Where To Eat Near The Photographers’ Gallery

Where to eat when all that art has made you hungry.

Going to London’s museums and art galleries is one of the best ways to spend a day in this city. But, it’s also a lot of effort. There’s all that standing, the countless thoughtful head tilts, and the anxiety of pretending you know the difference between cubism and expressionism. That’s why it’s important to go to the right restaurants that are not only nearby, but where you can sit down, relax, refuel, and Google whether that painting you saw was of a fruit basket or a parrot. These are the best spots to hit after spending a few hours at The Photographers’ Gallery.

Where To Eat Near London’s Museums And Galleries guide image

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Where To Eat Near London’s Museums And Galleries

The Spots

What with its spacious and futuristic room, bright fermented vegetables, and multicoloured tomatoes, everything about Rovi is kind of picture perfect. It’s one of the best restaurants you can go to in London, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Greyhound Cafe is clearly a restaurant that’s very concerned with its own looks. Once you get past the lookbook-style menu and sometimes diva-like service, there are some extremely solid plates of Thai food to eat here. The street-style duck noodle soup is a spiced winter warmer, and the ribeye satay is seriously tasty. Just make sure to load up on the savoury stuff and skip the Happy Toast.

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Where To Eat In Fitzrovia

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