9 Other Restaurants That Will Probably IPO Really Soon

As you might have heard, Shake Shack made its debut on the NYSE today, and so far, shares are trading up.

We had our experts in the Infatuation Business department do some analysis and make a few predictions on what might be the next big IPO in food.

Get in now or get in line.

1. Black Seed Bagels

Rumors are swirling around this Canadian bagel maker's forthcoming IPO due to the sheer amount of Instagram photos this company brings in on a quarterly basis. Revenue is nominal, but still...Instagram.

2. Brodo

Investors are salivating at a potential partnership between Brodo and Green Mountain, makers of the Keurig coffee machines, potentially putting hot animal stock at the touch of a button in every American home by 2017. Bone broth futures are also trading at an all-time high, pointing to an all but certain public offering in the near future.

3. Sugarfish

This LA-based sushi mecca from chef and CEO Kazunori Nozawa lures in diners with a killer combination of quality and value. Word on "the street" (that's business slang) is that Sugarfish will soon make a big move into emerging markets, namely ones outside of Brentwood.

4. Momofuku

This was all going really well until CEO David Chang declared ramen as "dead." Expect all locations to be closed by summer.

5. The Dude That Sells Churros On The Subway

That guy on the L Train platform who sells churros showed big gains in the 4th Quarter of 2014, thanks to high demand and the rapidly falling cost of liquid hot chocolate coming from Saudi Arabia. Expansion is in the works, and investors are in hot pursuit.

6. Those People With The Mangoes

Patents were just filed for the unique way that those people at concerts and carnivals cut their mangoes. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? Money will surely follow.

7. Eataly

Due to the average amount spent per confused tourist at all current Eataly locations, plans are in the works to "Wal-Mart this shit" according to CEO and Founder Joe Bastianich. New product offerings are also in the works, including Crocs made entirely of salumi, in honor of Co-Founder Mario Batali.

8. The Fishball Shop

Taking a page from the success of New York's ball factory, The Meatball Shop, Japanese retail tycoon Uniqlo will soon be opening restaurants all across the US. Their concept? It's the exact same thing as Meatball Shop, but with ground up fish meat. The company is confident that American consumers will take to the idea, at least as much as they have taken to the affordably priced, shiny puffer coats that Uniqlo has built their business on.

9. The Facebook Cafeteria

Based on consumer sentiment that the food in Facebook's company cafeterias are "so, so awesome," investors are clamoring for a spinoff business from Mark Zuckerberg and company. Rumor has it that the new restaurants will be called "Like It Or Else," and will serve food wrapped in pictures of your friend's baby.

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