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The Best Things To Eat At Citi Field


The Best Things To Eat At Citi Field

It's a wonderful time we live in, sports fans. No longer are ballparks exclusively home to hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. We've made it to the golden age of game day eating, where a stadium's diversity and quality of food options are just as important to your fan experience as your team's ability to actually play.

A great example of this "sports food gentrification" sits in our very own backyard: Citi Field, the still relatively new home to the New York Mets. From Shake Shack to lobster nachos to homegrown pastrami and Pat LaFrieda meatball subs, the only food-related disappointment you'll face with Citi Field's food options will be the fact that you can't consume everything you want in one sitting. Not in that New York summer heat at least.

Here are some of our favorite hits for the next time you make it to a Mets game.

Blue Smoke's Beer Bratwurst on a Pretzel Roll

Skip the standard hot dog and head for his brat loaded with creamy pimento cheese and simmered onions. You're worth it.

Pat LaFrieda's Meatball Sub

Brave is he or she who attempts to conquer this sandwich solo. The weaker among us would be well advised to grab a friend and go halfsies on this massive meatball sub.

Pepper Crusted Bacon Grilled Cheese

At one point we thought to ourselves, "If only we could eat these every day, that'd be great." Then we realized what our bodies would look like if we ate a pepper crusted bacon grilled cheese every day. Baseball games only will do just fine.

Lobster Nachos from Catch of the Day

This is the dark horse of Citi Field's offerings. Topped with jalapeños, beans, cheese, mango, and f*cking lobster, these nachos are a far cry from the typical ballpark offering of round tortilla chips and a plastic cup of melted yellow chemicals. Get on it.

Lobster Roll from Catch of the Day

Citi Field's fresh Maine lobster roll is perfectly finishable, and it won't leave you feeling sluggish after baking in the hot NYC sun. Apply with one coat of sunscreen and one internal coat of beer and repeat.

Batterup Chicken from TriBeCa Grill

The name of this chicken is more than just a baseball pun, it's the truth. This drumstick is all kinds of battered up, and once it's fried it's really, really good.

Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich

This is for the heavy-hitter fans at Citi Field – the Bartolo Colon's of the stands, if you will. It's a baguette full of black angus beef, Monterey Jack cheese, onions, and "beef au jus," which we understand to be French for "beef sauce." It's most certainly not for the faint of heart, but we know you're up to the challenge. You are, after all, an athlete.

Shake Shack

How glorious is this country in that your baseball stadium food fallback plan is easily one of the best fast casual food joints in the world? If you're looking for something straightforward, reliable, and familiar, you know the drill. Grab a beer and a friend and find a spot in the Shake Shack line. The old faithful Shack burger and vanilla shake are always worth the wait.

V for Vegan Slice from Two Boots

We know the fruits of the 'Boots can be polarizing. But we are a fan of this slice, especially for our vegan friends out there (both of them). It's topped with fresh mushrooms, artichokes, onions, pesto, and non-dairy cheese, and yet it still tastes like pizza. We'll call that a win.

Grilled Corn from El Verano Taqueria

Corn on a stick with Cotija cheese and cayenne pepper. You know what to do.

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