Where To Go When You’re Hungover And Have No One To Blame But Yourself

Step away from the Pot Noodle.

You’re hungover and you need help. Not words. Some of the meals below will come to your duvet, some will not. They will all help you. And if that isn’t of comfort then perhaps something more specific is. Maybe you’re after a pizza. Or something deep-fried. Maybe you just want to eat a burger for lunch, have fried chicken for dinner, and then slurp a noodle soup for your second dinner. The point is we can only point you towards your medicine. You’re the one who has to put it in your mouth.


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Yes, they can deliver to your bed

If you feel like you’ve been in a sort of conscious, eye-open coma since waking up, then let us suggest you double down on that feeling in a big, béchamel-heavy way by heading to Café TPT. The classic Chinatown diner offers a huge range of delicious dishes, from sweet and moist char siu pork on a bed of rice, to beef flank curry. But the Macau-style pork chop on rice—chilli oil-fried pork strips covered in a coconut-flaked, curry-tasting, cheesy béchamel sauce with crunchy onion—will make your coma a blissful one.

No, they cannot deliver to your bed

Sometimes you need a bit of get up and go on a hangover. Or rather, someone else does for you. Because we would happily cycle for two hours to get a sandwich from Sam’s. The Algerian spot inside Shepherd’s Bush Market is home to certified Proper Sandwiches. There’s none of that soggy bread or rock-hard crust drama here, only seriously generous creations packed full of fish fillet, merguez, marinated chicken, and, most importantly, chips. Double carb is a big yes.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Few things heal the body and distract the mind from hangxiety like a piping hot bowl of noodle soup. Of all of Koya’s locations, their smallest one near London Fields sits happiest with a ripening hangover. You can sit indoors or outdoors—the former for when the idea of eating opposite a wall is just right, the latter for when anything but fresh air feels triggering—and there’s everything from udon to donburi to homemade pickles to help you feel human again.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Getting a jerk sauce-heavy meal could be a risk but, then again, the only person you’re planning to see is yourself in the mirror—and even that is best avoided. JB’s makes the best jerk chicken and pork in Peckham. It's simultaneously chewy and tender, crispy and saucy, and there’s a smoky scotch bonnet char that will enliven the foggiest head.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Theo’s in Elephant and Castle makes some of London’s chewiest, sauciest, most-chilli-sauce-suited Neapolitan-style pizza in London. But if your body and mind are craving other sauce-laden creations, there’s gooey aubergine parmigiana and ricotta-stuffed pizza fritta too. This isn’t the kind of hungover meal that will have you raring for round two later, so we recommend you get an ice cream panuozzo to finish as well.

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No, they cannot deliver to your bed

Blacklock’s burger is a wonderful thing. Especially when the only thing that can save you from, well, yourself, is melted cheddar, pink beef patties, and piles and piles of caramelised onions. But don’t stop there. There’s also a gargantuan steak sandwich to get involved with, or an addictive platter of lamb ribs. They say you can sweat out a hangover, right? We recommend you prioritise the meat sweats. Blacklock doesn't deliver, but they do have five restaurants scattered about London.

No, they cannot deliver to your bed

There is no safer space in London than the caff. Unlike its also safe but sometimes volatile sibling, the pub, the caff is simple, good natured, and familiar. E. Pellicci is maybe our favourite of the lot. This Bethnal Green institution has been frying sliced bread long before you could say “toasted sourdough please mummy”. A fry-up will sort you right out. If it doesn’t, the owners of Pellicci’s will.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

To anyone who wishes that melted cheese was bottled up and sold next to ketchup, this one’s for you. The wiz sauce at this Philadelphia-inspired spot in Stratford is the main reason you should come here. Their whopper of a sub is filled with shredded rib-eye steak, onions, and your choice of cheese. Except there really is no choice, go with the homemade cheddar wiz. P.S. they also have cheesy tater tots that you should get involved with.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Bread, chocolate, and sugar. That’s what your body wants. Or rather, it’s what your body needs. An order from London’s most famous Brick Lane beigel shop—full of chewy beigels and lemon juice out of a plastic bottle, restorative Ribena, and chocolate cake slices—is quite literally never a bad idea. And if you’re looking for something to wake you up, get some hunks of that famous salt beef smeared with fiery English mustard between a beigel as well.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed (but it’s not as good)

At one time in our lives, we treated Sông Quê like a church. Every Saturday or Sunday we would turn up at the Kingsland Road institution, politely ask for a table in the corner, and pray that its tofu and mixed beef and tripe phở would once again restore our soul. More often than not those prayers were answered. So, the powers of a brilliant Vietnamese noodle soup cannot be understated. Nor can a quiet seat in the corner.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Hangovers are different beasts to different people and, sometimes, you just want to be left alone. Not completely alone, of course. But alone with a blistered garlic naan straight from the tandoor, a portion of tender tandoori chicken, and a large plate of meat biryani. That’s our kind of alone. Shalamar is usually where we come to seek this solace, and they also deliver. The Pakistani spot in Whitechapel is a low-key, low-cost affair that’s full of generosity and (most importantly) no judgement.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Things that bring tears to our eyes: grown adults using micro scooters, the dog pond at Hampstead Heath, and seeing an enormous Yard Sale 18-inch pizza put down in front of us. If you have to, share with one other person. Or, pro move, order a cheesy Marmite garlic bread as well. There are locations in north, south, and east London.

No, they cannot deliver to your bed

If there is ever a day when a perfectly crisp chicken schnitzel cannot raise the spirits of our mind, body, and soul, then that is the day we formally retire (and head straight to the Pizza Hut buffet). Especially if the schnitzel is from Fischer’s. The Viennese brasserie in Marylebone has a peaceful kind of aura that’s all the more soothing when you’re hungover, eating deep-fried things with mayonnaise, and considering professing love to the person who brings you a can of ice-cold Coke.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed (but things may get messy)

Soak up all your regrets at Roti King for a little money and a lot of flavour. This Malaysian spot in Euston has made roti canai—a flatbread with vegetable dhal—legendary. But the queues are also the stuff of legend. Avoid becoming a hungover meme in the background of someone’s ‘day in the life’ video, and order yours in. Just know, that like you at 3am, things could get a little saucy and messy.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

Usually, my old place usually refers to the foetal position and the trusty wet flannel on your forehead on a Saturday morning. But in this case, we’re talking about the Spitalfields Chinese restaurant that serves big plates of dumplings and crispy, deep-fried sweet and sour pork. It’s a no judgement, do your own thing kind of atmosphere, which is exactly what you need.

Yes, they can deliver to your bed

We have a lot of time for no-nonsense restaurants, and when that extends to the name, well, we kind of knew we’d get along. Beer + Burger in Dalston have got your need for beige covered in many delicious ways. Their burgers are charred and juicy, their fries, cheese, and gravy ingenious, and that pint of beige-ish amber stuff also goes down a treat.

No, they cannot deliver to your bed

Hangovers aren’t always a surprise occurrence. Sometimes you know you’re going to be hungover and that those ‘few drinks’ are actually going to be a lose-your-wallet-mad-one. For those nights, have a litre bottle of orange juice ready by your bed and rehearse your doughnut order for The Treats Club in Shoreditch. You’ll thank past you for being so decisive as you tuck into these fried-to-order, glazed rings of happiness. The pistachio and white chocolate is a standout if its on.

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