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Everything You Need To Know About Lockdown 2.0 And London Restaurants

Lockdown, the sequel, will change how you eat out and eat in. Here are the details of what’s changing, from November 5th.

Lockdown 2.0. Quarantine Deux. The Return Of The Sourdough. However you’re choosing to refer to England’s second national lockdown, the fact remains that you’re probably not entirely clear about what’s going on. Well, we’ve read through the official government guidelines so that you don’t have to. Here’s everything you need to know about delivery, takeaway, and eating out from November 5th.

Right, so what’s going on?

The government has announced a second national lockdown that will last until December 2nd at the earliest.

When is this happening?

The new lockdown will start midnight on Wednesday, November 4th. Until then, tier 2 rules apply.

Will it be the same as the first lockdown?

Not quite. This time around schools, universities, and colleges will remain open, and support bubbles are a-okay. But for the most part the message is back to old faithful, Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives. Holidays, weddings, unnecessary travel, and non-essential shopping trips are all big no-nos.

What does all this mean for London restaurants?

All restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafés must close, even if they have outdoor seating. Any existing bookings will be cancelled.

Why am I crying?

It’s okay. We are too.

Can I still order in?

Yes! Restaurants, bars, and cafés can still do delivery. As well as your go-to delivery spots, we’re expecting a whole lot of brand new options and meal kits to keep you fed throughout the next four weeks.

What about collection?

Collection is also allowed, including takeaway pints and cocktails.

Wait, I heard that takeaway alcohol was banned?

You are correct. Initial government guidelines said takeaway alcohol was off the cards, but in their 879th U-turn of the year, they’ve changed their minds. Although rather than just rocking up at your local, you’ll need to pre-order your bevs online or by phone.

Can I get booze delivered?

Yes you can. Look out for local bars and pubs that will offer delivery on their batched cocktails, wine, and bottled beers.

So, can I do a big delivery situation at my mate’s place?

Nope. Not unless one of you lives in a single household and you are part of a legit support bubble. But you can meet one other person in a public space - parks, allotments, playgrounds (?) - for a walk or a casual, socially-distanced sit-down. Long live the park bench.

How can I support restaurants right now?

Glad you asked. There are plenty of ways to support them right now. As you’re probably aware, countless London restaurants have already closed as a result of the pandemic, but you can support them by ordering in everything from dinner to your groceries, checking out these independent delivery apps, and hitting them up for gifts for your friends and family.

Anything else?

Yes. Just a quick note to say that we’ll be updating our Ultimate London Delivery & Takeaway Guide and keeping you in the loop with new and exciting home delivery options via our newsletter and with Instagram At-Home Ride-Alongs. In the meantime, here is a live stream of some baby pandas. And yes, we have been watching it for the past 48 hours.

Right, thanks. But you didn’t answer my question.

Sorry about that. Too much time watching pandas. Feel free to shoot any and all questions over to london@theinfatuation.com. You’ll also find the full government guidelines here, and they’ll be updated with further deets ahead of Thursday.

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