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What To Eat At EEEEEATSCON: The Full Food Lineup

PHOTO: Emily Schindler

This Saturday, October 6, EEEEEATSCON is happening for the first time in New York City. We’ve done it for two years in LA, and now it’s time to bring this food festival (that’s more like a music festival) back to where The Infatuation started.

Your ticket gets you through the doors of Forest Hills Stadium, and then it’s up to you to choose your own adventure. The good news is, there are no wrong adventures.

To help you plan your perfect day of eating, here’s the official map and full rundown of all 28 spots serving food at EEEEEATSCON NY. Get out a pen and start taking notes. Or print this guide 100 times and use it to wallpaper your apartment - that might be the best way to remember all the stuff you want to try.

In addition to food, we’ll also have musical performances and an afternoon full of panels, plus a pop-up of Caviar’s The Wine Room, where you can drink wine while listening to smart people talk about it. Click here for the full panel and Wine Room schedule.

Menu items are subject to change, but we’ll be updating this post regularly.


food lineup

Emily + Shake Shack

Maybe you’ve heard of Shake Shack. They now exist on several different continents - and they still make one of our all-time favorite burgers. Although our number one burger in the city is the one at Emily. Which is why we’re pretty excited that they’ll be working with Shake Shack to create an EEEEEATSCON-exclusive burger called the Emmy Shack. You’ll want to eat it, if only to have more interesting things to discuss with your future grandchildren.

Emmy Shack $8, Double Emmy Shack $10 , Banana Marshmallow Shack-wich $5


We don’t rate our friends out of ten (out loud). But if we did, only the top tier people would get 9s. And Rubirosa has a 9.2, which means that we like it more than most of the people we see on a regular basis. Their signature vodka pie has a thin and crispy crust, and is topped with a creamy sauce and fresh mozzarella. It’s food for the gods.

Vodka Pie $12, Tie Dye Pie $12


Speaking of ratings, we give 9.5s about as often as we go to the dentist (sorry, Mom). So it should be pretty clear that we love L’Artusi. This West Village spot serves some of our favorite Italian food in the city, like salty, rich roasted mushrooms, housemade orecchiette, and a fantastic olive oil cake. And it just so happens that they’re bringing all of those dishes to EEEEEATSCON.

Orecchiette Bolognese Bianco $12, Roasted Mushroom Polenta $12, Olive Oil Cake $9

Casa Enrique

If you ever hear someone say there isn’t enough good Mexican food in NYC, bring that person to Casa Enrique in Long Island City. Better yet, buy them a ticket to EEEEEATSCON, because Casa Enrique will be there serving the kind of tacos you will want to stuff in your pocket for later.

Carnitas Taco $4, Barbacoa De Costilla De Res Taco $4

Jon & Vinny’s

It’s a six-hour flight to Los Angeles, and once you get there, some people might ask you to read their screenplays. So just go to EEEEEATSCON instead. Jon & Vinny’s, one of our LA Greatest Hits, will be there serving their spicy fusilli in vodka sauce, which might convince you to switch to an all-pasta diet. Although if you want to mix things up, they’ll also be serving their top-notch meatballs.

Spicy Fusilli $14, Braised Meatballs $12

Her Name Is Han

No matter the time, the company, or the distance it takes to get there, we will always say yes to a dinner at Her Name Is Han. Mostly because of their great homestyle Korean dishes like seafood stews, rice cakes, and bulgogi. If you haven’t tried the food here yet, this is your chance.

Spicy Seafood Dumpling Soup $9.50, Bulgogi with Black Sesame Salad $7.95, Spicy Blue Crab Rice Bowl $6.95, Combo Menu $20.95

Tacoway Beach

Summer’s over, but it will never not be summer in our hearts. Or something. Anyway, Tacoway Beach will be at EEEEEATSCON serving the fish tacos we go out of our way to eat every year. Their great tofu tacos will also be available, in addition to watermelon juice. Which is sort of like summer in drinkable form.

Fish Taco $5, Tofu Taco $5, Fresh Watermelon Juice $5

Kate Previte
Ample Hills

If we were being shipped off to a desert island, we’d dedicate a significant amount of luggage space to ice cream. More specifically, Ample Hills ice cream. Even more specifically, we’d bring their ooey gooey butter cake and chocolate milk & cookies flavors - both of which will be at EEEEEATSCON.

Ooey Gooey Butter Cake $6, Chocolate Milk and Cookies $6

Kate Previte
Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co.

Since there’s no such thing as too much ice cream (unless you’re lactose intolerant or have an irrational fear of cows), you’ll also be able to get OddFellows’ excellent soft serve at EEEEEATSCON. Pick up a few cones for yourself and play a game where you try to eat them before they melt all over your hands and clothing.

Coffee $7, Baileys $7, Vanilla Bean $7, Pumpkin Spice $7, Coffee x Baileys Swirl $7, Pumpkin Spice x Vanilla Swirl $7, Baileys x Coffee Sundae $8

Emily Schindler

Maketto is unique. This spot on H Street in Washington DC has several different rooms connected by a courtyard in the middle, including a retail area selling cool coffee table books and designer backpacks. The restaurant portion serves a combination of Cambodian and Taiwanese food, with dishes like spicy laab over bone marrow. Experience the very cool space next time you’re in DC, and try their phenomenal fried chicken bing burger at EEEEEATSCON.

Taiwanese Bing Burger + Ramen Fries $15, Fried Chicken Bing Burger $10, Crispy Tofu Bing Burger $10, Ramen Fries $8


Regardless of where you live, we recommend finding your way to Bay Ridge to eat the Middle Eastern food at Tanoreen - like baked ground lamb topped with tahini, and cigar-shaped cabbage rolls filled with lamb and rice. At EEEEEATSCON, they’ll have their fried brussels sprouts with tahini-yogurt-pomegranate molasses in addition to a filet mignon schwarma sandwich and a lentil salad.

Filet Mignon Schwarma Sandwich $10, Brussels Sprouts $8, Lentil Salad $6

Dumpling Galaxy

Dumpling Galaxy makes over 100 different types of dumplings. They won’t be serving all of them at EEEEEATSCON (because that would be impractical), but they will be serving three varieties, including one filled with lamb and green squash. Bring five friends so you can split an order, or do the responsible thing and eat six dumplings by yourself.

Veggie Dumpling 6pcs /$5.00, Lamb W/ Green Squash Dumpling 6pcs /$5.00, Pork W/ Cabbage Dumpling 6pcs /$5.00


In a city where every fifth restaurant is a pizza place, Roberta’s stands out as one of the best. And it’s been that way since it opened 10 years ago. The thing to get here is the off-menu Bee Sting pie, which comes with hot honey, big pieces of pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese - and at EEEEEATSCON, they’ll also be serving their famous original and margherita pies.

Margherita $12, Famous Original $13, Bee Sting $14

Walter’s Hot Dogs

Whether you grew up in NYC and spent the occasional weekend out in Westchester eating hot dogs at Walter’s, or you just wish you did, you’ll be comforted by the fact that Walter’s will be at EEEEEATSCON. This Westchester institution has been around since Woodrow Wilson was president, and they’ll be serving their signature sliced and grilled hot dogs along with their puffy fries and funnel cake fries.

Single Hot Dog $3, Double Hot Dog $5.75, Puffy Dog $5.00, Double Puffy $7.75, Curly Fries $3.90, Potato Puffs $3.90, Funnel Cake Fries $5.75

Bombay Bread Bar

As you might gather from its name, Bombay Bread Bar specializes in different types of Indian breads. And at EEEEEATSCON, you can try their roti, served as a wrap with mint chutney and chicken. You’ll also be able to get their bhelpuri with mango, peanuts, and tamarind.

Bombay Bhelpuri $8, Chicken Tikka Frankie $10, Mango Lassi Drink $5


Other than imagining how soft a $2,000 designer sweater would feel, there’s not much neighborhood comfort in Soho. Houseman is an exception - thanks in large part to their burger ($2,000 sweater sold separately).

Plate Salad $12, Houseman Burger $15, French Onion Sandwich $12

Emily Schindler
Nur Thai

Located in Rego Park, Nur is a popular halal Thai restaurant operated by Bengali owners, and a local Queens favorite. Usually we’d send you there before an event at Forest Hills Stadium (it’s just a few minutes away), but at EEEEEATSCON, Nur will bring its beef satay and pad thai to you.

E-San Ribeye Strips $12, Chicken Satay $7, Hua Hin Lobster Roll $15, Spicy Thai-ger Sliders $10, Thai Iced Tea $4

Jhal NYC + Kolkata Chai Co.

Jhal is a street food pop-up committed to helping Bengali immigrants learn language skills and adjust to life in NYC - and at EEEEEATSCON, they’re teaming up with Kolkata Chai Co. to bring you their signature puffed rice with herbs and semolina shells stuffed with yellow peas, as well as a few different types of chai.

Jhal Muri $7, Fuchka $9, Masala Chai $4, Cold-Brew Iced Chai $5

King David Tacos

When people ask us about breakfast tacos, we typically tell them to go check departing flights to Austin - or hit King David. Normally you have to go to their food cart in FiDi and hope they’re not out of your favorite kind by 10am, but at EEEEEATSCON you’ll be able to get their breakfast tacos as well as chips and queso all afternoon.

BPEC $4.30, Or’izo $4.30, Mom’s Migas $4.30, KDT Queso & Chips $7.70

Emily Schindler
BK Jani

Sometimes when it’s raining, we walk outside and shout BK Jani’s name while our clothing gets wet and people stare at us. If you want to know why, come to EEEEEATSCON. They’ll be serving their Jani Burger (which is one of our top 20 burgers in the city) along with their 18-spice lamb chops, fries, and veggie burger.

Lamb Chops $10, The Jani Burger $12, Impossible Jani Burger $15, Masal Fries $5

Kate Previte
Broad Street Dough Co.

The Infatuation employs several people from the great state of New Jersey, and they all agreed that Broad Street should be at EEEEEATSCSON. This spot has nearly 40 different donuts on the menu, four of which they’re bringing to the festival.

The Antonio Salted $6, Caramel Cookie Monster Pumpkin $5, Cheesecake $4, Vlugen Boardwalk $4

Emily Schindler
Mahmoud’s Corner

Usually parked in Astoria, Mahmoud’s is one of NYC’s best and longest-standing food carts (it’s been around since 1983). And if you haven’t had the chance to try it in the 35 years it’s been around, you’ll be able to taste its Middle Eastern halal food, like falafel platters and lamb gyros, on October 6th.

Falafel Platter/Sandwich $8.50, Chicken Platter/Gyro $8.50, Lamb Gyro Platter/Sandwich $8.50, Chicken Shawerma Platter/Sandwich $8.50, Beef Shawerma Platter/Sandwich $8.50

Saltie Girl

As you may have heard, we’re launching Infatuation Boston very soon - and one of the places we’re already recommending to people is Saltie Girl, a great seafood spot in Back Bay. This is a Boston seafood place, so they’re basically required to bring their clam chowder and lobster roll, but they’ll be serving an octopus empanada as well.

Mini Lobster Roll $15, Octopus Empanada $6, New England 3 Clam Chowder $6

Emily Schindler

Miznon knows that good things happen when you put delicious ingredients in delicious pitas, which is why their ratatouille and crispy ribeye sandwiches are so popular. And now this place has locations in some of the biggest cultural hubs of the world - including Paris, Tel Aviv, Chelsea Market, and, for one day only, Forest Hills Stadium. At EEEEEATSCON, you’ll be able to try lamb shawarma, a “run-over potato,” and fish tartar over Israeli baladi.

Fish Tartar Over Israeli Baladi $9, Run Over Potato $7, Lamb Shawarma Marinated In Grapes And Sage $12

Emily Schindler
Hoodoo Brown BBQ

When someone says Connecticut, your first thought probably isn’t “barbecue.” But once you come to EEEEEATSCON and try Hoodoo Brown’s beef ribs, Texas poutine, and pork belly burnt ends, you might forget the fact that Connecticut is just north of New York City, rather than several hundred miles south.

Texas Poutine $10, Beef Rib $20, Pork Belly Burnt Ends $9

Crave Fishbar

Sometimes we lie awake at night and wonder what life would be like if we lived under the sea, swam around, and subsisted solely off of things with shells and/or gills. Being at Crave is kind of like that, but without the dark, cold ocean and apex predators. Try their oysters and crudo at EEEEEATSCON.

Fishers Island Oysters 4/$12, Salmon Poke $10


Dulcinea has a stand in Dekalb Market where they serve excellent churros. And since exhaustive scientific research confirms that churros make people happy, you’ll want to try some of these (they’ll be making classic options with a few different sauces).

Churros Clasicos $7, Churros Rellenos $8

The Riddler

The Riddler is an amazing champagne bar in San Francisco, and OpenTable is bringing it to EEEEEATSCON NYC for one day only. Reserve a 45-minute seating at this exclusive speakeasy, where caviar and chambongs will also be present.

Tickets are $20, and include Caviar and Potato Chip “Frito Pie,” Popcorn with Truffle Salt, Chocolate Pot-de-Crème, and G.H.Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne

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