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Naked City Pizza review image

LV Review

Naked City Pizza

Naked City Pizza has some of our favorite wings in the entire city - though you can also get pizza at this Southeast spot.

Pizza Rock review image

LV Review

Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock downtown has more options for styles of pizza than we knew existed - bring a group or come for the late-night Happy Hour.

Evel Pie review image

LV Review

Evel Pie

Evel Pie is an aggressively Evel Knievel-themed pizza spot in the Fremont East District downtown.

The Sand Dollar Lounge review image

LV Review

The Sand Dollar Lounge

Sand Dollar Lounge on the west side of the Strip has great whiskey and cocktails, but come here for the state-inspired beer and shot combos.

Esther’s Kitchen review image

LV Review

Esther’s Kitchen

This casual Italian spot in Downtown Las Vegas has an amazing pasta deal and surprisingly inventive drinks.

Libertine Social review image

LV Review

Libertine Social

Libertine Social in the Mandalay Bay is where you should start your night of hotel-hopping; get a good cocktail and share a few small plates.

Secret Pizza review image

LV Review

Secret Pizza

Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan isn’t as secret as it once was, but it’s still some of the best pizza in Vegas.

Pizzeria Monzu review image

LV Review

Pizzeria Monzu

The Roman-style pizzas at Pizzeria Monzu in Spring Valley are some of the best, and the space is casual enough to go for a low-key night.