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Christopher Bastin of GANT Rugger


Christopher Bastin of GANT Rugger

So yeah, you know by now that we like good food. Well, we also happen to like good clothes, and have no problem admitting that we've even waited in line for a sample sale on one or two occasions. Maybe we even got smoothies after. What? Shopping like that is very demanding.

A few years back, Stang happened to wander into a GANT Rugger store with a friend whose father was a designer for the company back in the 50's. They had just recently relaunched the Rugger brand, with emphasis on reviving old colorways and patterns from the archives of the label. Everything in the place was really cool, and also very unique. Think classic but also urban, and preppy but not in a douchey way. Like what you might imagine country club attire to be, if country clubs weren't full of people that you would sooner kill yourself than dress like. Let's just say that things were purchased that day. Lots of things.

A few months later, we happened to get an invite to a dinner at The Fat Radish, hosted by Christopher Bastin, the Swedish designer of the new Rugger. We usually pass on that sort of thing (please don't spam us), but it seems Mr. Bastin is quite a fan of eating things, and wanted to marry his passion for design with his passion for chefs, food, and restaurants. We stopped by to see some of his new line, and became further convinced that these clothes were made for us to wear. Fast forward to last November, and here we both are, decked out in the latest GANT Rugger fashions at Turkey Leg Ball.

For the gentlemen of Infatuation Nation out there looking to impress a lady, we would strongly suggest that you peruse the Rugger collection. This is about as close as you can get to fail-proof, even if you tend to be more conservative with your clothing choices. We also think you'll like Mr. Bastin's taste in food, which is why we've got him here today for your Friday Fives enjoyment. Check out Chris's bonus-ed out restaurant picks below, and be sure to follow him on Twitter. Also make sure to follow GANT Rugger on Instagram for constant visual stimulation and some new gear inspiration. The women in your life will be glad you did.

Christopher's "Perfect For" Picks

Empellón Taqueria (230 W 4th St.) - "The skirt steak taco is bananas. Plus I saw Andy Samberg there last time and he was wearing GANT Rugger. Double whammy!"

Walter Foods (253 Grand St - Brooklyn, NY 11211) - "The best hangover cure, in a nutshell."

Bergdorf Goodman Tea Salon (754 5th Ave.) - "Bergdorf Goodman tea salon. Best bellini in town, and chances are Marcia Cross will be seated next to you wearing a pink Juicy Couture outfit. Plus Dennis Trotta at John Bartlett Salon will be next door, so you can get tipsy and handsome at the same time."

Fette Sau (354 Metropolitan Ave - New York, NY 11211) - "The coolest looking place ever. They have knife handles on their beer taps. That’s pretty fucking masculine."

The Fat Radish (17 Orchard St ) - "They’ve got great fish and meat of course, but the way they work with veggies is pretty amazing."

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