The Kitchen Denver

The Kitchen Denver is a beautiful space. It’s huge, nicely decorated, and located in an amazing spot just off the 16th Street Mall. The views from the gigantic first floor windows make for great people watching, the staff is friendly, and the American bistro menu rotates with the seasons. Flavors are pretty standard, but they’re also pretty darn good. Honestly there’s really nothing to complain about... unless you’ve been to the original Kitchen in Boulder. If that’s the case, this new Kitchen just isn’t going to match up.

To elaborate, let’s take a step back. Close your eyes, and think about the first kitchen you had growing up - the family’s main gathering spot, the nerve center for conversations about school, life, love...John Elway. All no doubt part of some pretty great early memories. Eventually though, through your parents upgrading to a nicer house or you moving out to your own place, that original kitchen went away. And with it, the nostalgia and brilliance of its predecessor. That’s how we feel when we visit The Kitchen downtown Denver.

To be clear, you aren’t going to have a bad experience at The Kitchen Denver. It’s a safe bet, and there won’t be any surprises. If you set your expectations right, you’ll walk away satisfied. It just isn't going to be all that memorable. For that Kitchen, you’ll need to head down Highway 36.

Food Rundown

Charcuterie Plate

Nicely presented, and a good sized portion of meats, cheeses and all the other accoutrements you’d expect. Safe bet, but nothing off the wall.


Good variety of oysters, and decent flavor. Not a ton of “brine” or “slime” to these, so people iffy about oysters will find them doable.

Ingrid's Lobster

There isn’t a ton that can go wrong with lobster, and this tastes like, well… lobster. Not very much meat though, so order a bunch if you’re want to share with the group.

The Kitchen Denver review image

Slow Roasted Pork Sandwich

Not a mind blowing pork sandwich, but a pork sandwich you can eat for lunch without needing a nap. The meat is juicy and moist, seasoned well, and matches up nicely with the bread. Plus the aioli isn’t overly powerful. One of the lighter pork sandwiches we’ve had in the city.

The Kitchen Denver review image

Rainbow Trout

A decent portion of fish, and a strong dinner order. The vinaigrette sometimes overpowers the fish, but not to the point of wanting to send it back. The carrots are a nice touch, and might be better than the fish.

The Kitchen Denver review image

House Made Pappardelle

Might be our favorite thing on the dinner menu. The pasta is very good, but the oyster mushroom pairing is what makes the dish. Add in the chèvre/goat cheese and you’ve got a pretty righteous meal that’ll help put you to sleep when you get home.

The Kitchen Denver review image

The Kitchen Bolognese

Not the best bolognese we’ve had, but the flavors are simple and good. This probably represents the “perfect for dinner with the grandparents” category best. Sensitive eaters can indulge on this one without much concern for heartburn or the BGs (bubble gut).