Judah Friedlander


Judah Friedlander

Today's Friday Fives comes as we here at Infatuation HQ observe an important holiday. On this day we celebrate the season premiere of 30 Rock. As is tradition, we will be taking the day off to reflect on last night's new episode and make dioramas of our favorite scenes from seasons past. Ok, we don't do that, but we definitely use this as an excuse to get hammered and watch TV. That's what you do on holidays.

As if all of that wasn't enough to make this day special, we've managed to land an amazing Friday Fives from 30 Rock's own Judah Friedlander. Read below for Judah's tips on all the good places to go with a date in Queens, and where you can find some excellent Bosnian food. And if you need us to tell you that 30 Rock is on NBC every Thursday night at 8pm EST, then you aren't allowed to read this site anymore.

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Judah's "Perfect For" Picks

Eats with a View

La Flor Paraiso Cafe Restaurant (8029 Jamaica Ave. / Woodhaven, NY) - "Perfect view of the elevated J train. Close enough so that if your date is boring you with conversation, the J train will drown out the conversation. Excellent chicken & rice and beans. And cheap. It's the authentic food Manhattaners think they got when they rave about Pio Pio."

First/Early in the Game Dates

Spicy Shallot (7705 Woodside Ave. / Flushing, NY) - "Makes SriPraPhai look like P.F. Chang's. And their Thai band starts at 1am on weekends. If your date can't take the heat of the food, it wasn't meant to be."

Dinner with the Parents

Joe's Shanghai (136-21 37th Ave. / Flushing, NY) - "It's not crowded. Get 50 pork/crab soup dumplings for about 8 bucks."

Authentic Ethnic Eats

Cevabdzinica Sarajevo (37-18 34th Ave. / Queens, NY) - "Bosnian food that is loved no matter what former Yugoslav country you come from. You will get addicted to kajmak. Warning: this food can give you super-powers."

Classic NYC Establishment

Duane Reade (1627 Broadway) - "This is what modern day Manhattan is all about: a chain store that has it all so that new Manhattaners don't have to miss the suburbs. Fine assortment of bottles waters & diet sodas. 24 hours. Brightly lit so you can enjoy the artistic display of your food."

Restaurant To Eat At If You Want To Plan A Crime

Gallagher's 2000 (4319 37th St. / Long Island City, NY) - "Daily lunch specials. Thursdays and Fridays are steak nights. People are too busy on other things to bother overhearing your plans. Valet parking. Near 5 different subway lines."

NYC Restaurants To Eat At If You Want A Great Burrito

El Indio or Don Carlos Taco Shop (3695 India St. / San Diego, CA or 737 Pearl St. / La Jolla, CA) - "Located a mere 2852 miles from Greenwich Village. They have homemade refried beans which are extinct in NYC."

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