The Plimoth

We do our best to avoid superlatives when talking about restaurants. But in the case of The Plimoth, we're going to go ahead and throw caution to the wind - it's the absolute best date night spot in Denver. Hype around this place may have died down since opening a few years ago, but if you're in need of a special place to take someone special (even if that someone is you), set your course here.

The Plimoth is a quaint neighborhood spot with an intimate setting, both in actual size and vibes. The cracker jack box dining room keeps the tables close, enough so you might become friends with your neighbors, but you won't be bothered by it. Especially after the food and wine starts to roll out.

The menu leans toward the heavier side of things, so be ready to eat stuff like sweet potato pierogies, pork rillette, and cracklin' chicken - which might all sound simple, but the flavors are nuts. If at this point you're thinking that this kind of rich food isn't ideal for a first date, you're probably right. Which is why you should consider coming here with someone who's seen you take down a plate of food before. And still likes you.

There's an elegance to The Plimoth, but zero pretension. And regardless of the occasion, dinner here always feels special. Just remember that we're only responsible for making the perfect date night restaurant recommendation. The rest is on you.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: DANI THOMPSON

Cauliflower Turnip Gratinée

This one's an absolute must. A rich and creamy spread with a nice bite. It kind of feels like French Onion Soup that you can slather on bread. So yeah, you'll like it.

The Plimoth review image

photo credit: DANI THOMPSON

Country Style Pork Rillette

Another spread, this one of the pig variety. Put it on the accompanying crusty baguette and consider ordering a jar to go. Your just-off-work-and-starving self will thank you later.

Sweet Potato Dill Pierogies

Pan-fried stuffed dough sautéed with butter. We'd probably love these regardless of what came inside the dumpling, but the yam & dill combination is brilliant.

The Plimoth review image

photo credit: DANI THOMPSON

Cracklin’ Chicken

This one stays on the menu (with a few iterations) all year long for good reason. The bone-in chicken is always tender, and the stuff it comes with makes for a perfect bite every time.

House Udon Noodles & Pan Roasted Grouper

When it's cold out, the buttery fish, chewy noodles, and rich broth are worth exposing yourself to the elements for.

Grilled Bone-In Duroc Pork Loin

Pork chop on steroids. The peach BBQ sauce and collards give this a tasty Southern twist. No one will judge if you gnaw on the bone a little when the meat is gone.

Lemon Pot Du Crème, Burnt Honey Caramel, Sable Cookie, White Chocolate Ganache

Do you really need us to explain this one? Get it.