10 LA Spots For Great Food & Hangar One Drinks


10 LA Spots For Great Food & Hangar One Drinks


Here at The Infatuation, we know a hit when we see one. Especially when it involves vodka. So when we discovered Hangar One and its unique Fog Point Vodka, made with actual Northern Californian fog and distilled from California wine, we knew this was a brand we could get down with.

With Fog Point, Hangar One actually takes San Francisco fog and transforms it into fresh water that gets used in the distillation process. The result is a super crisp vodka that's about as locally-grown as you can get. Good news for us, because we’ve been in search of an awesome spirit to pair with our favorite California EEEEEATS. Hangar One makes a great martini that's a perfect complement to any meal; trust us on this one.

Ready to drink? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and highlighted our favorite places in LA to find Hangar One (those that serve Fog Point are noted with a blue circle 🔵 ) as well as what to eat with your cocktails.

Mohawk Bend 2141 W Sunset Blvd

🔵 Best known as one of the best craft beer bars on the Eastside, Mohawk Bend has an under the radar cocktail thing going on too. Pair with their vegan-friendly bites (although there are meatier options for those so-inclined) and wile away a Sunday afternoon in the most laid back of ways.

The Standard, Downtown LA 550 S Flower St

Sure, you can settle in at the Standard’s 24/7 restaurant for French Brasserie classics, but you could also take an elevator up to the rooftop for vodka-sodas with a view. It’s definitely the kind of scene you’re imagining (beautiful people, red astro turf), but sometimes a scene is just the ticket. Line your stomach with eats both healthy (kale salad) and less-so (bacon-wrapped corn dog).

Son of A Gun 8370 W 3rd Street

It’s the seafood restaurant whose bestseller is a fried chicken sandwich. Yes, sometimes Son of a Gun feels like it makes no sense, and no, you should never hesitate to go. Nautical themes and daytime drinking are a match made in heaven.

The Church Key 8730 Sunset Blvd.

🔵 Smack in the center of things on the Sunset Strip, The Church Key is full of action at all times - don’t come here expecting a quiet meal for two. The menu gives a literal world tour (both tikka masala and rigatoni make appearances, although not together) that should only end one way: alcoholic popsicles.

Messhall Kitchen 4500 Los Feliz Blvd.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder what summer camp would have been like with booze?” then MessHall is your obvious move. In a space that looks just like the dining hall you spent your tween years working out how to talk to the boy from cabin four you really liked, they’re serving up perfect versions of American comfort classics. Plus, you know, booze. If only we could stay for the whole summer.

Blind Barber 101797 Washington Blvd

Normally we would advise not mixing sharp objects and alcohol, but for Blind Barber, we’ll make an exception. Because what’s more useful than being able to get a haircut while sipping on a carefully made cocktail? Not anything. By the way, haircuts are by no means mandatory.

The Bazaar by José Andrés 465 S LA Cienega Blvd

🔵 Entering The Bazaar is kind of like what we imagine Alice felt like upon arrival in Wonderland - the decor is kind of nuts, the food often isn’t as it seems (there’s a molecular gastronomy thing going on), and the cocktails are quite literally smoking.

The Fat Dog 801 N Fairfax Ave

We don’t normally go in for theme restaurants, but canine-themed spot The Fat Dog gets a pass. A laidback West Hollywood staple, it gives off a modern pub vibe that makes it perfect for after-work or late afternoon weekend drinks. Cocktails like the Tailwagger stay on theme and we’re not mad about it at all.

Photo by Andy Marx.

KALI Restaurant 5722 Melrose Ave

🔵 Kali is one of our favorite new restaurants, combining a laid-back setting with food that can sound boring on paper, but is so much more. Beets are served in tartare form and we don’t even miss the beef. Date night here will always be a winner.

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