Cherries Ice Cream Bar & Grill

Cherries is nothing more than a tiny deli by the side of the road, but don’t let its size fool you: This is maybe the best “deli” in all of upstate New York. You’re here for one thing above all else: their ice cream. The small-batch hard ice cream comes in flavors like lavender honey blueberry and peanut butter cup, and their creamy soft serve is legendary. If you can’t decide whether to go for a scoop or a swirl, they also make a bullseye cup that has soft serve with a scoop of hard ice cream in the middle for maximum cold dessert inception. 

The counter-service space with an attached covered patio also has a full menu of things that are exactly what you want to eat in the middle of your road trip (fantastic sandwiches, chicken tenders, and curly fries to name a few).

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