Hamilton Inn

On weekends when the weather’s nice, you’re guaranteed to see two things in the brownstone-filled neighborhood of Hamilton Park: parents taking their kids to the playground, and crowds standing outside Hamilton Inn waiting for their brunch reservation. 

Menu highlights include their cornbread french toast (three perfect, lightly charred squares topped with cinnamon butter and homemade blackberry jam) and their eggs benedict (though you can't go wrong with the Inn Burger, either). 

Make a reservation in advance, and try to max out your party at four people, as space is limited in the L-shaped interior. If you’re too popular for that, take your big group of friends to Camp Hamilton, an enclosed outdoor space on the side of the building that has an airstream bar and picnic tables. And if you’re craving BBQ, head over to Hamilton Pork, a kind of Mexican-influenced, Texas barbeque spot from the same team that’s right next door.

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