Khang Vietnamese Sandwich Cafe

When the Houston summer finally ends, you know, in like November, and the first truly crisp and cool day arrives, you sometimes feel alive again. Like you’re no longer a grizzled swamp monster, but a refreshed and reinvigorated human. That’s what it feels like to eat at Khang Vietnamese Sandwich Cafe in Alief. The first bite of a bánh mì changes you, and so does the second—just go with it. The warm, fresh bread is so soft and airy, with an open crumb and a golden outer crush that flakes wonderfully. Every inch of bread is thickly smeared with butter and mayo, and the fillings are tenderly marinated and tangy with garlic. So if you’re around Alief and need to grab a quick lunch, get a bánh mì at Khang. 

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photo credit: Quit Nguyen

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