Suko’s Burger House

Suko’s Burger House feels like it's been around forever. Sandwiched in a strip center between a beauty salon and a corner shop, Suko’s appears slightly forgotten, but every so often you see someone pop out with a to-go bag and soda. Inside everything is sparse and clean, with kitschy gingham wallpaper and fake plants, and tables topped in patterned vinyl. The elderly couple who run Suko’s—husband at the register and wife at the flattop—make pretty standard griddled burgers and fried fish plates with fries, as well as shrimp fried rice and crispy dumplings. Everything is made to order, but comes out fairly quick. It’s the kind of place you’d take your little siblings or cousins if they’re tired of eating Mexican food, or if you want a full meal under $10, with a drink. 

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photo credit: Liz Silva

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