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The Pierces


The Pierces

We've worked with a lot of artists in our music biz careers. Some we completely forget about, but others become your familia for life. When I first got to Warner Music Group about seven years ago, one of the first publicity projects I was handed was a folky-ish rock band comprised of Alabaman sisters Allison and Catherine Pierce aka The Pierces. As someone who still had to prove themselves and was working with a roster of mainly c-rate emo and punk bands at the time, this was a massive opportunity. Hot chicks with guitars who were in the downtown NYC fashion scene and dated famous rock stars? Pitch angles everywhere. Easy money! If there is such thing as a beautiful PR moment, the press campaign for Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge was definitely that. Not only did we crush the campaign, but I gained two excellent friends in the process. Please excuse my blatant, self indulgent, music publicist feelings ejaculation. I'm sorry you had to read that.

The Pierces have continued to persevere onwards and upwards since then. This year, they put out a new album, You & I (iTunes Buy Link), and spent the better part of 2012 touring the world with Coldplay. Not a bad gig. While still very much flying under the radar here in the states, they're legitimate pop stars in the UK. If this is your first time being exposed to The Pierces, a couple songs to start with are "Secret," "Boring," and their most recent single, "You'll Be Mine."

Since Catherine (the blonde) now lives in LA, we had Allison run point on their Friday Fives since she lives here in Williamsburg. Restaurant picks are below. To keep up with the latest, we'd suggest following their personal Instagram accounts (Allison, Catherine) and liking them on Facebook.

Allison's "Perfect For" Picks

Cafe Colette (79 Berry Street - Brooklyn, NY 11211) - "My boyfriend lives in Williamsburg and we do a lot of breakfast/brunch/lunch kind of deals. My absolute favorite is Colette. I love the coffee, they make a great Cortado. They do this slow roasted pork, eggs, salsa verde and the best damn jalapeno cornbread you can ever imagine. If you have not had this dish, you have got to go try it."

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) - "First of all, I just love the experience of standing in line. Having to wait for something makes it that much more special. The burgers are exquisite, the atmosphere is stunning with the lights and the trees in the evening. On a summer night, this is heaven. But even when it's cold outside, this is a burger worth waiting for."

Balthazar (80 Spring Street) - "Oysters, french fries and champagne, what more could a girl want? Whenever anyone comes in from out of town, I take them to Balthazar. It's simply a great New York experience, despite the fact that they do a great job of making you feel like you're in Paris."

Cariño (82 South 4th Street - Brooklyn, NY 11211) - "My favorite Mexican place in W’burg. They have amazing tacos and the margaritas are perfect. We love margaritas and Mexican food."

Marlow & Sons (81 Broadway - Brooklyn, NY 11211) - "Regardless of what you choose to eat here, it's guaranteed to be good. The oysters are incredible. For breakfast, the egg sandwich on a biscuit is over the top. I always do the crostinis, market salad and soup too. I saw Anthony Bourdain on TV eating at Marlow & Sons, having his mind blown. So, obviously, it’s not just me (and The Infatuation) who are obsessed."

Chipotle (Everywhere) - "I feel no guilt about it, actually. I'm totally fine with admitting that Chipotle is my staple food. I eat lunch here probably four times a week and always get a salad with either chicken or pork and that f*cking amazing guacamole."

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