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Not Jeremy Lin


Not Jeremy Lin

If you haven't noticed, it's complete Immaculate LIN-fatuation around here. Obviously, it's time for a Not Jeremy Lin Friday Fives. I (Steinthal) can't focus on much else other than JLin these days, it's pretty much on my mind 24/7. This last two weeks of sudden #Linsanity has been the most fun I've ever had being a sports fan. I'm so excited I can't sleep. I just want to watch every Jeremy Lin highlight over and over again. My wife wants to kill me.

What JLin has done for the basketball obsessed city of New York in less than two weeks is nothing short of a miracle. How else can you explain that the point guard we've been needing somehow fell from the rafters, out of complete oblivion, and into our laps to make as big an impact as any player, on any team, in any sport, ever. The guy is absolutely incredible. It's been 15 years since there was a team you actually felt good about rooting for playing in Madison Square Garden. Now I want to mouth kiss every player on the team, saving the biggest, wettest, sloppiest one for Lin.

Ever since Patrick Ewing was pathetically shipped out of town in 2000, us Knicks faithful have been subjected to a downward spiral of what has felt like never ending punishment. Absolute brutality that, the best, most dedicated fans in the world, didn't deserve. One could argue that the handling of the Knicks over the last decade has been the worst in the history of pro sports. There are 19,763 people in The Garden every Knicks home game who have a better understanding of the game of basketball and what it takes to win than pathetic excuse for an owner and horrible businessman, James Dolan. Damn did this guy luck out.

For the long suffering die-hards of my generation, those who've been pining for the days of Starks, Mase and Oakley or even Chris Childs and Kurt Thomas, it's hard to put into words just how big a deal this whole Jeremy Lin thing is. Someone pinch us, because this can't be real. I've never been the religious type, however I'm seriously considering getting into God right now. Finally, it's fun to be a Knicks fan again. Thank you Jeremy Lin. Now let's into some JLin restaurant relevant LINgo. We haven't seen anyone make any NYC restaurant puns yet, so here we go.

Not Jeremy Lin's "Perfect For" Picks

Chronic Brunch-LIN

C-LIN-ton St. Baking Co. (4 Clinton St) - "Just to play in the Garden every night and the energy that the crowd brings, to live it, to be a part of it, and for it to become real, it's definitely beyond my wildest dreams. And so are these Blueberry Pancakes. And God."

Classic NYC Estab-LIN-ment

Il Mu-LIN-o (86 W 3rd St.) - "Honestly, I haven't been here yet. The only Italian food I've had time to eat so far has been delivery on Landry's couch. However, I hear Obama is a fan of my game. And he likes this restaurant. And God."

Full On Pork LIN-dulgence

The Bres-LIN (16 W. 29th St.) - "The key to owning the 4th quarter is to share a full pig dinner with your teammates the night before. There's no better place for that than The Breslin, only steps away from MSG. I'm just bummed Eddy Curry isn't here anymore to LIN-dulge. And God. "

Outdoor/Patio LIN-uation

LIN-egar Hill House (72 Hudson Ave./ Brooklyn, NY) - "I love Brook-LIN. Especially LINegar Hill. That patio here is where Landry & I came up with our nerd central handshake. Also, the cast iron chick-LIN here is LIN-credible. And God. "

(stop) Wasting Your Time & (start) LINNING

Joe's Shang-LIN-hai (219 Mulberry St.) - "As Landry pointed out when I was picked up by the Knicks in December, my parents don't like when i go to Panda Express. I need the real deal Chinese food. Yes, I'm calling my NBA success a "miracle from God" and so are these soup dumplings. They're to LINfinity and beyond. Also I can't wait for Mission Chinese Food to get to NYC from San Francisco. That's my sh*t. Also...yes, I can drive. And God. "

JLin's Twitter People

@LandryFields - Landry, obviously. He's my BFF.

@TimTebow - TEBOW!

@amareisreal - I know you all saw me sitting at the cool kids table on the bench the other night, right between Melo and Stat. Respect.

@SpikeLee - Feeling all the nicknames Spike, thanks for the love.

@davidchang - Momofuku #Linning Bar, let's do this.

@MissInfo - Where else would I get my Christian hip hop news? Just kidding, but seriously, Miss LIN-fo, we should date. I hear you like food, care to join me at Del Frisco's? Also, I could open your eyes to my fave MC, LeCrae. And God.

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