Outdoor/Patio Situation

Outdoor/Patio Situation
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Wayside Cider review image

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Wayside Cider

Aside from hiking and the coffee shop, the biggest attraction in Andes is Wayside Cider. Come by and drink a cider at a picnic table.

The Amsterdam review image

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The Amsterdam

Drink a cocktail at the bar or in the giant backyard at The Amsterdam In Rhinebeck.

Bartlett House review image

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Bartlett House

Bartlett House is a very pleasant restaurant serving French-ish farm-fresh classics in Ghent.

The Roundhouse review image

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The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is an American restaurant in Beacon that's the most upscale option in the area.

Cherries Ice Cream Bar & Grill review image

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Cherries Ice Cream Bar & Grill

Cherries in Stone Ridge is maybe the best deli in upstate New York.

City Winery review image

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City Winery

City Winery's Montgomery location is in a massive converted mill and doubles as a tasting room and a restaurant.

Bank Square Coffeehouse review image

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Bank Square Coffeehouse

Bank Square is Beacon's go-to independent coffeehouse.

Woodstock Brewing Company review image

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Woodstock Brewing Company

Woodstock Brewing Company, technically located in Phoenicia, is a great place for a flight and a burger.

Peekamoose Restaurant review image

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Peekamoose Restaurant

Peekamoose is an even better restaurant than it is a word, and that’s saying a lot.

The Mud Club review image

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The Mud Club

Eating a bagel in The Mud Club's giant, tree-filled yard is the perfect way to spend a leisurely morning in Woodstock.

Tinker Taco Lab review image

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Tinker Taco Lab

Tinker Taco Lab is where you should drink a margarita next to a stream in Woodstock.

Cucina review image

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Cucina is an Italian restaurant in a converted farmhouse in Woodstock.

Market St. review image

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Market St.

Market St. is a modern Italian spot that serves some of the best pizza in the Hudson Valley

Gigi Hudson Valley review image

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Gigi Hudson Valley

Gigi Hudson Valley is a Mediterranean spot in Rhinebeck that showcases locally-produced items.

Le Bouchon review image

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Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon in Cold Spring feels like a love child of a Little Italy spot and a French bistro.

Backbar review image

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Backbar is a cocktail bar in Hudson that also serves great Malaysian small plates.