The Best Restaurants In Hoboken

This tiny city in Jersey has more than just fratty bars and expensive condos.
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If you live in New York City or New Jersey, you’re bound to end up in Hoboken at some point. Maybe you’ll actually go and visit your friend who just had a kid, or get roped into your Hinge date's pickleball game. Or perhaps you’re starting to feel the pull of the suburbs, and even though you're not quite ready to buy a minivan and make weekly runs to Costco, you've at least realized that paying $4,000 a month for a pantry-size Manhattan studio is no longer cutting it. Either way, most roads (and PATH trains) lead to Hoboken. 

This mile-square city gave us Frank Sinatra and the world’s first baseball game, so it’s fair that dining out might not be your first thought when you hear the word Hoboken. Still, there are truly great restaurants and bars here that have made this North New Jersey town a dining destination in its own right, and not just a nondescript neighbor across the water from NYC. 

Use this list to find the best of the bunch, like red sauce joints that will remind you of the garlic slicing scene in Goodfellas, old-school delis where you can sample fresh housemade mutz, and newer coffee spots and bars in town that will make even die-hard New Yorkers say something nice about New Jersey.


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Bwe Cafe has two locations in Hoboken, both of which have ample space for camping out with one of their seasonal lattes and your laptop. Their cold brew is some of the best in town, and there’s a solid collection of pastries if you want to meet up with a coworker you actually like over a chive and cheese scone. The newest location on Adams Street is attached to a pop-up retail space and satisfies every urbanite's three most primal needs: good coffee, pantry staples, and plants.

There are lots of old-school red sauce joints in Hoboken, but Augustino’s is the best. The cash-only spot does all of the Italian American classics right, from Sunday sauce to linguine and clams to calamari to veal parm. The exposed brick walls and warm lighting set the stage for a romantic date, but you could also take your parents here for a meal that neither feels fussy nor too laid-back. Whatever you do, order the killer ice box cake for dessert. This is one of the toughest tables in Hoboken (in part because there are maybe five of them), so make sure to call ahead for a reservation.

Entering Uncle Milton’s, an LGBTQ-friendly cafe, feels like walking into a sitcom scene where strangers might strike up spontaneous conversation about what sandwich to order. There are only a couple stools inside, but when the weather’s nice, there’s plenty of patio space to enjoy sandwiches like the Gobble Gobble (turkey with bacon, lettuce, and tomato) and the Peppa with ham, lettuce, and mayo. If you’re having a rough morning, order the pernil, egg, and cheese on a perfectly toasted Portuguese roll.

La Isla has two locations in Hoboken, but you want to go to the one downtown. It’s a classic Cuban diner complete with brightly colored wallpaper, an eat-in counter with swivel stools, and softball-sized papa rellenas. La Isla not only serves up excellent Cubanos, but it also has incredible people-watching, since you’ll see folks from all walks of life pass through, like local day workers grabbing some lunch to Wall Street commuters taking advantage of their BYOB policy on their way home from the PATH.

Karma Kafe is a great Indian spot that serves portions large enough to share and dishes that’ll hit all your warm, comfort food cravings. Come here for classics like samosas, chicken tikka masala, and lamb curry, but do try one of each of the tandoori breads, biryanis, and vegetarian options. This is another great takeout and delivery option, but they also have a small dining area that’s ideal for grabbing a quick dinner after watching your niece’s soccer game at Sinatra Park.

Dear Maud feels like it’s trying to hit all of the squares on a 2023 restaurant Bingo card—there are various shades of sage green everywhere you look, earth-toned leather booths, and a menu that includes a Korean fried chicken sandwich, flatbreads, and nachos. But what really stands out here are the cocktails. Order your own cold brew martini or their namesake cocktail that’s a spin on a margarita with mezcal, tequila, pineapple, and a tajin rim. They also have an all-day Happy Hour until 7pm, so feel free to show up to the curved bar whenever you feel like quiet-quitting your job for the day and signing off from Teams. 

Sometimes, you just want a special omakase where you drop an entire week’s paycheck on 14 courses of nigiri with just a whisper of soy brushed onto its surface. And then sometimes, you just want to order a five-piece lunch special for under $20 to eat on the couch while tuning out your partner’s daily virtual stand-up meetings. Okinawa sushi should be your go-to for the latter, and you can get some extremely high-quality sushi for less than $30 a person. If you decide to take advantage of their parking lot (a precious rarity in Hoboken) and dine in, stop by Hoboken Vine to grab some beer and wine first, since it’s BYOB

Hoboken is known for its old-school Italian delis that specialize in sandwiches and perfectly briney housemade mozzarella. Fiore’s is one of them, and it’s famous for its hot roast beef special with mutz and gravy. There are no written menus—instead, the deli clerk will guide you through ingredient options and daily specials, and if you’re lucky, hand you a chunk of housemade mozzarella for you to taste. You can get an excellent Italian combo with thick slices of mozzarella, juicy peppers, and a light drizzle of balsamic any day that they’re open, but be prepared to wait a long time on Thursdays and Saturdays, when they serve the acclaimed roast beef special. Bring cash, and ask for extra napkins.

Biancamano is Hoboken’s other top-tier Italian deli. This family-owned, old-school joint is also known for its housemade mozzarella, and it’s worth checking out both Biancamano’s and Fiore’s for an Italian hero showdown. Unlike Fiore’s, Biancamano also has a few tables with red and white checkered tablecloths where you can enjoy your loaded-up Italian sub. You’ll be surrounded by various Italian pantry goods, sun-faded photos, and hanging hunks of cured meat. 

If you’re looking to do a triple crown of Italian sandwiches, which we’d like to nominate as the official sport of New Jersey, you should check out Vito’s after you hit up Fiore’s and Biancamano. Take a second to soak in all the information on the chalkboard menu, and make note of the daily specials before deciding what to order. Come with a group, or plan on a few return trips so you don’t have to choose between their Cuban, Italian, and eggplant parm sandwiches. If you’re hosting an Italian dinner party any time soon, you can also grab all the necessary imported oils, vinegars, and rainbow cookies for dessert. 

The menu at this spot off Washington includes a lot of mostly Chinese and Malaysian dishes, with the number-one star being the roti canai. It would take you at least a few months to go through their entire menu, but we recommend you start your journey with the spicy flat noodles, dumplings, and the aforementioned roti. Their charming indoor space is great for a quick weeknight meal, but we love this spot most for its reliable takeout. 

Jersey can definitely square up with the big kids (a.k.a. NYC) when it comes to pizza, and if you need proof, just go to Tenth Street. All of their pies have excellently baked crusts, but if it’s your first time, go with a square pizza with toppings like pepperoni and housemade peppers on each half, plus lots of spicy oil on the side. 

It’s an ideal starting point for a night out, whether you BYOB with a few friends and hang out in the dining room or take a pie to eat en route to the Ale House for pool and karaoke. Definitely add on an order of the focaccia topped with bufala mozzarella and fried prosciutto, plus some naked meatballs that come with ricotta and roasted garlic.  

Napolis is another great Italian spot with two locations in Hoboken where you’ll find excellent pies and plenty of space to sit and revel in the wholesome Sunday supper energy. The pizza is excellent (the owner is related to the Lombardis and worked at their pizzeria before opening up his own spot), but so are the calzones, pasta, and sandwiches. Napolis works equally well for BYOB group hangs and Sunday dinner with your family—just maybe not at the same time.

Much like pizza, there's an endless and ongoing NY vs. NJ bagel debate. The bagels at JP’s score a point for New Jersey, and are everything you want a bagel to be: big, pillowy, and always come out super fast. There will likely be a line out the door if you come on a late weekend morning, but it moves quickly enough that you’ll be in and out with a BEC or a lightly toasted whole wheat everything before you know it. If you need a recipe for a perfect lazy morning, start the day by grabbing a bagel or deli sandwich at JP’s, then take it over to the waterfront on Pier A for a low-hassle picnic. 

Yes, there are a lot of Italian spots in Hoboken (and most of Jersey, for that matter), but we’re especially glad that a place like Apulia exists as a more modern option that’ll satisfy pasta super-fans as well. You’ll find homemade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and antipasti, plus some gluten-free options, but the atmosphere is more suited for a chic date night than your typical old-school red sauce joint. Sit in the back patio on a warm evening with a group of friends, tell the waiter you want some antipasti, pasta, and a pizza, and let them take it from there.

Mojo is new to the Hoboken coffee scene, but they already have two locations and serve stellar coffee and pastries. The decor reads millennial chic with exposed brick and neon signs, but it makes for a chill atmosphere for enjoying some of the best cold brew in town. Get here early on a weekend if you want to try one of their homemade pop-tarts—they tend to sell out well before noon. They also have everything croissants stuffed with scallion cream cheese, which sounds like a lab experiment designed to simultaneously offend bagel-lovers and the French, but is actually very delicious. 

From the outside, Dolce and Salato looks like the type of corporate bakery that you’d desperately buy a sad-looking croissant from before boarding a 7am flight at the airport. In reality, it’s actually an outpost of a North Jersey pastry shop that makes everything from snacks like arancini to deli staples like paninis and salads. There are a ton of places in Hoboken for pub food and massive Italian sandwiches, so it’s nice to know that Dolce and Salato has lighter options when you can’t take another chicken parm hero.

Saying there are a lot of bars in Hoboken is like saying the Cookie Monster is sort of into baked goods. In this town, you’ll find lots of rowdy pubs where the venn diagram of people who wholeheartedly enjoy SantaCon and who wouldn’t look out of place at a pre-game with a borg in hand is largely a circle. That being said, there are few places that really stand out as cozy spots to get a great cocktail and enjoy a night out that won’t require an Advil and Pedialyte the next day. 

Enter Antique Bar and Bakery. This is a restaurant that has excellent cocktails like A Stone’s Throw From Manhattan, with coal-filtered bourbon, smoked cherries, and sweet vermouth, as well as giant portions of comfort food you’ll be daydreaming about into next week. The meatballs with ricotta and buttered bread are technically on the shareables menu, but this is one of the few times you’ll want to be a bit greedy and get one for yourself. Dessert here is also essential: the already rich bread pudding is made even more decadent by a drizzle of tuaca caramel sauce. 

On weekends, Pilsener Haus becomes stroller central, but it still has plenty of space for large groups, a wide selection of beers, and must-order Bavarian pretzels. They also have a couple screens scattered around both the biergarten and main bar area, so it’s a solid bet for a last-minute gameday watch party. The beer is mostly European, but there’s also a selection of American craft if you’re a die-hard IPA fan. If you want to avoid the packed weekend scene, they also have a half-priced Monday special. 

Carpe Diem is another spot where it’s equally possible for you to catch a game or catch up with a friend from college—or both, if sportsball is a commonly shared love language. The menu has pretty standard pub food like burgers and fries, but prioritize an order of wings, which come with your choice of buffalo, barbecue, sweet chili, or honey sauce. It might be packed if you come on a weekend evening, but the staff is pretty quick to accommodate you in the cozy space that's filled with wood paneling and other warm earth tones. 

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