and a vegetarian number.

Homeslice Pizza Fitzrovia

Pizza  in  Fitzrovia
££££ 52 Wells Street

The only thing better than one pizza to yourself is two pizzas to yourself. Think that sounds a little OTT? A little greedy? Well, try thinking that when you open the fridge at 9am and find the best part of a margherita from Homeslice in there. The always-solid pizza and slice spot has whole load of DIY kits. There’s a chorizo number, four cheese, vegan options, and more. But it’s the mushroom, ricotta, and chilli oil one that we’ve got our eye on.

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