The Best Food Instagrammers In The World

PHOTO: Ashley Sears

We spend a lot of time on Instagram. Our hashtag #EEEEEATS has grown bigger than us in many ways, and the @infatuation Instagram, along with our stable of now 10 additional accounts - @icecream @pizza @burger @pasta @tacos @infatuation_la @infatuation_chi @infatuation_sf @infatuation_den @infatuation_london - is a big part of how we communicate with our audience.

In the process of sifting through millions of #EEEEEATS photos, we've been exposed to pretty much everyone taking great food photos around the globe. There are some amazing photographers out there, but these 18 people are on another level. Keep in mind, home chefs and bakers are not included here - these are the restaurant-centric accounts you turn to when you you're looking to get inspired by the dining experiences of others. Follow accordingly.


The best food community on Instagram is in Indonesia, where an insane amount of excellent photographers reside. The majority hail from Jakarta, and our favorite among them is a skinny young guy named Hans, aka @eatandtreats. His specialty is ice cream, and is, hands down, the best ice cream photographer we've ever double tapped. He may not be only the best EEEEEATS-grammer in Indonesia, but possibly in the world. Who wants to go on a Jakarta ice cream tour in 2016? Seriously, it's happening.


Krieger is the modern-day godfather of food photography. Despite being someone who actually makes a living off shooting photos of food - for the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Eater, among others - he decided to embrace Instagram early on, instead of rejecting it like many other stubborn pro photographers have in the past. His photos are beautiful and he shoots at all the best restaurants in New York. If you want to learn how to use natural light to step up your food photo game, study (aka follow and don't just scroll past) Krieger's photos. He's the king.


Australia's another country that's dense in photo hotness. It's like ArsenicTV's Snapchat, only with burgers, ice cream, and Bondi Beach EEEEEATS instead of girls in bikinis. There are a ton of great accounts to follow, but the one we follow closest is @imstillhungry_. Michael Shen documents his conquests at all the best spots across Sydney and Melbourne, two food cities that are as good as any we've ever eaten in. Sit tight Australia, Infatuation is coming for you soon.


Do you want to stay on top of what's happening in the LA food and restaurant scene? Then follow Stan. He's hands down the best LA IG food photographer around. We're not really sure what his secret is, but no one wields better Instagrams at volume than he does.


Aesthetic is tricky when it comes to food photography at restaurants, since you're at the mercy of their often less than ideal settings. Those restaurant atmospheres can be hard to manipulate, which is why Danielle Adams is so impressive. Her minimalist approach is truly unique, and in terms of creative consistency, she's the best in the game. Our only complaint: WE WANT MORE.


In San Francisco, there's a small crew of food bloggers who are out there eating/photographing all the best burgers, ice cream, oysters, acai bowls, and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse pastries on the regular. Cyneats has got the "I want to jump right through the phone and place myself in between those two burger buns" thing down, and consistently posts tons of stuff you're going to want to eat.


Speaking of San Francisco, it'd be wrong to not include Christina aka @BreadBunnie on here. She's not as prolific as the aforementioned @cyneats (because she has a "real" job!), however, she makes every photo count.


We love the @gilliehouston story. We started following her when she was in college, eating cup-o-noodles and ice cream as she flashed a pretty hilarious wit that made her personal brand of food photography both fun and endearing. Now she's all grown up, and used her Insta-prowess to land a social media job at @YahooFood - and has single-handedly made that account relevant. She's no longer eating on the cheap in her dorm room, which is good for everyone following along. Gillie rips through the NYC dining scene at a pace even we're impressed with, and we eat out A LOT.


Samantha Roby aka @ChicagoFoodAuthority is the queen of the Chicago food-gram community, and trust us, there’s a big one there. Seriously though, Chicago has a thriving (did I just say that?) food Instagram community and @ChicagoFoodAuthority started the whole thing. She’s probably the biggest, single-city Insta food blogger that exists, and to her credit, she curates a great feed.


Rick Poon is the Daniel Krieger of Los Angeles. He's a professional lifestyle photographer who shoots food for the big guns with a real camera, but also does a good job of shooting for an Instagram audience. His photos are usually the ones you see next to a Jonathan Gold LA Times review. See, now you need Korean BBQ in your life immediately.


We discovered this husband-and-wife run account a couple years ago and haven't stopped following along since. They travel through all parts of California eating good things and documenting it, and although they aren't the most professional or the most prolific, there's something about their style of storytelling we really dig.


This dude. We have no idea what this guy does for a living, but we know he lights ice cream on fire and has awesome hair. What else do you need to know? Arjiel is one of the most prolific #EEEEEATS photographers in our community, and someone we'd very much like to share a meal with in real life and learn more about. Do you use Pert Plus for that shine or what?


Since we talked about @ChicagoFoodAuthority above, it's only fair that we throw some love at another one of the biggest and baddest city-specific accounts on Instagram: @DCFoodPorn. Justin Schuble owns DC and if you want to keep up with what's going on in one of the hotter US food cities of the moment, this is one account you need to follow.


OH CANADA, we couldn't leave you off. We know you've got it going on too, and no one does it better than Joann Pai aka @LifeOfPai. Vancouver is widely known as the food capital of Canada because there's such a variety of cuisines and so many different kinds of people living and cooking here. Joann has no culinary bias, and covers an impressive amount of ground with style and grace. She cooks, too.


This is one belly we are very, very jealous of. Victor lives in LA, but travels the world, consistently putting food down like the world may be ending tomorrow. He's aggressive on the volume and isn't overly precious, so when he's out to eat, don't be surprised to see a string of five or six posts in a row.


Contrary to popular belief, @ladyironchef is not, in fact, a lady. It’s a man named Brad. And Brad can eat. @ladyironchef is the king of the Singaporean food blogging scene, and his feed is one of the most celebrated on Instagram - he may be the biggest single non-US food blogger. Mandatory follow, regardless of where you live.


This girl travels the world, holds her food up, and snaps photos of finger foods in front of landmarks all across the globe. We want your life, @girleatsworld. Take us with you.


Another #EEEEEATS community favorite. Alice is always on the move, always eating, and always taking photos that make us sad we're sitting behind a computer instead of sitting on an airplane en route to somewhere we've never been, to eat something we've never heard of. Start planning people, you only live once.

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