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12 Things To Eat For NFL Kickoff

Yesterday we released our first ever Infatuation Guide To Football Season, a 40+ page playbook on all the best places to watch the NFL andeat good food in NYC, including your couch. In conjunction with the guide, we'll be rolling out football related content all season long, starting today as we take a look at some of the best bar EEEEEATS in NYC, at establishments that are serious about their football. You need to eat all of these things, and then you need to hire a trainer.

Photos By Ryan Muir and Ashley Sears

Wogies: Chicken Cheesesteak

wogies-8962Some of the best cheesesteaks outside of Philly, and yes that includes one made with chicken. It’s tasty and you want it. Trust us.

Waterfront Ale House: Venison Chili Nachos

waterfront ale houseYes, that’s deer onyour nachos, and yes, you just ordered deer nachos at a divey bar near the Midtown Tunnel. And guess what? Those deer nachos are absolutely delicious. Get into it, and be proud of yourself for living life to the damn fullest.

Stone St. Tavern: Hangover Burger

stone street tavern-1622The first hangover burger to ever successfully cure an Infatuation writer's hangover. Loaded with all the good things in the world and cooked perfectly.

Pork Slope: Broken Chili Chicken Wings

pork slope-1219They're juicy, crunchy, sweet,spicy and glorious all at once. The best Asian-inspired take on an American Classic we've ever had.

Croxley's Ale House: Irish Tots

crox-1886Sometimes when you put all the things you love in one place, like your family at the Thanksgiving table with lots of food and wine, sh*t hits the fan. But Croxley's combination of tater tots, cheese, bacon and scallions is pretty much all we need to be happy in life.

John Brown's Smokehouse: Burnt Ends

john brown smoke house-6060Everything onthe menu at John Brown is good and true to Kansas form. But for optimal thrill, check out the burnt ends, assuming they aren’t sold out of them, which happens often. In that case, eat the beef brisket, pulled pork, and always get a side of cornbread.

The Jeffrey: Red Beet Deviled Eggs

the jeffrey-2054Bright red, a little bit earthy, and pretty damn tasty. Certainly better than the one’s your mom makes, even though your mom is awesome.

Houston Hall: Milk Truck Grilled Cheese

houston hall-2838Any grilled cheese from Milk Truck isguaranteed to satisfy, especially when eaten with a gigantic glass mug of beer. On game day, we recommend the Bacon Cheddar Blue or the Milk Truck Classic.

Reservoir: Buffalo Burger

reservoir-2053Order the off the menu “Buffalo Burger." It's not made with real buffalo, but it’s one tasty burger. Also, the waffle fries are the business at Reservoir, as are the wings. This place does classic bar food very well.

Blind Pig: Tater Tots

blind pig-4582Get them pure, or order them doused in wing sauce.Either way, you’ll enjoy them.

Blondie's: Wings

Blondies-6665Blondie’s wings are always in the discussion when it comes to the best in NYC. These simple, buffalo-style wings get the job done right. Are the they best in New York? You decide.

Mulholland's: Sirloin Burger with Special Sauce

MULLHOLLANDS-ASH_2111It's big, it's served on a potato roll and comes with a gnarly house special sauce. What’s in it? Nobody knows. NOBODY.

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