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Frightened Rabbit


Frightened Rabbit

Remember that moment in time about five or six years ago where it seemed like every cool new band was named after an animal? Every buzzworthy act out of Brooklyn either had a bear, horse, lion, or tiger in its name. But there was just one rabbit. A very frightened one. And while most of the other animal bands quickly became extinct, those scared little bunnies grew up and made a career of it.

We've been fans of Frightened Rabbit for a while now. Their 2008 album [The Midnight Organ Fight remains one of our favorites of the last several years. Jams like "Fast Blood" and "The Modern Leper" just never seem to get old. On one hand, it's surprising that Frightened Rabbit aren't a household name. Lead singer Scott Hutchinson's Scottish croon finds the perfect balance between heartfelt and badass, and we're pretty sure all of those housewives listening to Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers would love it. On the other hand, Frightened Rabbit have an edge to them that those other bands can only dream of, and that's both what keeps them out of the mainstream and also makes them so awesome. Just take a look at Scott's Friday Fives picks below, and you'll see what we're talking about. He speaks like he's always six beers deep, and we love that about him. We also have no idea what QUIDS IN means.

scott's "Perfect for" Picks

Corner Bistro Perfect For: The Best Dirty Burger In The Western World 331 W. 4th St.

"There ain't much on the menu here, and the toilet situation implies that you may have to pee right next to a guy who is taking a shit, but when the burgers are this good, they can get away with it. I have never tasted better, and you can probably learn to enjoy peeing right next to that shitting guy."

Roebling Tea Room Perfect For: A Dinner Date 143 Roebling St.

"The food is really good, and the wine selection is delicious, but most importantly the lighting is LOW. All those blemishes you were worried about won't even show, and you'll be QUIDS IN by the end of the evening, my friend. QUIDS IN!!!"

B-Side Perfect For: Drinking 204 Avenue B

"The friendliest staff on earth serving the tastiest range of booze with the finest jukebox outside of Nice 'N' Sleazy's in Glasgow. Go here and disappear for a bit. You'll probably emerge with some new friends."

Café Gratitude Perfect For: Best Place to Get Healthy and Snigger at Hippies 639 N Larchmont Blvd

"Much like LA itself, this place is ridiculous. Such positivity and thankfulness would never wash in Scotland, but I swear I came out floating on air. My body was most disappointed when the experience was not repeated, as the food here is über healthy and yet doesn't taste like (pun entirely intended) rabbit food."

Stravaigin Perfect For: Best Place to Eat & Drink Should You Decide to Visit Glasgow (and you should) 28 Gibson St.

"This is what we do best in Scotland - a great pub providing warmth, superb drinks, and hearty, tasty food. I could sit in here all day and not feel guilty. Go for breakfast, go for lunch, stay for dinner. Leave late and tipsy. You won't even notice the cold."

Twitter People

Aidan John Moffat

Aidan's late-night, cider-fuelled rants at MTV are always entertaining, as is the hangover patter which inevitably follows the next day.

Chris Simpsons

Chris is a fabulously talented artist, and the tales of his mother and elderly neighbors always raise a grin.


Weird and wonderful facts from the research team on the UK panel show QI. Impress your friends with blinding trivia!

Pigeon Jon

Yep, these are the innermost thoughts of a London dwelling pigeon. Always fun to read about who or what Jon has shat on that day.

John Robb

Great music news feed and links aplenty to features from Louder Than War site. Plus, his mum's from Selkirk!

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