Reopening Report: Outdoor Brunch At Brunswick East

Want to have an excellent outdoor brunch? Want to find out what folded eggs are? Then head to Brunswick East.

July 9th, 2020

We’ve missed brunch. There, we said. You can laugh if you like. You can put a burning bag of avocados through our letter box if you really want to. But you know what? We have no shame. Brunch is great. Hungover brunch is even better. And hungover brunch outside in the sun after not having brunch for what felt like a million years? It was, maybe, the best brunch of all.

The Report


Brunswick East.



What we’ve said before:

Nothing. Zilch. Nada. We’ve been meaning to go, but it’s never happened. Until now. Or rather, the other day.

So, how was it?

Mirage-like. As we approached the courtyard we weren’t entirely sure if what we saw in front of us was real.

What do you mean?

Was this a sourdough we saw before us? The harissa butter towards my hand? Come, let us crunch thee.



Anyway, what was the set-up like?

Very reassuring. Names were taken, hands sanitized, and phones wiped, all before we sat down. We were also directed towards glasses and cutlery to take to our own table. Which, incidentally, were all nicely spaced out.

And how about the food?

Well after much deliberation, phone swiping (the menu is on their website), shameless staring at the situations on adjacent tables, we settled on folded eggs.

Folded? Eggs?

Folded. Eggs.

Reopening Report: Outdoor Brunch At Brunswick East

photo credit: Jake Missing

Tell. Me. More.

We thought you’d never ask. They’re a sort of whirlpool of eggs. Swirling waves of orange and yellow, peppered with, well, pepper. They’re not scrambled, but they’re not an omelette either. A rare lovechild of the two, like the pizzly bear, only it’s brunch food, not a rare hybrid bear.


Soft, creamy, and a solid plateful - they were put away in one fell swoop. Forget Macduff, think McMuff.

Please, no more Shakespeare.


But do go on.

Really nice. Really really nice. The special: wild garlic folded eggs, topped with feta and crispy kale, on Brunswick’s miso and sesame sourdough, was delicious. Made better by our somewhat excessive (but also completely necessary) additions.

Which were?

Smoked belly bacon, and heritage tomatoes. We regret nothing. We’d also recommend a little pot of homemade chilli jam on the side.

Nice. Can I book? Should I book?

You can and you probably should, only if you’re comfortable eating out of course.

Sure. Any other tips?

Just to tip, healthily.

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