Jake & Amir


Jake & Amir

Jake and Amir are funny dudes. Their show on College Humor is one of the most popular and longest running on the site. It even won a Webby last year, which is like the internet Nobel Peace Prize, minus the prestige, money, and recognition. Congrats, gents.

As you might expect, these two sent in a Friday Fives that's anything but predictable, cataloging a McDonald's in the city that Amir feels appropriate for each of our "Perfect For" categories.

Check out the duo's website for all the latest Jake & Amir videos, or spend some time browsing through their catalog on College Humor. That should be about all you need to make sure you do absolutely no work today.

Jake & Amir's "Perfect For" Picks

Adventurous Eating

McDonald's (160 Broadway)

Amir: "If Troy is working there, ask for the McRib. They keep some freeze dried in the back for me. Tell them Amir sent you."
Jake: "That's not what they meant by adventurous."
Amir: "Tell him to keep it frozen... and extra pickles. That's a fricken adventure man."
Jake: "Gross."

Big Groups

McDonald's (39 Union Square West)

Amir: "Multiple floors means multiple rooms to hang out with my boys!"
Jake: "What boys do you have?"
Amir: "I have 91 cousins. And I've never met any of them. Everyone of them is a girl."
Jake: "So you still don't have any boys."
Amir: "I have you!"
Jake: "Stop yelling."


McDonald's (1560 Broadway, AKA Times Square)

Amir: "Stone's throw from D&B; so you know this is gonna be a sick birthday party."
Jake: "D&B;?"
Amir: "Dave and Busters. Or do you not like having fun?"
Jake: "I do like having fun."
Amir: "Then meet me at D&B; tonight at 3am."
Jake: "No."
Amir: "Cool. They close at midnight anyway."

Quality Fish

McDonald's (724 Broadway)

Amir: "If Troy is working there - "
Jake: "So Troy works at multiple McDonald's?"
Amir: "IF TROY IS WORKING THERE, get the filet-o-fish, medium rare. I bet you thought the 'Dees didn't serve sushi."
Jake: "It doesn't."
Amir: "Tell that to Troy."
Jake: "I'd like to."
Amir: "Please don't."

Late Night Eats

McDonald's (27 3rd Ave.)

Amir: "Sometimes you just wanna chow down on some greasy food - late night style!"
Jake: "All your suggestions were McDonald's so don't act like it's a late night quirky thing that you sometimes do."
Amir: "Gotta get some oily ass food once in a while to soak up that alcohol. AM I RIGHT?"
Jake: "You eat there for every meal and I've never seen you drink."
Amir: "That's because it burns my throat! You know that!"

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