The Official All Things Go Fall Classic Food Lineup


The Official All Things Go Fall Classic Food Lineup

When you buy a ticket to a music festival nowadays, you're probably excited about the bands, but wondering, "Well, what food are they going to have? Is it going to be good?"

If you have plans to go to the All Things Go Fall Classic, taking place in DC on October 8, the answer is "yes." The food will be good.

We've partnered with the people at All Things Go to announce all the food that'll be on site at the festival. Check out the list of vendors below, and get ready for burgers, sushi burritos, and ice cream on toast.

The Food Vendors

Shake Shack

Shake Shack will be on site, and it'll probably be our first stop of the day. It should be yours too.


Beefsteak is basically a "Chipotle of healthy food," featuring a lot of vegetables, and it's run by José Andres. Unsurprisingly, it's good, and it'll also be your best bet for an on-site option that won't make you collapse into a nap.


The only question when it comes to Buredo is an existential one: is it huge sushi? Or is it just a normal-sized burrito that happens to be filled with fish? If a burrito falls in the woods, does anyone hear it? Alternatively, don't think about it at all and enjoy your huge piece of sushi/regular-sized fish burrito in uncurious bliss.

Timber Pizza

Timber's mobile pizza oven will also be rolling through, making individual pies with many different toppings. We recommend getting one to share, or getting one for yourself.

DGS Delicatessen

The festival is just around the corner from Nationals Park, so it's only fitting that you consume a hot dog from DGS Delicatessen while you're there. They'll be serving their pastrami-covered hot dog.


The Korean-Mexican truck will be on hand serving tacos. Expect fillings ranging from bo ssam pork to tofu.

Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee will be serving something called "nitro cold brew," which is basically caffeine-speak for YOU WILL BE VERY ENERGIZED.

Milk Cult

You'll be able to finish the day off with ice cream from Milk Cult, which makes flavors like Avocado and Chinese Five Spice. Get a scoop on a piece of Milk Cult's "Loki toast" - it's like an open-faced ice cream sandwich.

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