The Best Places To Eat Ice Cream

Where to go for ice cream in London.

If it’s above fifteen degrees in London and you aren’t holding an ice cream - preferably documented on social media - does your happiness even count? No, probably not. But when you live in one of the wettest cities in the world, you can’t just be messing about with any old pint of frozen dairy. You want the best and we’ve done the, err, cone work to split the bad from the good, the melts from the keepers. Here’s where you should be eating ice cream on London’s annual ten days of sunshine.

The Spots

The soft serve at Bake is fantastic. This old-school bakery in Chinatown serves a wide range of pastries, and they’re also known for the taiyaki - a Japanese fish-shaped waffle situation - which they also happen to use as the cones for their soft serve. You can go for the matcha, vanilla, or a mix of both, but when the cone’s this good, we’d keep it simple with the vanilla. This place has a card minimum of £10 so unless you’re rolling as a group, or prepared to eat three before they melt (good for you), then bring cash.

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Ice Cream in Soho

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This place in Soho is from the team behind Italian restaurant Bocca Di Lupo, and everything from their banging sour cherry stracciatella to the rustic deli feel and old school Italian film posters on the walls, marks this as one of the best places to eat gelato in London. The flavours change regularly, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you like, whether it’s a classic like pistachio or something a little different like peanut butter and raspberry. Also worth knowing that at weekends, this place is open until 12am, so if you’re looking for an early-in-the-game summer date, all we can say is, three scoops at Gelupo. You’re welcome.

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Ice Cream in St John's Wood

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We don’t know a word that starts with unico that doesn’t bring a smile to our face. And it’s no different with this Italian caffe. With locations in Notting Hill, St John’s Wood, Fulham, and Bromley, you can get some of the creamiest gelato in London to go. You shouldn’t miss the classics like pistachio and hazelnut, but you should also keep an eye on their gourmet flavours like panna cotta, and rum chocolate. They’re also delivering tubs from all four locations.

In the buzz of Chinatown’s Newport Court, it can be hard to settle on just one ice cream spot. But sadly, one ice cream is the socially acceptable amount, so if you do pick one, pick this one. This little Japanese dessert shop specialises in taiyako - a fish-shaped cake filled with things like peanut butter and Nutella - which they even fill with things like their rose lychee soft serve. It’s all very Instagram-worthy, with menu items like rainbow unicorn and little mermaid fish ice creams. Except these desserts actually taste as good as they look. We love their vanilla soft serve with oreo dust and brown sugar tapioca, but their rose lychee soft serve is a very close second.

Honestly, if National Rail was anything like Milk Train, commuters would be happier people. Sure, this Covent Garden spot has a wall of fake flowers, one too many motivational ice cream catchphrases, and the kind of mad candyfloss creations that’ll give a toddler palpitations, but ignore all that. You’re here for their cookies and cream ice cream. This is one of the few places where we’d actually recommend foregoing a cone so you can load up on all of their toppings. Get added mini Oreos with the cookies and cream or live a lesser life.



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This family run gelateria and all-round wholesome cafe/restaurant/bed & breakfast in Chiswick has been serving its ice-cream since 1978. You can get delicious sorbets, ice-creams and some top quality banter from owners Maria and Luciano. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also order for collection, or delivery to certain postcodes in West London. And they have two other stores in Fulham and Kensington.

Oddono’s makes some seriously good gelato. Flavour wise, you can expect everything from chocolate, to coconut, to vodka lemon, plus several sorbet options. Their original shop is in Kensington, but the Stoke Newington spot has the advantage of lots of indoor seating, which is perfect if you’re looking for more of a sit down situation, or if it starts pissing it down the second you’ve ordered, because London. They’re delivering locally from most of their stores.

It’s your classic love story. Cream meets a freezer, they have beautiful gelato babies. The rest, as they say, is history. That’s what Shakespeare was on about right? This artisan gelateria in Stoke Newington serves some wonderfully creamy gelato. There are plenty of options like white chocolate, hazelnut, and ricotta with caramelised figs, but if the biscokrok is on you shouldn’t hesitate to get it. Plus, the black cherry praline is some of the best vegan gelato we’ve tried. Don’t miss the mini ice cream cones that you can use as a spoon, which is basically the single most useful invention since someone came up with big ice cream cones.

This Boxpark Shoreditch spot has some mildly insane, sugar attack candy floss toppings on offer, but we prefer to keep things on the simple - and cheaper - side with the classic cone and matcha soft serve. This place also does freakshakes that, frankly, we’re not sure how you eat without a blowtorch and a machete, but they’re potentially worth keeping in mind if you’re a serious sugar fan.

Much like algebra, quantum physics, and Kevin Federline’s wrestling career, we don’t entirely understand Chin Chin Labs in Camden. More specifically, we don’t know how they make their ice cream. We do know that it involves nitrogen, and, you know, science. Regardless, however they do it, it’s excellent. It’s super smooth and although they don’t serve your classic flavours like vanilla or strawberry, there are plenty of interesting options from vegan passionfruit kombucha to burnt butter caramel, as well as ice cream sandwiches. Be warned, it’s cash only. You should also know that they’re delivering their ice cream - including an ice cream pie - nationwide.

Unlike Chin Chin’s OG joint in Camden, their Soho spot has more of a shiny sit down feel than a market grab-and-go situation. Heading to their Greek Street outlet has the benefit of additional flavours like coffee with olive oil, as well as more ice cream sandwiches and toppings to choose from. We’re big fans of the burnt caramel topped with ‘crack’ - a molten chocolate shell - but it’s also worth trying their weekly specials.


A swing. Changing flavours voted for by customers. And some really great ice cream. That’s what you can expect from this Covent Garden spot which has two more spots (in Islington and Wembley) and serves flavours like banana caramel and chocolate peanut butter. Despite the name, they’ve usually got a good selection of vegan options, and depending on the flavours of the month you can expect anything from bourbon carrot cake to chocolate orange and mint chocolate chip. We like to come here when we’re in the mood for something chocolatey that isn’t just chocolate.

It’s a fact that anything you put inside a milk bun becomes roughly ten times more exciting to eat. And the ice cream at this Filipino spot in Kentish Town comes in a number of different flavours like ube (purple yam), milo (chocolate malt), and black buko (black coconut), all of which can be eaten in bilog form. Which is basically a pandesal ice cream sandwich. And we’re into it. They do also serve their ice cream in scoops if you’re more into a classic cone situation.

Ruby Violet might sound like the protagonist of a Tracey Beaker spin-off but it’s actually a particularly cute ice cream parlour in Tufnell Park. As well as your classic flavours, there’s also the option to get a hot salted caramel topping or one of their sorbet shakes if you’re not looking to go peak creamy. This place gets bonus points for addressing the ultimate blind spot in London desserts with their £15 six-scoop ice cream tasting menu. Take note, both their original Tufnell Park parlour and newer King’s Cross spot have outdoor seating. Or, you can order their ice cream and sorbet tubs across the U.K.



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Being given a rose is cool and all, but have you ever been given a rose you can eat? You’ll never be happy with a basic rose again. Global ice cream chain Amorino has spots dotted all over London, over 20 flavours to choose from, and gives you the freedom to pick as many as you want. The sorbets are great, the stracciatella is great, and the fact that they shape it into a rose is just the aesthetically-pleasing cherry on top.

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