Anima By EDO

Spain and Italy have a lot in common: they both think they make the best wine, they both think they make the best ham, and they both think they make the best olive oil. You can try all of the above at this date night spot that takes its name from the word for “soul” in both languages. It’s located on the ground floor of an office building off the Strip where, inside, you’ll find hanging displays of jamón above a case filled with prosciutto and other imported charcuterie. 

They also have a great raw bar of fresh oysters, scallop crudo served in its shell, and cured tuna sashimi, but it’s the entrees we can’t stop thinking about: there’s oven-roasted celery root in calamansi brown butter and truffle cavatelli with smoky Spanish sausage that gets pumped up by rich bone marrow. There are separate menus for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folks, so it’s also a great spot for people with food restrictions.

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