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How Not To Act Like An Idiot - Part Two


How Not To Act Like An Idiot - Part Two

Last month, we posted a little guide on how not to act like an idiot on a date. Since then we've had a lot of requests for more on the topic, because there are apparently a whole lot of idiots out there. Sorry, ladies.

As a result, we've put together some more thoughts on the topic. Some of them are very simple but apparently need to be said. Others are more...advanced.

Should you need further assistance, we are always available for speaking engagements, or to simply show up at some guy's house to give him the business.

Just let us know.

Things You Definitely Should Not Do:

Be The Guy With No Ideas
You know what girls love? When you agree on a date and time, and then immediately follow up with the question "so, where should we go?" Exude a little confidence and throw out some suggestions. We can help you with ideas.

Wait Until The Last Minute To Make A Reservation
As soon as you've got the go ahead, make a reservation. Hell, maybe even make two so that you have a backup. The longer you wait, the better the chance that you'll be eating at 5:30pm.

Take Your Phone Out At The Table
Yes, you've heard this one before, and it's probably surprising to hear it from us. But if you really want to put your best foot forward on a date, put your phone away, and don't reach for it. Not once. The #EEEEEATS photos can wait, and so can the score of the Syracuse game.

Admit That You Have Ever Been A Part Of Santa-Con
This also applies to St. Patrick's Day and/or any other costume-related group outings where you get sh*tfaced. She's not going to be impressed that you own a Santa suit, or that you can drink beer out of a funnel with out messing up your face paint. Promise.

Take it easy, Don Draper. Busting out a cigarette after dinner doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look weak. It also makes your teeth look like little baked beans.

Things You Should Consider Doing:

Sit At The Bar
We've talked about this a lot in various places, but it's worth repeating. Eating at the bar can be the best move in your dating arsenal. It's a bit less formal than sitting down across from someone for dinner, especially if you're just meeting. It's also a bit more intimate, in case you want to make some moves*.

Give Her The Good Seat
If you are eating at a table, there's a pretty good chance that one seat will be booth, and the other a very small rickety chair. Be a gentleman and give her the booth. Or at the very least, give her the option.

Bring A (Good) Bottle Of Wine
This one is tricky, so pay attention. Almost every restaurant will let you bring your own bottle of wine to dinner. They simply charge you a "corkage fee" of anywhere from $30-$50. In the right situation, this can be a great way to add a special element to your evening, and also show off a little wine knowledge. But that means two things: 1) you should probably actually have some wine knowledge, 2) you need to know the restaurant's wine list. DO NOT show up to a place like Charlie Bird or L'Artusi with a bottle of your favorite $22 pinot noir. Don't bring your own wine to a place like that, period. Save this for a little neighborhood restaurant that you love, but that simply doesn't put a lot into their wine list. And bring a bottle that really is special. Any '80's Bordeaux will do just fine.

*Absolutely do not make moves.

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