Lucky Palace Korean Restaurant

Lucky Palace Korean Restaurant in Chinatown is where we like to head for a laid-back KBBQ lunch or dinner, with bouncy blue booths and amber lighting that gives everything in the restaurant a soft glow, even in the middle of the day. Here, it’s all about the beef, so order any combination platter that involves beef brisket, marinated beef ribs, or succulent Kobe-style beef brisket. The servers will grill the food for you, and if you politely insist on grilling it yourself, they will just as politely decline your request. But that gives you plenty of time to ask about which sake to order for the table (the plum flavor), what’s the best configuration for eating your rib meat (it almost always involves a lettuce wrap), and which of the banchan is superior (that will vary depending on the server, so you’ll need a few re-visits to reach a consensus). 

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