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Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker


Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker

OK, fine. We'll admit it. When our respective females have The Millionaire Matchmaker on the box, we don't demand they change the channel. Secretly, we kind of like it. A little.

Not only do we find Ms. Milli Match herself to be quite entertaining, but the random retired professional athletes, allegedly famous DJs, and dudes with absolutely no style that they book on the show makes for pretty good television. It also makes us feel really good about ourselves.

The premiere of The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 6 happened night on Bravo and, just in case you missed it, It'll also be on 750 more times this weekend. As for the question you've all been asking yourselves, no, Patti Stanger is not in any way related to Stang. Although, that would be awesome.

To keep up with the latest, follow Patti and on Twitter and Like The Millionaire Matchmaker on Facebook. You can also find her best selling book at Amazon, and check out her popular website for more millionaire dating info.

Patti's "Perfect For" Picks

First/Early in the Game Dates

The Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya (8420 W 3rd St. / Los Angeles, CA 90048) - "The cheaper version of Katsuya and definitely the more casual version. You can go here in jeans and flip flops if you want. It’s the perfect place to go on a first date, because it’s not crazy expensive and won’t break the bank. Also, taking girls to sushi is a great move. It’s light, and they don’t feel full. Also, all the aphrodisiacs here can definitely lead to sex, but I prefer you just kiss until you’re monogamous. My favorites are the spicy tuna with crispy rice and their popcorn shrimp roll which no one has been able to copy. It’s incredible."

Dinner with the Parents

Carmine's (200 W 44th St.) - "NYC’s quasi best kept Italian secret. You can bring the extended family here - the portions are HUGE. They have everything you could possibly imagine, and your eyes will most definitely be bigger than your stomachs."

Special Occasions

One if by Land, Two if by Sea (17 Barrow St.) - "Located inside an old downtown brownstone, One if by Land, Two if by Sea has been around since the beginning of time. It's always been my favorite restaurant in New York, especially for those special nights. It’s so romantic. It's one of the few restaurants in NYC with a fireplace, and during the winter it's just so cozy inside. Their Beef Wellington is to die for!"

Date Night

Malaga (NOW CLOSED) (406 E 76st St. #1) - "One of the best kept secrets in NYC and has been around forever. It's a Spanish tapas restaurant that's really red and romantic on the inside. They specialize in lobster, which they serve with more sauces than you could ever imagine. Also, their sangria is delicious and comes in massive pitchers."

Scoping Hot Girls/Guys

TOY (18 9th Ave.) - "TOY is in the perfect setting for scoping hot people. A.) It's in the Gansevoort, the epicenter of the meat-man-packing district. There's always hot guys around. B.) It has amazing food with an Asian flair, which attracts the ladies. C.) The bar is always packed and overflowing into the lobby, so you're guaranteed all kinds of action if you're looking to meet someone. Not to mention, they serve Ty Ku Soju (which I'm an investor in along with Cee-Lo) and make a great cocktail called the Tyku Flyer with cherry heering, lemon syrup, sour, and cracked black pepper.

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