What To Eat In New Orleans

If you've spent any time in New Orleans, then you probably don't need us to tell you that this amazing city is full of amazing food. But we also know that there are a lot of people out there who have a) never been here or b) barely leave the French Quarter when they visit. Both of those things are travesties. So in an effort to encourage you to do some Crescent City exploration, here are 14 things that you need to eat the next time you're in New Orleans.

1. Fried Chicken from [Willie Mae's Scotch

House](https://www.facebook.com/WillieMaesScotchHouse "Willie Mae's Scotch House" )

The best fried chicken we've ever had, and yes, we're speaking in absolutes for this one. You just can't get it better than this.

2. [La Petit Grocery's](http://www.lapetitegrocery.com/ "La Petit

Grocery's" ) Blue Crab Beignets

Our favorite thing to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in New Orleans. La Petit Grocery isn't on most people's radars, but it needs to be on yours.

3. A Meatery Board from [Toup's Meatery](http://www.toupsmeatery.com/

"Toup's Meatery" )

This Mid City meat joint is a local's favorite, and the meatery board with all kinds of house specialties is a must eat while you're in New Orleans. Can't get into Cochon? Come here.

4. Key Lime Pie from Peche

There are a lot of excellent things to eat at Peche - this is one of New Orleans' best new restaurants. That said, whatever you eat for dinner, you need to finish your meal with this key lime pie.

5. Shrimp Po Boy from


This classic spot on Magazine Street was one of the places we visited on our most recent visit, and it was absolutely one of the best. What you see in the image is a half shrimp, half oyster sandwich, which is a good move for the sake of variety. That said, the shrimp is really where it's at. Must be eaten with a bag of Zapp's potato chips.

6. Anything Cucumber at [Maurepas Foods](http://maurepasfoods.com/

"Maurepas Foods" )

Maureapas Foods seems to have a thing for cucumbers. Why? No idea, but they really seem to like them. There's always a different preparation on the menu and it's always something you want to eat. Here's an example with preserved lemon, tarragon, and mustard green vinaigrette.

7. Pho at [Pho Tau Bay](https://www.facebook.com/WillieMaesScotchHouse

"Pho Tau Bay" )

New Orleans has some serious Vietnamese food going on right now, and Pho Tau Bay on the West Bank is at the top of the list. Yes, you've got Vietnamese restaurants at home, but this Vietnamese is worth the trip.

8. Cochon's Wood-Fired


If you don't know, now you know. A must-eat item from a must-visit restaurant. Cochon is incredible.

9. Praline Bacon from [Elizabeth's](http://conradnewyork.com/loopydoopy/

"Elizabeth's" )

Another New Orleans classic that needs to be in your mouth. Because bacon on it's own just isn't good enough. Put some praline on that sh*t, AKA coat it in nuts and sugar.

10. A Burger from [Company Burger](http://www.thecompanyburger.com/

"Company Burger" )

An ingredient-focused, classic American hamburger joint. Eat this when you get tired of fried food. It's healthier.

11. Shrimp and Country Ham Po Boy from [MoPho](http://mophonola.com/

"MoPho" )

Traditional? Nope. Delicious? Yes. MoPho has a Vietnamese-Creole thing going on, and you're gonna like it.

12. Donuts (and sliders) from [District

Donuts](http://www.donutsandsliders.com/ "District Donuts" )

Donuts and sliders in one place? God bless this city.

13. Le Pig Mac at [Cochon Butcher](http://www.cochonbutcher.com/ "Cochon

Butcher" )

Here's what you eat at Cochon Butcher - everything. All of the sandwiches that come from this meat counter are incredible, but the Le Pig Mac with pork patties and special sauce is the one you can't miss.

14. Beignets from [Cafe Du Monde](http://www.cafedumonde.com/ "Cafe Du

Monde" )

Because sometimes you gotta go classic, and it don't get more classic than this.

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