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Favorite restaurant picks from HXLT, real name Nigel Holt, one of the newest artists to sign with Kanye's GOOD Music label. Perhaps you've heard of Kanye, and maybe you've even heard of some of the other artists on the label like John Legend and Big Sean. Well get used to HXLT too. Not only does he make great music, but he has some honest and hilarious thoughts to share with you about food.

Nigel released a new album today also called HXLT, which is really unique and a great listen. Make sure to check out his music, and holler at Nigel on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, don't miss out on his Friday Fives below, and then get yourself to the closest Harold's around.

Punch House Perfect For: Action At The Bar 1227 W 18th St

"Punch house is one of my favorite places for a good time. I'm little so it doesn't take a lot for me to get wobbly. And if you drink one of their punches it's already over for you! At midnight they do a toast and give the whole bar a shot. They play amazing music and the food is FLAME (slang for really good)! Every time I have gone to Punch House I don't remember how I got home. But I know it was tight (also slang for really good or fun)."

The Whistler Perfect For: Date Night 2421 N Milwaukee Ave

"If you're trying to bust some dope moves on a date you must go to the whistler. The lighting is perfect, it's very intimate. They have amazing drinks you can start conversation with. I took my now wife there on our first date and macked the sh*t out of her (got her to like me very much)! We sat down, I ordered us drinks and we talked until the lights came on. We didn't even notice the time flying by. The Whistler - where you get your mack on.

Big Star Perfect For: Day Drinking 1531 N Damen Ave

"If it's a sunny day you already know where half of Chicago is. Big star is the place to day drink. When it's warm outside they open up all the doors and you feel like you're in tropical paradise. It's cash only. I love that. The taco's are so icy (slang for delicious) the staff is super cool and they play Led Zeppelin and Sabbath all the time. What else can you ask for. Watch out for those damn margarita pitchers though. They sneak up on you. I shared 2 pitchers with my friends and got hella slizzerd (extremely intoxicated), ended up walking home with a boombox, a bag of flaming hots, and a missing sock."

Super Submarine Perfect For: Cheap Eats 1050 N Ashland Ave

"If you are in Chicago you must have a Vicelord burger (gyro burger with everything). I don't know why it's called that but it just is. Don't ask questions. You can get this delicious burger at Super Sub on Ashland just north of Augusta. If you are ever too drunk or too hung over the Vicelord burger is your best friend and it's like 5 bucks with a pop and fries. They also have your normal cheap foods like a gyro, hot dog combo, italian beef etc. Everything's nice and cheap and super flame (see Punch House reference)!

Eppel's Restaurant Perfect For: Breakfast 554 W Roosevelt Rd

"Eppel's diner on Roosevelt is THE BEST breakfast/brunch place in all of chicago! They have the BEST coffee ever. I didn't even drink coffee until I started going there. It's never too packed. They have a giant menu of straight fire (great selection of delicious food)! But the best part about Eppel's is the vibe when you walk in. You go into Eppel's and feel like they have known you for years. Everyone knows each other. People talk to each other at different tables. The main cook Pete will come to your table and tell you about his wife and grand kids. It's a wonderful place to have any meal they just so happen to specialize in breakfast."

Harold's Chicken Shack Perfect For: Authentic Ethnic Eats

"Every new pop up eatery in Chicago decided they wanted to make 'southern style' (black) food. I can't go a block without seeing chicken and f*ckin' waffles on every damn menu. Nobody has the real recipe for good fried chicken because we don't give it up! The secret is safe! But if you want a little taste of some good chicken you must have authentic Harold's! Get a 4 wing mild with the sauce on and watch your mind explode. Nothing more legit in Chicago than Harold's chicken. Four wings on top of fries and a slice of white bread covered in mild sauce.....I'm about to go get some right now. Peace!

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