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5 Restaurants With Outdoor Seating To Get Dressed Up For

Looking for somewhere to debut that new jacket? We’ve got you.

One of our more recent philosophies in life is that you should wear your best clothes whenever possible. Countless trips to Big Tesco in our new suede trench, and stop-offs at our local chippy in our best shirt has meant that overdressing is no longer a concern. But now that we have the chance to debut our latest lockdown purchases, and crack out our Sunday best, we will most definitely be using it. From oysters in the sky, to British classics on a terrace, here are five spots where you can finally dress for the occasion.

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Book Now: 239 London Restaurants Taking Outdoor Reservations From April 12th

The Spots


If you like your oysters with a side of ‘check out that view’, then you’re going to be really into Seabird. That said, it could be easy to dismiss this very pink restaurant at South Bank as another rooftop cocktail bar masquerading as an overpriced restaurant. It isn’t. In fact, it’s the best oyster experience we’ve had in London. Not only do they have a big, excellent selection, but the staff are more than happy to guide you through your options with zero judgment and plenty of expert intel. Come here for dates, with mates, or for a big-deal business dinner - the most important thing is, it’s physically impossible to be overdressed while eating oysters looking at a view like that.

It’s okay that you can’t get the zip up on your old jeans, you won’t need them for dinner at this lovely Covent Garden spot anyway. This British restaurant on Henrietta Street happens to be Kitty Fisher’s endearing little sister as well as the perfect place to debut that overpriced shirt that’s been hanging in your wardrobe since the third week of lockdown. Their menu has tarted up versions of British classics, including things like Welsh rarebit, wild garlic risotto, and the most perfectly arranged cheese and ham toastie you’ll ever come across. And their heated, covered, outdoor seating area will ensure your best clothes will be safe from British weather.

A fifth floor terrace overlooking Regent’s Street is exactly where you should be when wearing your new jacket for the first time. And it’s probably the right place to whip out those OTT sunglasses as well. This Japanese restaurant and terrace bar’s menu has everything from sushi and tempura, to robata and wagyu beef. We love their soft-shell crab tempura and scallop roll, but whether or not you head there in your best outfit, make sure to order their ‘Te Mana’ lamb cutlets as well.

There’s something about a huge, fancy, three-story fine dining restaurant in Mayfair that makes us want to change out of our pyjamas and wear something that’s dry-clean-only. And there’s something about their soft-shell crab tempura that makes us want to eat everything on the menu. From their freshly baked bread and roast orkney scallop with black truffle, to the roast suckling pig and carrot cake soft serve, pretty much everything here is excellent. And it will taste even better if you eat it whilst flaunting any of your impulse lockdown purchases on their outdoor terrace.

After scouring every part of the online shopping world, you’ve found it. The power suit of all power suits. And you look fucking fantastic in it too. You can’t waste this on popping to your local in some trainers. No, you need to book somewhere sexy. You need somewhere like Yauatcha’s heated patio situation. This extremely glam Chinese restaurant in Soho serves excellent dim sum, like prawn cheung fun and their must-order venison puffs. You should also get involved in their in-house patisserie, which make tasty desserts that are really good-looking. Just like you.

Looking for More Restaurants to Book for Spring?

You’ll find 100+ al fresco restaurants that are taking bookings for April 12th in our Plan Ahead guide. Or email us at london@theinfatuation.com if you’ve got a specific outdoor dining request and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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