Maria Caxuxa

Bairro Alto is the epicenter of Lisbon's nightlife—it’s where you’ll find groups of friends hopping around between bars, restaurants, tattoo parlors, and late-night shops. And while many Lisboners have gradually started to seek less-touristy alternatives, you’ll still see locals having a drink or two at Maria Caxuxa. 

It’s located inside a former bakery and playfully mixes old and new—there’s a wood-fired oven at the end of the bar, stone arches, and vintage furniture that somehow doesn’t look out of place with the bar’s strobe lights and galaxy-themed wallpaper. Whether you're headed here with a few pals or plan on befriending some strangers, this spot is a fantastic, charming, and centrally located bar where you can dance to ‘90s music and share a bottle or two of Portuguese wine. It’s also one of the best bars in the city to order a caipirinhas, an icy lime and sugar cane liquor drink.

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