5 Great Things To Eat & Drink Around South Tottenham guide image


5 Great Things To Eat & Drink Around South Tottenham

From spicy sourdough pizzas, to caramel kuli kuli chicken, to park-ready sushi.

There are a lot of delicious things to eat in Tottenham. For all the Sherlocks amongst us, the clue’s right there in the name. Totten-ham. Coincidence? We think not. In this part of north London you’ll find some of the best sourdough pizzas in the city, excellent Nigerian tapas, and a cacio e pepe toastie we lowkey think about every 60 - okay, 10 - seconds. Onwards for some of the best lunch options, dinners, beverages, and park-ready snacks in the area.

Chop, Chill, and Caramel Kuli Kuli Chicken

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274 High Rd, London
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The slogan for this little Nigerian tapas restaurant is ‘Chop, Chat, Chill’. But honestly we think it should be ‘Chop, Chat, Cheer Internally and Externally For The Truly Magical Experience That Is Eating Their Caramel Kuli Kuli Chicken’. Although, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that that’s less catchy. The point is, this bright, cheerful spot just north of Seven Sisters station is serving some of the best food in London right now. Our personal favourite is the tender chicken wings covered in caramel-infused kuli kuli. Think sticky, sweet, spicy goodness that pairs perfectly with their refreshing Ginger My Swagger rum cocktail. Sip, chew, sip, chew, you’ll be happy.

After more of a grab-and-go situation? Head to Bongo Bar, a Ghanaian restaurant on Broad Lane doing takeaway. Get some fufu, the peanut soup, and some sweet bread from beloved bakery Uncle John’s for a proper feast in the park.

Cheese, Cheese, Pepper, Cheese in Toastie Form

A cacio e pepe toastie. We’ll give you a second to let that marinate. Yes, a cacio e pepe, cheesy, pepper-loaded toastie. If you’re not already on Citymapper figuring out the quickest way to get to Wine n’ Rind then frankly we just can’t be friends, sorry. One of the permanent fixtures at Holcombe Market, Wine n’ Rind sells excellent handpicked wines, quality charcuterie, and toasties packed full of things like kimchi, chorizo meatballs, and truffle honey. Open from 10am Wednesday to Saturday, they also have a self-proclaimed ‘mega fridge’ where you can grab everything from fresh whipped goat’s curd to Irish black butter.

Or grab one of the brie-packed croissants from Phillip Lane’s With Milk. A great little woman-owned coffee spot, get involved in a turmeric latte whilst you’re there.

Futomaki With a Side of Furby

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Sushi Heads is a teeny, tiny Japanese shop and takeaway counter that’s hidden on Phillip Lane. When you first walk in you’ll see a couple of freezers packed full of frozen dumplings, an array of bottled sauces to buy, a cute cartoon sushi mural, a wall of handmade cards, and a couple of Furbys whose existence we choose not to question. Yes, you probably will spend a small fortune on Japanese cards, custard dorayaki, and chilli garlic kombu oil alongside your sushi order. But that’s just the risk you have to take. Despite being so small they’ve got everything from donburi to nigiri to choose from, but it’s the katsu ebu futomaki that we’re really into. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a classic spicy tuna roll or a little salmon sashimi either.

Or head to Makimayo, a Korean-inspired spot a few minutes from Seven Sisters station that makes a mean and huge katsu curry.

A 10/10 Spicy Sourdough Pizza

Welcome to an alternative universe where David Attenborough narrates one of our bi-weekly trips to True Craft: We’re about to witness one of the great phenomena of the natural world. Here we see the young carnivore on a Saturday afternoon, tentatively crawling towards their closest watering hole. A sensitive and vulnerable animal, the hungover millenialus instinctively picks up speed. They pause, briefly distracted by an intruder, the local pigeon and an incoming thought that they have left their greatest weapon, the Monzo card, at home. Alas, they continue, nothing will deter this headstrong mammal in its final strides to victory. At last, the hungover millenialus’ efforts have paid off. The ’Nduja Like It pizza is within sight.

Look, if a pizza deserves its own spotlight feature on Our Planet then you know it’s good. True Craft on West Green Road serves seriously tasty sourdough pizzas, with vegan and gluten-free options to boot. We’re big fans of their sweet balsamic pepper and mascarpone Bang! Pepper situation, but you can’t go wrong with their nduja loaded pizza when you’re feeling a little ‘sensitive’ (read as: hungover).

True Craft closed? Head up the High Road to get your spicy carnivore fix at cool, modern pub The Bluecoats with their hot sauce-heavy buffalo wings.

Doorstop Rolls in Downhill’s Park

Are you quick on your feet? Do you own a Fitbit? Are you of the general opinion that opening a bottle of wine does not qualify as the entirety of your daily exercise? If you answered yes to any of the above, then congratulations, because you’re in with an excellent chance of getting your hands on one of Perkyn’s sell-out rolls. This cool and casual bottle shop and café does a changing menu of delicious chunky rolls throughout the week. Although, spoiler alert, they tend to sell-out by 2pm so you need to move fast. Stuffed with things like fennel and garlic salami and Old Winchester cheese, grab one of the rolls and a couple beers or a cup of freshly ground coffee and head into Downhill’s Park. Oh, and at the weekend they serve St. John doughnuts and a truly magnificent beef brisket roll.

If you, like us, are a somewhat sedentary being and missed the Perkyn’s roll rush, don’t panic. Just pick up a couple craft beers from Perkyn’s and head over the road to cheerful one-man creperie, French Crepes for a big dose of ham and cheese for under a fiver.

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